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Sinful Sunday Round-up 314

Don’t forget that the prompt for May is out now.

This week the round up is in the hands of the fabulous Cara Thereon. This is her first time writing a round-up and I hope she enjoyed the challenge. You can find her on her own blog Cara Thereon and on Twitter @Thereon_cara

Cara’s Top 5 Picks of the Week

I was honored to be asked to do this week’s round up. It’s difficult picking five because I understand the thought put into each person’s entry as well as how my personal preferences guide my choices. I will say each was spectacular and I was impressed with the care each person put into what they posted.

How I decided on what I picked was my gut reaction when I saw just the image. Some were easy to explain. The angle or the care in the figure. Others were harder, more my mind in the moment and how the image made me long or want.

Exposing 40

Yellow Roses between womans naked thighs

This was so bright to me. Just from the thumbnail alone the flowers were so playful and fun, lovely against her skin. It was sexy and sweet, two things I can’t resist.

Hannah Lects

Woman wearing crotchless panties touching her clit

All I could think about was the tease when I saw it. I literally imagined sitting at her feet, leaning in close, and watching her fingers play through the silk of her panties

Little Switch Bitch

Woman on her knees wearing red laced up panties

Those sexy ass panties aside, I can’t seem to help imagine the reverse of the previous photo. Her leaning down with her head glancing between my thighs. But those panties are sooooo hot, that red so vibrant.

Accidental Masturbator

Nude man reaching out for camera

It’s all composition of this one. It absolutely caught my eye because thought I know he’s reaching for the camera, it felt like he was reaching out to touch me.

Steamy Bedtime

Woman getting an over the knee spanking

An action shot I felt to my core. As a hard core spankophile, it was easy to see myself in that shot. The way he anchors her to him, the way his hand sinks into her flesh as it lands, the heat that suffuses her body from that spank. It made me react and there was no way I could pass by the image.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 313

I can’t believe I am writing these words already but the prompt for May, yes May! is out now and you have just over 3 weeks to work on your images.

This weeks it is my pleasure to welcome back to Stella Kiink to the weekly round up. She last did a round up over 2 years ago back in January 2015 so it is lovely to welcome her back here again for another go. You can find her on her own blog Stella Kiink and also on Twitter @stellakiink

Stella Kiinks Top 5 Pics of the Week

Thank you Molly for having me back to guest again. I have to say, having done this once before does not make this time any easier.

As always, there were some totally fantastic pictures. Some were fun and whimsical, others more serious and tempting. All very sinful in their own way. Pick five, Molly says. Just five? If I must…

Little Switch Bitch
woman laying on star bedspread tied up with red rope
The first glimpse of this picture hints at a bright red rope wrapped lazily around her leg. When you open it up though, you are treated to a beautiful image of submission. The rope leads you up from her foot to her gorgeous behind, then to the spreader bar and wrist cuffs. And although you can’t see it, you know she is completely entwined all the way up to her head. The telling sign is her hands. They are open and relaxed, showing that she is not pushing back but has completely surrendered.

A to sub-Bee

Womans side splatted with wax from wax play

I adore wax play. I adore soft beautiful curves. Sub-Bee gives us both in this very striking image. The dark wax plays beautifully off her soft pale skin and the red background wall further highlights this. I really like that the wax appears to be layered on in very tiny splatters. Makes me wonder how far the wax fell and how long she had to lay there as it dripped and splattered to cover parts of her completely.

Exposing 40

woman with dandilion shadow on her skin

I kept coming back to this picture time and again. Light and shadow play beautifully here. You get a sense of a bright summer’s day, blue sky with cotton ball clouds, and the warm sun-kissed skin. The shadow of the dandelion gives the illusion of a nipple and makes us think you are seeing more than just a bare shoulder.

Frisky in the 916

man with head thrown back during orgasm

This is one hot image. The moment is of release is captured perfectly, and not just in the way his head is thrown back or his mouth is open letting out his moans of pleasure. It is also in the way they are holding hands. They aren’t just casually holding hands as lovers sometimes do. They are holding on, bracing themselves against the power and intensity of the moment. You see it in his grip, the white tips of his fingers digging in. Brilliant!

Wriggly Kitty

woman with large breasts laying on the bed

This picture epitomizes what Sinful Sunday means to me. A safe place to open ourselves up, to show our sexiness and vulnerability, to allow us to see ourselves the way other people see us. There is a shyness in her image, an uncertainty that makes me want to wrap my arms around her and tell her she is beautiful and lovely and sexy.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 311

Absolutely last reminder that this Sunday is prompt weekend! I am looking forward to seeing what you all come up with this one.

This week the round-up is in the hands of the lovely Little Switch Bitch. You can find her on her own blog Little Switch Bitch and also on Twitter @_LittleSBitch.

