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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 206

A new month is nearly here, you have one more week until it is time to share your images for April’s prompt

Top 5 pics of the Week

Charlie in the Pool

Candid shot of Chralie in the pool naked

I am fairly sure that most women, regardless of their size and shape, will be able to identify with Charlie’s words in her Sinful Sunday post this week about how she feels about her body. In an attempt to challenge those feeling she posted this truly brave and candid shot of herself. She says about it “This is me. No cropping out the bad bits. No posing or holding my stomach in. No editing. This is the real me. The lopsided boobs. The big belly covered in stretch marks. The unkempt pubic hair.” And it is all those things that make it so beautiful in my opinion, because it is truthful, bold, brave and honest.

Cammies on the Floor


What I love about this image is that the blindfold, the rope bondage and the kneeling should be a recipe for creating a narrative that conveys vulnerability and submission and although those things are there this image actually seems to exude power and strength.

Silverdrop’s Toybox

Celebrating non traditional body shapes in men

I am so happy to see these two slowly returning to their blog and to Sinful Sunday. Over a year ago Silverdom started posting images of himself calling for more men on Sinful Sunday, a cause I truly support. In this image he continues that message but, like Charlie above, he chose to challenge himself with a candid shot about which he says “Because, although I am slowly losing weight ( 2 jean sizes since September), I still have a belly. It is severely scarred from surgery and muscle loss due to post-op infection. This means it will never be flat again, however much weight I lose” in the hope that by doing so he will encourage others with non-traditionally beautiful body shapes to-do the same.

What I love about his image is not just the sentiment it was posted in but also the intimacy it shows. By including Silverdrop snuggled up next to him, with her hand disappearing between his thighs this image becomes more than just a candid view of his body but shows desire, love and passion. These things are not, despite the mass media’s tendency to make us think otherwise, the domain of the body beautiful, but for everyone.

Understanding Flutterby

Soft focus nude

This image is like chocolate, or cream, or honey or wine, whatever that decadent thing is that you can image yourself sinking your whole body into, bathing yourself in the delicious substance. This image does that for me, it draws me in and makes me want to dip myself into the shot and smear it all over me. Simple stunning photography!

Happy Come Lucky

Writing on knickers and masturbation

I have a bit of a kink for being written on. It is not something we have actually explore very much but the idea of it is certainly a big turn on to me and so when I saw Honey’s images this week they tapped straight into that part of my brain. She has taken some beautiful prose written by Malin James about that moment when orgasm hits and ‘being pretty’ is utterly forgotten and written them onto these rather innocent and delicate knickers. The result is this seriously fucking hot image, with the black pen contrasting against the white material, just as the white pretty knickers contrast against the act of womanhood and female sexual agency. This is one of the most thought-provoking and inspired images I have seen in a very long while and on top of that I truly love the collaborative nature between two bloggers.

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Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 87Frisky in the 916


There is something deliciously hedonistic about this image. It is about pleasure, raw, sexual pleasure being given and enjoyed in equal measures.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 205

Just a quick reminder that the prompt for the 1ST WEEKEND IN APRIL is already out to give you plenty of time to work on your images; Sinful Sunday April 2015 Prompt

In the meantime this weeks round-up is in the capable, although possibly sticky at times, hands of Girl on the Net

Girl on the Net’s top 5 Pics

I’m rubbish at taking photos, drawing, and doing visually creative erotica. So when I see something visual and erotic – a photo, drawing or film – that gives me a kick in the gut of lust, I am bowled over by surprise that someone’s managed to capture something which feels so personal to me. A kind of ‘how did you get into my head?’ reaction. Last time I did a Sinful Sunday round up, I looked for things that were unique and surprising. This time, I went for the pictures that felt really personal. Like great erotic writing, I think great erotic photos can make you feel like somehow the person creating them really gets you – or at least gets the kind of feelings that you have when you’re turned on.

Sadly if I’m picking them based on this rule, I have no excuse whatsoever to include Malflic’s cat picture, so I’ve linked it there instead. Because no matter how aroused I am I’m still always a sucker for a cute kitty.

