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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 288

Don’t forget to check out the November prompt. It seems like an easy one but I suspect when it comes to posting them some people will struggle with the word count!

Now over to this weeks guest who is Bambi from Girl, Uninterrupted…

Bambi’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I’m absolutely delighted to be choosing this week’s roundup; I’ve been taking part in Sinful Sunday on and off for years and admiring it far before I ever took part. I don’t find much time to write for my blog anymore, but I love Sinful Sunday because it’s a way of expressing and sharing my adventures through images. As someone who can often struggle with seeing photos of myself, I love how empowering it is and how amazing this community can be at bolstering confidence and cheering on everyone who takes part.

So without further adieu..

Holden and Camille

Man and women masturbating each other under the table

I’m a sucker for a black and white image and this wonderful shot from Holden and Camille ticks all the boxes. The faded grayscale really highlights their rather innocent looking white undies.. And despite the explicit nature of the shot I love it seems light-hearted. I imagine these two can’t keep their hands off each other and I wonder what happens next…

Sex is my New Hobby

Woman hugging herself Sinful Sunday

This is a truly beautiful image and evokes so many feelings in me. Being vulnerable is so difficult for so many of us and this image and her words really resonate with me. At first glance it looks as though she’s protecting herself, arms over her chest, afraid… but when I look further, I see a looseness in her hands as though maybe she’s thinking about letting go. Her stance doesn’t look afraid to me, it looks strong and empowered.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Mollys collar bone

I loved this image from Molly as soon as I saw it. The lighting is beautiful, the dark background perfectly captures frames the pink of her skin. I love the way the light smile on her lips and slight bowing of her head suggests playfulness. But it’s more than just the photo, it’s what the photo says to me.. it’s the way I look at someone and can be completely enthralled by the smallest thing. When I look at Daddy’s hands and they make my spine tingle, or when he tells me he loves my back. Our bodies speak volumes to others and we often don’t even know it.

Cammies on the Floor

Woman with red bottom and rope

The thing I love most about this image is that I can completely imagine it happening by accident. She’s spent and her bottom is aching as he drags the rope along her skin, drops the brush and takes a quick snap to show her how red her bottom is. I love this edit in particular, the warmth really makes me want to crawl into bed and stay there for a day of naughtiness.

Little Switch Bitch

Man grabbing womans breasts

This is such a simple image and yet it speaks volumes. The way one of his hands is caressing and the other is grabbing, there’s a sense of calm as well as urgency in his touch. I imagine her lying in his arms and him whispering the words she’s written into her ear “Owned. Claimed. Mine”.

Thank you to Bambi for this weeks round-up especially as she jumped in at the last minute. You can find her on her own blog Girl, Uninterrupted and on Twitter @Bambi_Kiss

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 165Frisky in the 916

high heels and nude bottom

This is such a great shot. I love how the heels of the shoes create this perfect framing for her bottom. Sexy, playful and great photography.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 287

The prompt for November is out now and you have a nice long time to get to work on your images. Sinful Sunday November Prompt.

This week the round up is in the hands of Aiden also know to as Open Spirit Girl

Aiden’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

When Molly asked me to do the Sinful Sunday Round-Up I was both honored and terrified. It’s something I have loved since the moment I discovered it. Sunday mornings with a cup of coffee and my phone are pure bliss as I peruse the contributions by everyone involved. This is also what makes it terrifying. How to choose just 5 images?! Deciding which 5 images to pick was extremely hard and I want to say first off they were all wonderful. I’m a very visual person, constantly scanning for the little details, the story behind the image. These are the ones I couldn’t let go of.

Holden and Camille

Summer lovin kissing on trunk of car

First off I simply love the outdoors and this image evoked a playfulness that made me smile. I could feel their excitement for each other radiate through me. It’s one of those images that have me thinking about a story of young lovers embarking on their first summer romance, not a care in the world except each other and the adventure which lies ahead.

A to sub Bee

I have an extreme fear of needles myself but an image where fear elicits this type of excited visceral response in me makes me curious. The shallow depth of field focused on the raised skin fascinated me, each sharp needle piercing through at slightly different angles. The painful sting it would cause as they were pushed through. This is an image that has me thinking there is something new I must explore to see where it leads.

Maria Open’s Up

Maria topless hugging candles

This image just screamed sexy to me. The candle light casting shadows around her soft curves, a little nipple poking out to say hello, symmetry and warmth within her arms. It makes my mind wander to peaceful pleasures. I would hang this in my living room. Everything about is just beautiful.

Girl Uninterrupted

woman taking off panties in the street

When I saw this one I felt as if I was a voyeur across the street watching her with her daddy. What would happen between the two of them?  The light focused from underneath her highlighting the red silk panties and lacy dress. I wonder where this story will lead.

Just a Random Scot

Man laying naked in a pool of light

Light and shade is exactly what drew me into this one. Then my eyes traveled down his chest, with muscles rippling over his ribs. The texture of his hair over the skin below as my eyes traveled then rested on his hand cradling his beautiful cock. It felt like strength along with open vulnerability. I just love everything about this image.

