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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 241

The prompt for December is out now, time for you all to get your festive sexy on!

This weeks round-up is a tiny bit later than usual as Gritty Woman had one of THOSE weeks but she is here now and that is all that really matters

Gritty Woman’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Thank you Molly for allowing me the honour of judging this week’s Sinful Sunday images. This is the second time I have played judge, so you’d think I’d know what I was in for this time around. Apparently not. I had 35 incredible images to choose from and narrowing them down to just five is no easy task! As it turns out, I am a sucker for an image that tells a story; a picture that captures one fleeting moment and leaves me wondering what came before and what will follow after. Every entry was sexy and sinful in its own way, but in the end I chose those whose stories spoke to me personally. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


Woman with bruised bottom kneeling in the corner

A great photograph tells a story and this one certainly set my imagination racing. I wonder what she did to end up in the corner and what implement was used to create those sexy marks? What is going on in her mind as she quietly reflects? Judging by the words that accompany this picture, I have a feeling that Alice likes to reflect a lot. I can’t say I blame her!

Girl, Uninterrupted

Woman in black sexy lingerie tied to bed post

Champagne on ice, sexy underwear and a hotel room; it suggests a naughty weekend away for Girl Interrupted. The black lace looks amazing against her soft, creamy skin and the photographer did a wonderful job capturing her stunning curves. One word; beautiful.

Stella Kiink

topless self portrait of Stella Kiink

Stella wasn’t keen on her expression in this image, but it was her expression that immediately drew me in. It is the kind of look I recognise from my submissive; innocent on the surface, just barely containing the cheeky naughtiness beneath. Of course, it wasn’t just her expression. She has such beautiful curves too.

The Other Livvy

Livvy kneeling in lingerie in front of man in black trousers

This image pushes all of my buttons. I am initially drawn to the placement of his hand. It has me wondering whether he is tenderly stroking her face, or roughly cupping her chin. Either way, it’s powerful. I also adore the fact that he tied her to a glass door. I wonder if the thought of being seen makes her feel all the more vulnerable? She looks absolutely beautiful and he…well, I really can’t resist a topless man in jeans *drools*

Happy Come Lucky

Honey wearing strap on with glass dildo and cup of tea resting on her belly

Being British (and massively into pegging) it was hard not to smile when I saw this delightful image. It is hard to say whether this was the calm before the storm, or the come down after an intense pegging session. Either way, Happy come lucky does it in true Brit style…relaxing in bed with a nice hot cuppa. I also adore the richness of this image. Wood, leather, glass and silky soft skin. It’s like a feast for the (pervy) eyes.

Thank you to Gritty Woman for this weeks round-up. You can find her on her own blog Gritty Woman and on Twitter @GrittyWoman

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 118Behind the Chintz Curtain

Woman laying in long grass

Is she waiting for a lover? Is she dreaming of a lover? Is she just lost in the enjoyment of her surroundings, her body, her mind? This is an image that fires the imagination, you can not help but wonder and maybe even create your own story to go with it.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 240

The prompt for December is out now, time for you all to get your festive sexy on!

This weeks round-up is bought to you by the fabulous Kinky Biker Mom

Kinky Biker Mom’s top 5 pics

Thank you so much to Molly for letting me host Sinful Sunday this week all the posts are so lovely and it was hard to pick which were my favorite! However I loved doing it!

Happy Come Lucky

Close up shot of nipple

This shot is smoking hot she has not only captured the simple sexyness of the nipple but she has captured the details in the wrinkles around the hardened nipple. This shot is simply amazing!

You Won’t Tame this Sassy Cat

Sassy Cat wearing hat and moustache

It’s Movember 2015. Not only does she rock the mustache she is sexy as hell and these photo’s are simply so much fun!

Steeled Snake

Woman in bra and jeans

This is simply a sexy shot the way her shows the roundness of her breasts and the way her jeans fit her so snuggly the sexy roundness of her bottom and the way she has left her jeans undone all suggest nothing but pure sexuality!

Undress Me

Man in suit

I chose this one because I love a man in his suit… but I also love to get a man out of his suit, there is just something so sexy about a man in a suit.

Tales from a Porn Clerk

Man licking another mans bum

The way that this photo is blurry but yet it shows so much details of what a wonderful breakfast this man is lucky enough to have.

Thank you to Kinky Biker Mom for this weeks round-up you can find her on her own blog Kinky Biker Mom and on Twitter @KinkyBikerMom

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 117 – Dragon’s Kink

Women chained and in leg spreaders

This is one of those fabulous images that plays with your minds eye. When you think about it all you can see is Kazi’s legs, the spreader bar, some chain and the hint of some red rope and yet the moment you look at it you can not help but fill in the rest, the bits you don’t see but you know are there. This is a shot that lets your imagination out to play

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 239

Round-up time and this week it is my great pleasure to hand over this space to Kayla Lords.