So without further ado, here are my selections from the amazing Sinful Sunday pictures from last week

You Won’t Tame this Sassy Cat

sexy woman with guitar and whisky

I picked this gorgeous image from SassyCat because it was so evocative of sexy nights and morning afters. I have a real thing for people who look dolled up yet tousled at the same time. Slightly mussed and either post-shag or post-heartbreak. SassyCat mentions that she likes to play around with emotions, expressions and props, and I think this picture is a perfect example of the kind of image that can send me off into a story.

I have a fantasy about walking into a dive bar in the U.S. There are guys wearing denim staring at my arse as I sashay to the bar and perch on a stool. I’m dolled up – short skirted and made up and ready to get messy. As the jukebox plays sad country rock and the bartender pours whisky, the guys at the bar decide that they’re only too happy to oblige.

See what I mean about pictures telling a story? Just a few seconds looking at SassyCat’s pic and this flashed into my head, dredged up from a fantasy from years ago. Something about the whisky, the short skirt and guitar.


Flash if side boob

You’re going to think I’m very tame, as I bring out a second picture that’s reasonably safe for work. We’re nearly halfway into the round up and I haven’t picked an explicit one yet – I promise I’ll rectify that in the next image. This one, by Ouizzi, struck me as special though because its simplicity taps into something that’s universally hot for me – the glimpse. There’s something amazing about a glimpse. Whether it’s that glimpse of cleavage at at open shirt like this one, or the quick flash of a guy’s stomach as he stretches and his t-shirt rides up. A peek as a grabs a towel when he slips out of bed, or when someone shows a glimpse of skin above a stocking. This hotness makes my heart race.

The Porn Clerk Chronicles

Man pissing into urinal

I promised you explicit for the third, so here goes. This is a really gorgeously voyeuristic urinal shot, and it has gone straight to the ‘horny’ centre of my brain and lodged itself there forever. There’s something intensely hot for me about watching guys piss. That brief moment of unguarded vulnerability, partial nakedness, and the oh-so-casual way they hold their cock. Like Porn Clerk in this photo, standing casually at the urinal looking nonchalant as all hell.

Absolutely Ruby

Looking up skirt suspenders and stockings
This image feels a bit voyeuristic, too, albeit the kind of voyeurism that happens when you know someone really wants you to look. AbsolutelyRuby has nailed the slightly-bent-over, bum-showing offer that I like to partake in when I’m after a spanking. She’s got a beautiful short skirt that frames her arse, lovely sheer knickers and a stunning pair of stockings. It’s not so much a ‘peek’ as a good long look, and I adore the directness of it.

The Shingle Beach

Woman standing in sunlight window

Let’s end on one of the most uplifting, warming pictures I saw as I was perusing the Sinful Sunday list. This beautiful image, by The Shingle Beach, represents spring. She explains that the patio looks a bit of a state, but to be honest I didn’t even spot the patio, focusing instead on her utterly gorgeous body complete with amazing tattoo (I have a massive thing for tattoos and I am not afraid to admit it). There’s a fuzziness around the edges here which, combined with the bright light streaming in through the door, makes me think of waking up after a good long sleep, and being ready to take on the day.

You can find GOTN on her own sexy blog; Girl on the Net and on Twitter: @girlonthenet

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Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 86That Position

Woman wearing suspenders and strap on dildoThis image is just a whole lot of sexy. The angle of the images makes Monika’s legs look like they just go forever and the black lace of the stocking tops really contrast with the pale tones of her skin and seem to highlight how sexy that flash of flesh at the stop of stockings is but for me what really makes this image is the shadows in particular that fabulous way in which the angle of the light has thrown the shadow of the dildo across her thigh.


Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 204

Just a quick reminder that the prompt for the 1ST WEEKEND IN APRIL is already out to give you plenty of time to work on your images; Sinful Sunday April 2015 Prompt

Top 5 Pics of the Week

Absolutely Ruby

Circle spanking marks from belt

I had a really strong reaction to this image. I know that some of that comes from my own kink for marks but even if you don’t have that particular kink I think this image will capture your attention. The marks are striking not only for the intriguing pattern but also for their arresting colour which speaks to the manner in which they were applied. I wonder if some kink leather company will see this and make a strap based on this design. I know if they did I would find myself compelled to buy one.