Thank you very much to Aiden for this weeks round up. You can find her on Twitter @openspiritgrl

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 164 – Understanding Flutterby

Woman masturbating in the bath

I think this image is so fucking hot. The softness of the image helps to give it a feeling of movement that is utterly intoxicating. This image makes me want to have a bath and touch myself

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 286

It is my turn this week to write the round-up and as per usual prompt weekend inspired you all to provide me with a tough job. However before I reveal my top 5 I have a couple of other things I want to mention


Sadly we had a technical glitch caused by our host doing a server move and restoring an old copy of the site. As a result we had to republish the call for submissions post. It is possible due to this that we might have lost some of the posts already submitted. If you have sent something in this month can you please get in touch so that we can check that we have it.

Top 100 Sex Blogs 2016

I am very excited that this year the list is being sponsored by Kink Craft. Their support of the blogging community is wonderful and they are also donating some fabulous prizes too. So now is the time for you to nominate your favourite sex bloggers of 2016.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Exposing 40

Double reflection shot with nude woman

The contrast between this image and the original one that inspired this is stark. Yes they are both reflection shots and the original is definitely a beautiful portrait of Exposing 40 but this reshoot is a much more complex image. The multiple reflections and the clever use of back lighting gives the image a slightly haunted mysterious feel. The use of a shallow depth of field draws the eye initially to the mirror and her hand but the brighter area in the right of the image then pulls the viewer further into the shot and plays with their sense of perception until you realise this is a reflection too. Bloody brilliant.

Maria Open’s Up

Abstract female nude

Maria decided to reshoot an image that she had taken for a previous prompt which was, Abstract. Her goal: ” was to create an abstract image that implies arch, specifically, as it relates to landscape.” In my opinion she absolutely nailed her goal with this shot. It is an intriguing, almost mystifying nude. You know there is breast and is that a belly button, and a leg and an arm…maybe, or… well, that is the point, you think you know and yet you are not quite sure.

Teachers Have Sex

Woman on Balcony overlooking night time city

I love this one so much because it shows how the time of day can essentially change everything. They are for intense and purpose the same image; the same model, the same balcony, the same view. The only difference is the time of day, evening versus morning and that one thing changes the narrative of the image radically. Together they work to tell a whole story, the promise of the night and the bright reality of the next day. The potential for the story is what took place in the intervening hours…

Charlie in the Pool

Full frontal nude of Charlie in the Pool

I will admit this post from Charlie actually made me feel a bit emotional. Not because of the change in her body, which is amazing, but because of how she write about how those physical changes represent much more fundamental changes in her life. She talks about being lost and broken and how her trip to Australia has gifted her a new outlook on life and maybe most importantly of all on herself. There is something very inspiring about it all.

Happy Come Lucky

Woman looking out of window wearing black panties

And so I come to my last picture. The original image was off Honey and the beautiful reshoot is of @Haiku but what I really love about this post is that it is a beautiful testament to friendship, community and the power of collaboration. You will have to read Honey’s post to understand more but I will also add that what these two beautiful ladies have also done here is a give me an idea for a future Sinful Sunday prompt.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 163 – Stella Kiink

Woman looking at camera with fuck me eyes

It is all about the eyes and in the case of this image they absolutely tell you everything. The title of this shot is ‘No Good’ and I think you can tell that is exactly what she intends to get up to….

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 285

Don’t forget THIS Sunday is prompt weekend!

In the meantime it is my pleasure to welcome Andrew and Pixie from Kink Craft to the weekly round up.

Kink Craft’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Sinful Sunday is something we have both thought about putting pictures into over the last year but thanks to life there just never seems to be enough time. So being asked to judge it is the next best thing but we have been a little surprised at just how hard it is. There were so many intriguing shots it was difficult to narrow it down to just five.

Candy Snatch

Pinwheel on skin

We both love the composition of this shot, the play between the light and the tattoo gives it a depth and interest that is fun. The focus on the wheel is a nice counterpoint.

The Other Livvy

Livvy sitting naked on bed after running a marathon. Sinful Sunday

Pixie: For me this has the feeling of a nice relaxed Sunday, but also his obliviousness to the photo being taking. As if there is a story here that needs telling.

Andrew: For some reason this make me think of Tracy Emming’s work, something about the bed being unkept and the post in the middle of the shot showing real life intruding on an otherwise clean shot. There is a lot of depth here that makes it is a lot of fun.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly laying on bed in the sunlight with bum in the air

The light really makes this shot work, it brings the photo up and moves the interest to the centre of the frame where a lovely bum is waiting.

Just A Random Scot

Man in towel with cup of coffee

We really like the composition of this shot with the white mug just making it work. Being in black and white gives this image a real pop it probably wouldn’t have had in colour. We are both quite big fans of black and white photography

Sex is my New Hobby

Patchwork quilt of kinky toys

The intention for this may not have been for an arty image but it has turned out to be one. This is like a kinky patchwork quilt and that just works. The individual images tiled into one are just like the panels of a quilt.

Huge thank you to Andrew and Pixie for this weeks round-up. You can find them on their site Kink Craft, and on Twitter @KinkCraft

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 162Frisky in the 916

Woman laying on bed touching herself

I am a big fan of images that have that voyeuristic feel to them and this one definitely falls into that bracket. The door frame is out of focus which is exactly how our eyes would see it if we were looking in on Jill. The whole thing is a delightfully sexy tease.

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