Little Switch Bitch Top 5 Pics of the Week

I was delighted, shocked and super excited to be asked to do a round up for SinfulSunday so much so – I thought it was my turn last week. Still fairly new to this community, over the past few months I’ve began to realise I am a part of such a wonderful, positive place. Molly has created a haven for ‘sinners’ to express themselves in photographic evidence and each week I wonder how we should display our latest sin. It is a marvelous community so firstly before anything else a HUGE thank you to Molly. I genuinely have no idea how you find the time to do everything.

This week there was 35 entries and I had the hard job to pick five of my favourites. It’s an honour to be asked but as an indecisive pain in the butt – I had a hard job doing so as there are so many amazing entries this week. My picks are based the images which jumped out at me, made me go ‘Ooh – that’s hot’ or images I can relate to. My picks are in no particular order.

Victoria Blisse

Female nude of curvy woman with bruised thigh

There is so much I love about this image. I am drawn to the naughty smile, the sparkle in her eyes, how beautiful her face is in this shot. There is a sense of calmness in the photo that is ruffled up at the end when I wonder how the bruise got there and think the smile isn’t so much naughty but perhaps it has a hint of smugness thrown in too. Stunning image.

Eugene Noale

Weins in mans arm in black and white

This photo is a prime example that you don’t always needed to expected parts in a photo to be naughty… Sometimes it is the words attached to a photo that can change what we see.
It is edited so beautifully. Black and white image allows his veins to pop and makes me wonder why and what was he doing ?

Just a Random Scot

Silhouette of man ejaculating

Not usually a lover of cum shots but this picture made me go ‘Oh fuck, yes’ – this image is seriously hot.  The edit used is amazing – I love the line of jizz along his body and how it glistens. The fact it is sitting on body hair makes it hotter. The timing of the shot is just perfect. Just ermmm, so much yes!

Aurora Glory

Marshmellows on womans pubis like pubic hair

I wonder do those sweets taste a delicious as the body they are sitting on? Aurora, if you didn’t mention stretch marks, I wouldn’t have see them and in fact – I had to go looking for them. This image oozes creativity, coordination and super cuteness. I love how your hand slightly cups the heart and the pastel nail polish keeps up the ‘sweet’ theme. I have an image of a couple giggling at one another – your OH giving out in jest at how you keep moving the ‘shape’ as you giggle.

Helen Scott Blog

Mans hand twisted in woman's hair

I can relate to this image so much. It is so bloody hot. All we can see is from the shoulders up yet we all know what’s happening beyond the point of view. I love how we can see her hands grip on the side of mattress – I know anything time I’m grabbing on a good time is being had. His hand in her hair just around the neck adds to the image for me because all it takes is a slight movement and choking could occur. Delicious, relatable image.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 310

Just over a week to go until the first weekend of April so make sure you have read what the prompt for that weekend is.

This week on the round-up it is my delight to welcome @sub_bee_keeper who is the other half and photographer of A to sub Bee. I will admit that he was a little bit (possibly an understatement) reluctant to write a round-up as he seems to like being the silent partner but with @sub_bee help I happily got him to agree to it.

@sub_bee_keeper top 5 pics of the week

Well, time does fly. It seems like only yesterday that Molly and Bee were conspiring to convince me to judge a Sinful Sunday. I’ll be honest, even though I take a lot of our photos for Sinful Sunday I tend not to find time to enjoy the other entries. Being judge has forced me to find that time, thanks Molly… and Bee.

Before I go into my top 5 I’d like to congratulate everyone who submitted. I had a hard time narrowing down my list and it wasn’t until I sat down to write that I realised I had 6 and not 5 in my list… whoops!

You Won’t Tame this Sassy Cat

Woman with turtle neck over her mouth looking straight into the camera

The fact Sassy Cat is looking straight into the camera gives the feeling that she looking into the viewers eyes, submitting to them. Her mouth is covered denying her a voice and forcing her, as she states, to just feel. The picture’s simplicity cleverly suggests an incredibly intimate scene.

Exposing 40

Nude of large woman in sharft of sunlight in woodlands

This photo is amazing. The location, the light, the colour and last but definitely not least the model. If Maria had wings she could easily be mistaken for a woodland fairy candidly getting caught on camera before disappearing back into the forest.

Little Switch Bitch

Droplet of blood on skin from Vampire glove spike

I’ll admit it, I have a soft spot for blood that this image caters for. The contrast of the black leather against the pale skin means the red drop, although small, stands out as the main feature. In addition, the spikes of the glove tease the thought that more blood  may be on its way.

Steeled Snake

looking down on Woman in shower with red golden hair

I’d love to know how this angle was achieved, did you book into the hotel with a stepladder under your arm? If you ask Bee she’ll tell you I’m a fan of interesting, or as she puts it “funky”, angles. This creates the strong diagonal line that parallels the flow of her hair really draws my eye down the image.

Wriggly Kitty

Bent leg in rope harness

I’m possibly attracted to this image because of jealousy that this is a tie I’d like to put on Bee but due to reasons can’t. We both love rope and seeing it tightly wrapped and tied, restricting all movement sums up why some people pick up rope in the first place. The addition of the photo of the after-marks just emphasises how constricting it was.

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