Dragon’s Kink

Red wax drips down tits

Like Ruby’s image I also find this one incredibly striking. The colour of wax really pops against the white top and the tones of her skin and I love how it appears to be about to drip down onto the viewer and illusion that is created by the angle the image was taken from. Just brilliant

Maria Open’s Up

Woman with flowers between her legs

When I saw the title of this post I will admit that my mind went to the obvious place but in usual Maria style she surprised me and on this occasion made me giggle with this fabulously fun and cheeky image

Behind the Chintz Curtain

Woman in heat edited bed

I love how Jane has edited this image bathing it with neon hot colours that emphasis the erotic nature of her pose. I find my eye constantly lead into the image through her legs to the delightful silhouette of her firm nipple.

Exposing 40

naked woman with passport

If you have not read the post that goes with this image then you MUST, go now, I will wait….

This image is delicate, almost coy in it’s nature and yet with her words it packs an almighty punch. Women in the western world have so many freedoms compared to many other women throughout the globe. We might not have all the equality we desire but hopefully this post will make you stop and think for a moment and realise that compared to women in many other cultures we are in fact privileged in so many ways. Not only should we always remember that but we should never become complacent about it either.

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Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 85Sex with Rose

boobs and hot candle

Rose decided to celebrate her 100th post with candles and the result was this beautifully shot self portrait. I love the soft focus and how that works with the warm candle light to enhance the mood of this image. It makes me think of log fires, wintertime, and hot sexy warmth.




Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 203

This week was a prompt week and it was all about the Senses. Yet again, the prompt seemed to really inspire people to be creative and bold with their images making my life all that bit harder when it comes to picking just 5 to show off here.

Top 5 Pics of the Week

Gentel Clown

Clown hugging woman & wearing her hairAs someone else mentioned in the comments on this image there is a striking intimacy within this shot. The way her arms are thrown round him, her face nestled into the side of his neck and his arm across her back just looks like two people sharing a perfect moment. However it is also laced with Gentel Clowns usual touch of humour as he appears to wearing his companions hair as a wig. The combination of the two things oddly just seems to work.

Poison Pen Dirty Mind

Woman nibbling on red cherry

This was not the image Oleander stated was her official Sinful Sunday but it was in the post and it is this one that I have decided to highlight here because it is so utterly and deliciously sexy. The look in her eyes as she plays with the cherry up against her lips is, well, playful. She looks cheeky, naughty, and most of all, she knows it.

A to sub Bee

Red lips with red cherry in mouth

It seems that Cherries were popular this week. Whereas Oleander’s image is all about the look in her eyes this shot is really all about the colour and texture. The shiny bright red of her lips, puckered into that sexy O shape contrast beautiful against the darker more sultry red of the cherry that is nestled, about to be bitten, inside her mouth. This image is not shy, it is wanton, suggestive and very sexy.

Penny for your Dirty Thoughts

Penny's double exposure self portrait

A bit like Maria’s image below I found myself lost in Penny’s shot, drawn into it by its complexity and grittiness. I spent quite a while studying it, trying to pick out the various layers that I can see, make sense of them as individual images but then I realised I wasn’t meant to. This image is meant to be overload and it is that which makes it so incredibly powerful.

Maria Open’s Up

Animated gif of woman flickering her nipple

There is something utterly mesmerizing about this image. I found myself on Sunday morning sitting in front of my computer with my cup of coffee watching this addictive gif. over and over again until it was almost imprinted on my mind. I found it almost impossible to take my eye off it. It is as sexy as hell in my opinion

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Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 84Rebel’s Notes

Black ribbon tied round nipples

Rebel’s nipple looks amazing in this shot, like a ripe juicy berry waiting to be plucked. The detail is amazing and pretty nipples are always a good thing as far as I am concerned.

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