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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 344

The new prompt for December is out and you have just over 2 weeks to work on your images

This weeks guest is Sweeten Dirty and it is her first appearance here on the round-up but definitely not her first appearance on Sinful Sunday having been joining in for a long time now. You can find her on her blog SweeteN Dirty and on Twitter @Sweeten_Dirty

Sweeten Dirty’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I have been blogging for almost ten years, and have been a part of Sinful Sunday for about half of that time. I am always in amazement at all of the wonderful images that get submitted. I figured it would be difficult to choose only five (as many others have said), but I didn’t realize how difficult until I actually got to work on it. There were so many amazing images that called out to me. That said, I had a lot of fun choosing this week.

Bondage God

glass dildo in ice

I loved this image because it said a lot to me. I love the ice and the frosted glass. Temperature play has been a bit of a fantasy of mine. It gives me all kinds of fun ideas, and tempts me to put a few of my glass toys in the freezer. I can relate to it, in trying to get the best product review picture.

Unmentionable By Name

woman laying naked in bay window

This image stood out to me because I love how risky it is. It looks busy outside, but on closer examination, you realize that there are no people out and about. The shapes and contours are beautiful, and I love the way her hair is flowing down, She has a lovely view, but so do we (and anyone else that might look in from the window).

Annie Savoy

black and white of woman laying in sunshine

At first glance, I thought she was standing at an odd angle. Once I scrolled all the way down, I realized that she was laying on a window seat. She looks peaceful and relaxed in the sun, almost like a cat in a way.

Maria Open’s Up

Silhouette of female nude with bright orange light

This one stood out to me for several different reasons. I love the colors of the negative space. The orange and red really make it glow. At first glance, I kind of thought I saw a jack ‘o lantern, as the arms curved in such a way to show eyes, and the colors looked like a lit up pumpkin. It is a gorgeous image.

The Other Livvy

Woman with curly hair laying topless in bed

Since I started blogging, black and white images have definitely grown on me. I never knew how to appreciate them until now. This image says a lot, and the words fit it perfectly. It looks like she is waiting for someone, but she looks very relaxed in doing so. The way the angle is, it was hard to tell if she was under the sheets, or on top of them.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 343

Yet again everyone has blown me away with their skill and creativity. I absolutely adore prompt week and I look forward to them every month. They do make picking a top 5 very challenging but it is a challenging that I always enjoy.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Fire and Honey

Rope on the floor in front of doorway that is light by bright day light

What I really love about this image is that it is a perfect example of how you can create something sexy and suggestive without there being anyone actually in the image and suggestive is definitely the right word for it in my opinion because it is a shot that fuels the imagination. I think it would make a great cover for a novel or a rope themed anthology.


Man with tattoos laying in the bath image looks like a pencil drawing

The over exposure of this image has created a shot that looks more like a pencil or ink drawing than a photograph. The simplicity of it is beautiful and I find myself drawn back to it time and again.

By Aurora Glory

woman sitting on black chair wearing black body harness and holding whip

I love Auroras account of how she researched creating over exposured images but all she could find was how to not over exposure your photos and so she just took all the info and basically reversed. A genius move because it worked perfectly and she created a striking image with sharp contrasts.

Cleareyed Girl

Woman laying nude on her side facing the camera with full breasts and soft tummy

This is a particular powerful image especially when you read the words that go along side it that talk about her complex relationship with her body and how she feels about exposing it in such a way. She also asks the viewer what we see and my answer to her was that I see ‘beauty, femininity, strength and grace.’

Eugene Noale

Man with piecring blue eyes shaving his head with clippers

This shot by Eugene absolutely blew me away this week. It is beyond good in my opinion. I love that the brightness of the image means that the only real colour and therefore the points of interest in the shot are his eyes which are captivating and the dark tones of his beard and the hair that has fallen on his shoulder but the more you look at it the more those eyes draw you in. It is a truly great piece of photography.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 342

Welcome to the weekly round-up. Here is my usual reminder that THIS Sunday (5th November) will be the prompt weekend. You can find out what the theme is on this post.

