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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 209

It is my great pleasure this week to welcome a husband and wife team to the round-up this week who are both former contributors to Sinful Sunday. Over the years both of them have submitted amazing photographs to the meme and I will freely admit that I miss their photographs. They are, of course @Hubman38 and @VeronicaAsm and despite breaking the Sinful Sunday write-up rules and trying to sneak in 6 images I am still delighted to have them here on the round-up.

The Weekly Round-up

While we have given up our respective blogs, we are still active on Twitter as @Hubman38 and @VeronicaAsm.  We always enjoy the offerings of Sinful Sunday, so when Molly offered us the chance to do the weekly roundup we jumped at it.

We were well rewarded for our efforts by the roundup of sexy people showing us the full spectrum of sex and longing in all its beautiful shadows and lines.  Each photo was wonderful in its own right, and we loved the different perspectives on what was sinful.

It was hard to choose 5, but after viewing, reviewing and some good-natured debate, we were able to manage to choose.

Three lovely muses indeed, were:

Cammies on the Floor

Chopsticks as nipple clamps

The simplicity of a lovely breast in all its curvy glory, offset by the cleverness of the chopsticks made this a tasty morsel.

You Won’t Tame this Sassy Cat

Couple embracing

We loved the simple intimacy of the lovers, which was complimented by the evocative lighting, and as two people who have always been so protective of their identity we have an appreciation for those who show their whole selves in erotic photography.

Sex Blog of Sorts

Woman in underwear in suitcase

We loved the playfulness of the picture, imagining the fun that was had taking it.  We also would like the subject to feel free to pack herself up and visit us anytime.

Filth and Erotica

Man holding bundle of rope

One of our other favorites this week is a first timer, Filth and Erotica with his photo- Rope: His simple yet powerful photo will make you wonder who is the lucky recipient of the rope.

Love Hate Sex Cake

Cheeky minx in red lingerie

Our pick of the week belongs to Lovehatesexcake: Well Re(a)d. The playful title was very clever.  However the stunning picture and image that stayed in out minds for days after the initial viewing made this our favorite of the week.

We are sure that Molly won’t punish us too badly for going over the limit and giving a special shout out to newcomer Heart Shaped Lock and Key for Innocence Lost. We look forward to seeing more of you.
You can find Hubman and Veronica on Twitter @Hubman38 and @VeronicaAsm

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 90 – Sexual Adventures of a Married Woman
nipple in suction cup
This one is fabulous not only for the way it looks but for its perfect title; Cupcake Making and to be honest I think this is far more yummy than any cupcake I have actually eaten.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 208

This week it was the monthly prompt which was Soft Focus. It was a really tricky one I think, but yet again lots of people took on the challenged and did interesting, sexy things with it.

Top 5 pics of the week

Modesty Ablaze

Woman inserting butt plug soft focus

This image really works so well in soft focus. The softness somehow seems to really bring the plug into the foreground making it the focal point of the image which is then perfectly framed by Modesty’s beautiful bottom

Toy Meets Girl

Neon wand on nipple

it has been a while since we have seen Dizzygirl on Sinful Sunday but this week she returned to these pages and she returned in electrifying style. I love how the neon wand is giving off just enough light to illuminate the outline of her body and the little sparks of static jumping from the toy down onto her nipple are so clear.

Clive Journeys into Kink

head of penis poking out through bubbles in the bath

Despite Clive trying to make some wild claims about the bubbles being soft so this counted as soft focus, which it isn’t Clive and you know it, I actually really love this shot. It has a teasing and slightly coy feel to it which I really like, as if he is confessing his secret bathtime activities to us.

Maria open’s up

Woman slipping dressing gown off

Maria opted to use the vaseline smeared on the camera lens method to create her soft focus image which was brave as she was using a camera phone. The thing with this method is that tends to give your image not just a soft effect but often a slight feeling of motion too depending on which way you apply the Vaseline and that has really worked with the pose the Maria has picked. For me though the bits of this image that really attract my eye is the little curls of hair running down her back and the slip of the bra strap onto her shoulder. Those two little details really heighten the suggestiveness of this image.

The Other Livvy

Man giving woman cunnilingusEvery now and then an image appears on Sinful Sunday which makes me wonder what on earth I can possible write here on the round-up to do it justice. This image is most definitely one of those. Livvy has captured a beautifully intimate and fabulous sexy moment just perfectly. The soft focus enhances the narrative of the intimacy between her and her lover and the placement of his fingers tips somehow connects these two people in this moment even more

You can see all this week entries on Sinful Sunday Week 208

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 89Beck and her Kinks

Man wearing frilly apron and nothing else

I couldn’t resist picking this shot from Beck this week as I just adore the humour of it. It is not possible to look at this and smile. I love how her hubby is totally owning the apron only look with his puffed out chest and jaunty tilt of his chin. Hilarious.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 207

Just a quick reminder that the prompt for THIS WEEKEND is; Sinful Sunday April 2015 Prompt

It is time for another guest and this week I am welcoming Ruby Bell from Absolutely Ruby to the round-up.