Kayla’s top 5 Pics of the Week

When someone like Molly asks you to participate in choosing your top picks from something like Sinful Sunday, you say, “Hell yeah!” And then, you prepare to squirm. I’m no stranger to looking over a collective of the erotic and heat that people create. I read Masturbation Monday posts in one sitting every single week. But I had no idea that I’d have 41 amazing images to narrow down to only five, and nothing else I’ve read recently compares to what I had to do to find my favorites. Y’all made my job very difficult all while making me squirm and twitch around in my chair. Good job, everyone! 😉

Okay, so for this week, here are the five that got my juices flowing in more ways than one.

Exhibit A

Man laying naked face down on bed

I adore the male form, in all it’s nude glory. EA takes stunning pictures, and this one is no different. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his image – as usual.

Lil Miss Shalla

Shalla in the shower covered in soap

I love looking at bodies that look like mine. Her skin looks soft. Her hair probably smells great. And that ass! Basically, I wanted to be her soap.

The Other Livvy

Naked woman on side view

I saw this one come through my reader and literally gasped. Such a gorgeous shot. Tight nipples and soft skin both begging to be touched.

Kilted Wookie

Man laying face down naked on bed

Oh, KW, you do know how to take some great shots. Shoulders, back, and butt – yes, please! I’m by no means a Dominant, but if I was, I’d keep him in that position for a while. Him and EA, side by side. Mmmm…wait, what were we talking about?? 😉

The Shingle Beach

Sparkler in front of naked breast

Okay, so first, I thought, “Pretty fireworks!” Then I noticed there were boobs. Beautiful, soft boobs. I couldn’t decide which to look at – the sparks or the skin. So I enjoyed the sight of both!

Thank you to Kayla for this fabulous round-up you can find her on her own blog A Sexual Being and on Twitter @KaylaLords

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 116 – Stella Kiink

Woman with cum on her stomachI love post coital moments, when you fall back on to the bed, sweaty and hot and grin happily at one another. This image captures that moment perfectly. The obvious domestic setting puts us on the sofa with them and it very easy to image their satisfied happy grins as this picture was taken.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 238

This weekend was the monthly prompt which was ‘Shoot from Above’. It was wonderful to see so many bloggers play around with this technique and yet again you all blew me away with the amazing images that you posted. The new prompt for next month will be out soon but as it is December I suspect you can have a vague guess as to what it might be.

Top 5 Pics of the Week


Woman laying naked on bed in high heels with legs spread

There is something very coy about the tilt of her ankle on the left of this image that really contrasts with the rest of  her pose, but that just adds to the narrative of the shot and the angle from which it is taken really makes us feel like we have just walked into the room to be greeted with this beautiful vision of wanton lust laid out upon the bed. The whole thing is just seriously fucking hot!

Cherrytart Blog

View from above of naked woman sitting crossed leg

I think this image shows perfectly how shooting from above can be such an interesting and flattering angle to shoot from. It is never an angle or view that we see of ourselves, unless you spend time holding the mirror over your head that is, but yet it is one that I think our lovers probably enjoy fairly often. I love the colour filter of this image too, there is something about the soft pastel tones that just work perfectly with the floral bed-cover and bring out the rosy pink blush of her beautiful nipples

Prick Your Finger

Women with surgery scars on stomach with man kneeling between her thighs

I have struggled to find the words to do this image justice. It is a stunningly powerful shot that challenges the viewer to really think about how the nature of beauty as prescribed by the main stream media has invaded our culture so dramatically warping our ideals and expectations of sex and sensuality without us even being aware of it. This image shouts at the top of its voice a different and utterly beautiful message about body positively and in doing so celebrates love, acceptance, desire and passion

Kinky Biker Mom

Woman kissing head of erect penis

I think this image is perfect in black and white. We are left with nothing to distract us from the shape of his cock and the beautiful pattern of veins running beneath the skin, the way her hair falls across her cheek and the lovely curved shape of her mouth.

Lil Miss Shalla

Woman topless wearing halloween mask

There were a fair few Halloween offerings this week to but this one really did jump out at me because shooting from this angle completely changed the feel of the mask. In the other image the mask appears playful and quirky but in this it is a delicious sinister edge to it that when coupled with the open shirt and the view of her breasts makes her look some sort of tantalizing demon trying to lure you into her world of mischief.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 115Love Hate Sex Cake

naked self portrait of cheeky minx

Sexy, sultry and sensual this image is one you can get thoroughly lost in. Explore the shadows and find hair, wild and flowing, a glimmer of shoulder, a hint of nipple pressing against the fabric and of course the perfectly delicious curve of her beautiful bottom. The whole thing is just delicious.

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