Now it is time to welcome this weeks guest who is returning for a second time to the round-up, she is the creator of Horatio Slice and you will know her as Oleander Plume. Thank you to her for this weeks fabulous round-up. You can find her on her own blog Poison Pen Dirty Mind and on Twitter @OleanderPlume

Oleander’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

A great photo is more than just an aesthetically pleasing image. A great photo tells a story. While each Sinful Sunday entry was a feast for the eyes, I decided to choose the five that inspired me the most as a writer. I found one of these to be particularly inspiring, but more on that later. Let’s get to the round-up, shall we?

In random order:

Maria Open’s Up

Nude woman climbing the staircare with sunlight on her bottom

How delicious is this? Curves, curves, and more curves, yet there’s more here. Is she leading or following? Who is watching her climb those stairs, and what are they thinking?

Exposing 40

Male nude laying over tree trunk

I love contrast, and this shot delivers. Smooth skin against rough wood, this image makes me wonder about the tactile sensations the subject is experiencing. (Really hope there weren’t splinters, btw!)

Kilted Wookie

Dark figure of naked man standing in the doorway

Is he going out? Is he greeting someone at the door? To me, this shot looks like a still frame from a gritty 70’s film about a detective or a retired cop. So many stories…

Tabitha Rayne

Tabitha naked looking up at camera through mist

Okay, how in the heck did she capture this shot? It really looks like Tabitha is underwater. This image invokes visions of mermaids and mermen frolicking in the frothy waves…

Sex Matters

Woman laying on mossy green grass nude

This captures so much vulnerability. And so much strength. I must mention the hat, because it adds a playful component to the image overall.

What a great line-up! Thanks to everyone who participated this week and made my job very, very difficult. Oh, I almost forgot my earlier tease. So, which photo inspired my story? You’ll just have to click the link to find out; Inspired

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 341

Just a reminder that the prompt for November is out and you have just over a week until it is time to share your images.

This weeks guest on Sinful Sunday is Violet from Fire and Honey and I want to give her a very special thank you as she stepped in to help with the round-up at the last moment when the person scheduled to do it had to drop out.

Violet’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

When Molly asked me if I would step in this week to do the Round-up I was very excited. I went back and looked at the Guest archives and it’s been just over two years since the last time I had the opportunity – my how we have grown. Every week we see fun, sexy, imaginative and emotional posts on this meme and this week is no exception. Everyone says it, because it’s true: it’s hard to choose just five! I’m so happy and proud to be a part of the #sinfulsunday community and it’s an honour to share my Top 5 Picks for this week.

Teacher’s Have Sex

Woman crouching down in tree in black and white

I love how wild spirited this picture is, how Halloween-y and how gritty. I imagine Jo foraging for magical herbs and mushrooms, concocting dark erotic spells to cast on lovers and foes alike.

Happy Come Lucky

black and white of womans legs


I’m infamous for saying “Oh, but I’m not much of a voyeur …” but images like this one remind me that I, in fact, am. How could one resist this subtle invitation?

The Life of Elliot

Man with erect penis holding male masturbator over it

I love this shot. I love that it’s about the moment before the experience. I also find these kind of toys fascinating because the hole is so tiny and penises generally are not … Elliott’s gorgeous member notwithstanding.

Maria Open’s Up

Fake eye lashes on womans breast in black and white

A very clever and eye catching capture, this shot does spark a surrealist note, but my first thought was young Liza Minelli in Cabaret (1972) – fun, flirty, dark and theatrical.

Midnight at the Oasis

Mermaid flowing hair in blue tones

As lovely and fun as that tentacle toy looks, I can’t stop looking at the dreamy movement evoked by Indigo’s hair and the peek of lace we see in the first photo, reminiscent of waves, and of the foamy surf. The poem she has referenced has a rhythm and cadence that rocks like the sea. All together, such a strong post!


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