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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 335

The new prompt for October is out now and not only is being sponsored by Sheets of San Francisco but they are even putting up a prize for one lucky person.

This week I am delighted to welcome @Jodie_Griffin back to the Sinful Sunday round-up and I will let her introduce herself as she has done a brilliant job of including it in her piece.

Jodie’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

My name is Jodie Griffin, and I write steamy, sexy, and sometimes kinky, romance novels about nice girls and the ones who love them. I currently have five published books, with a sixth one on the way early next year. I’m also an avid photographer whose favorite subject is the moon (the one in the sky, not the one you flash….just to be clear!)

When Molly asked me to pick my favorite five, I thought “Oh, that’ll be easy.”


It is SO much harder than it sounds. I enjoyed seeing what everyone put out there, and each one stands out in its own way. But I had to come up with a way to make this decision, so as an author AND a photographer, the ones I chose for my my top five are ones that gave me an instant “plot bunny” – a story idea to go with the photo. They’re listed in numeric order, not ranked. I could NOT manage that. Also, some of these plot bunnies are going in my real on-going list of things I might like to write about some day!

Exposing 40

Woman topless in indoor swimming pool with light shining throught the windows

I love the bright colors of this one, as well as the sun shining through the glass onto the water. I can imagine a water nymph held captive, staring out toward the bay she can see but can’t reach, missing her home…

Maria Open’s Up

Woman nude in dark office with city skyline behind

I love the photograph itself, and the daring required to take it. The plot bunny for this one would involve one sexy exhibitionist and the voyeuristic admin who never considered just how well-suited for him his boss might be…

Cammies on the Floor

e stim wand sparking in the dark

The photography of this one is really cool. For this story idea, I imagine some kind of performance art group entertaining people who don’t know there’s also stealth kinky violet wand play going on….

You won’t tame this Sassy Cat

woman sitting in light from the window

I really like the colors in this shadowy photograph. I can see a high heel shoe, and a chair, and a spot of light, which makes me imagine someone is getting ready to put on a show. A sexy dance for one, maybe…

Steamy Bedtimes

woman standing naked in front of full length mirror brushing hair

I love the black & white look to this, and the hint of a reflection in the mirror. I also love the point of view of the person taking the photograph, and I can imagine she’s a submissive getting herself ready for her Dom, following instructions given earlier in the day….

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 333

I know this is going up a bit late but here is your absolute final reminder that this weekend is prompt weekend on Sinful Sunday!

Apologies to my lovely guest this week, Aurora Glory, for the late publication of this round-up. All I can say in my defense is that I am so glad the kids go back to school next week. You can find the Aurora on her own blog By Aurora Glory and on Twitter @AuroraGloryBlog

Aurora’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I have been looking forward to doing the round up for so long and I am beyond excited to have the chance now! Although it seems I couldn’t be doing it on a harder week! I got about 10 photographs in and started hoping I wouldn’t like the next one, to make my job easier. It didn’t even happen once! I should have known. After all, it is you that has given me my passion for photography. With the raw beauty of your erotic photographs. Real people. Real desires. All diverse. And all shared in this most fantastically positive community. How could anyone not develop a passion for that?

Girl on the Net

Girl on the net in hot tub over looking London skyline

I commented on this photo saying I was speechless. And I genuinely was. I still kinda am. Part of me wants to dive in there with her. Part of me thinks I couldn’t handle the heat! But this photo is more than just insanely hot. It’s absolutely beautiful. I literally love everything about it, even the glass of wine on the side of the hot tub. And it’s her first Sinful Sunday photo. Now that’s making an entrance!

Maria Open’s Up

topless woman rubbing soap suds into her breasts

I love close ups. I love black and white photography. And I love boobs! But the addition of those slippery soap suds really made this picture pop. I adore how she’s holding one breast in her hand, making a contrast between the two. And the visible softness makes me want to brush my fingertips against her wet skin. So alluring.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly standing in field of wheat wearing large sunhat and book

Molly has managed to make a fantastically well planned photograph look completely effortless. Every detail, from the straw hat to the camera angle is just total perfection. I adore how this photo looks as though it’s telling a story. And as someone who often has a country girl and farmer boy fantasy, I know exactly where my interpretation of the story is going..

Sex Matters

Naked woman pressed up against tudor window

I definitely have a voyeuristic streak in me and this photo satisfies that perfectly. But I love it for so much more. The combination of white lace and rustic window give the photograph an historical air. It’s like an erotic fairytale and she’s waiting for her lover to come and save her. I’m quite sure, looking like that, she won’t be left waiting for very long!

Teacher’s Have Sex

woman laying topless in cave

Caves are something I would never be brave enough to enter, despite the desire to see the enchantment within. I so admire this photo for their ability to relax and enjoy the fascinating nature. And there is no doubt they are totally at ease in the dark and damp of this underground chamber. Adding the beauty of eroticism to the beauty of nature.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 331

The prompt for September is out now and this month I am delighted that another brilliant company has decided to sponsor the monthly prompt.

This week the round-up is in the hands of the delightful Victoria Blisse. I have known Victoria for many years now she is a prolific author of erotic fiction with numerous titles to her name and is also mistress of Smut UK. You can find on her on her own blog Victoria Blisse and on Twitter @victoriablisse

Victoria’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

As an author of erotica I work with words. Words are my comfort blanket, I love them I cherish them and I can do very brave things with them.  Images, however are not my usual medium.  Somehow though, after chatting to Molly at Eroticon this year, I found myself joining in with Sinful Sunday and letting my inner exhibitionist out to play.

There is a serious art in taking an erotic picture and I’m not sure I’ve quite conquered it yet. You don’t have pages to get your idea over, like with a novel or even a short story.  You simply have just one photo. I am always amazed by how much people pack into their Sinful Sunday Snaps and how incredibly sexy they can be. Each week I am in awe of the imagination and skills of my fellow sinners.

I was honoured to be asked to do the round up this week and it really wasn’t easy. I had a long list that squeezed down to a medium list and finally I honed it down to this, my top 5.

Exposing 40

Woman naked in abandoned rusty car

I have always loved the old and the derelict, be it buildings that are falling down or being demolished or the cars you see at a scrap yard. This photo contrasts the old decaying beauty of a rusty car with the beautiful, living freshness of a naked body and greenery all around.

Kilted Wookie

man topless in suit

One thing that’s bound to get me all of a flutter (well, one of many to be fair) is a man in a suit. So I had to pick this particular Sinful Sunday for the wonderful way it gives naked flesh and a sexy suit. Nicely done!

Tabitha Rayne

Two nude women holding hands in outdoor sauna

I love the sweet sentimentality of this photo, there’s lots of love and fun in it. It’s sexy because it makes me smile.

A to sub Bee

Purple wax running down womans bottom

Pretty contrast of purple was on pale skin, it leads you to imagine what it felt like to have the wax dripped on. I love the patterns in the hardening wax.

Pieces of Jade

Looking up Jade's topless body in the locker room

I love the voyeur element of this, a photo in the locker room where it should be all private and hidden away from the world. A Beautiful image, subtly sexy.

Stair Gazing… (Guest Post)

This week I am delighted host a guest post this week from @Swirlingfire who was inspired to join in by the monthly prompt.


The lower stairs I used to sit upon as a small child –  Waiting for Daddy to come home from work – waiting for my cuddles before bed;

The lower stairs I used to sit upon as a teenager – talking endlessly to friends on the once common rotary dial telephone;

The lower stairs upon which my father exhaled his last breath….

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home,

The stairs are the entrance and exits to the lives that walk through this house


woman in lace stocking on stairsSinful Sunday bagde

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