Ruby Bell’s Top 5 pics of the week

I love Sinful Sunday and am so pleased to be the guest for this weeks round up and thank you to Molly for having me! Sinful Sunday is a brilliant way of getting blogs coming together and I think it’s a great way to get to know all the other dirty people with the same likes as you! As expected this was really hard picking just five pictures because there was so many sexy choices this week but I’ve managed to narrow it down to the following…

Happy Come Lucky

Labels all over naked women

Labels is typically a bit of an issue with me because I am just me and hate the idea that people are judged on one little part of their huge personality so I love how this image shows I am more than just one thing, there is more to me than you see. I’m not just ‘lesbian’ ‘straight’ ‘blonde’ ‘brunette’ ‘fat’ ‘thin’. We are all made up of so many things it’s impossible to group people together just on one label. I love all the labels scattered over Honey in this image and they really got me thinking about some more positive ways I could label myself.

Rebel’s Notes

Blood play, bleeding spanked bottom

This image gets me gooey in all the right places. Blood play is a kink of mine I don’t get to put into practice nearly enough mainly because I have to think about who else will see the marks and healing times until the next beating. The red in this picture is simply beautiful and if that was my gorgeously spanked ass I would certainly be taking many, many pictures before cleaning up and working out how I’m going to sit down comfortably for the next few days! The vampire paddle is now definitely on my wish list!

Sex Blog of Sorts

naked woman standing on balcony with snowy mountain view

Like Sex blog of Sorts I am also not a morning person at all but there are certain places where that isn’t true and I’m sure this beautiful place would have the same affect on me as it has her. This image is beautiful in so many ways, I would love it if it was just Charlie standing on her own and I would love it if it was just the scenery so to have them both is a real treat and I’ve found myself looking at this picture repeatedly this week because I just find it so relaxing and alluring.

Just Indecerous

Tied up with hitachi wand between thigh

This image really gets me so excited. There aren’t many things as thrilling as orgasm control and I love this rope harness that has been created to hold the toy just in the right place. I love the bright red rope that matches her flushed cheeks and the position in general is just perfect. The clamps really pull everything together and fully get me all squirmy. But what really makes this picture so arousing to me is the very few words that come with it and really show that sense of urgency and frustration.

Sex is my New Hobby

Thigh high ribbed socks on sexy legs

A lovely few pictures from a first timer here (welcome to Sinful Sunday!!) The middle image is both simple and gorgeous and there is something so sexy about that small amount of skin on show. I myself love some cosy socks and love that wearing long socks means you don’t have to wear as many other clothes! As you can probably tell if you’ve visited my blog I do love a black and white picture and this one is simply beautiful with the contrast of her soft skin and textured socks.

You can see all this entries on Sinful Sunday Week 207

You can find Ruby Bell on her own blog; Absolutely Ruby and on Twitter: @Absolutely_Ruby

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 88 - Beck and her Kinks

Male ass

I picked this image because of its simplicity, it is beautifully shot, with lovely detail and use of light but mainly because it is not something we often. Sinful Sunday is awash with bottoms, beautiful fabulous bottoms at that, but when it comes to male bottoms we really don’t see them nearly as often as we see their female counterparts.


Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 206

A new month is nearly here, you have one more week until it is time to share your images for April’s prompt

Top 5 pics of the Week

Charlie in the Pool

Candid shot of Chralie in the pool naked

I am fairly sure that most women, regardless of their size and shape, will be able to identify with Charlie’s words in her Sinful Sunday post this week about how she feels about her body. In an attempt to challenge those feeling she posted this truly brave and candid shot of herself. She says about it “This is me. No cropping out the bad bits. No posing or holding my stomach in. No editing. This is the real me. The lopsided boobs. The big belly covered in stretch marks. The unkempt pubic hair.” And it is all those things that make it so beautiful in my opinion, because it is truthful, bold, brave and honest.

Cammies on the Floor


What I love about this image is that the blindfold, the rope bondage and the kneeling should be a recipe for creating a narrative that conveys vulnerability and submission and although those things are there this image actually seems to exude power and strength.

Silverdrop’s Toybox

Celebrating non traditional body shapes in men

I am so happy to see these two slowly returning to their blog and to Sinful Sunday. Over a year ago Silverdom started posting images of himself calling for more men on Sinful Sunday, a cause I truly support. In this image he continues that message but, like Charlie above, he chose to challenge himself with a candid shot about which he says “Because, although I am slowly losing weight ( 2 jean sizes since September), I still have a belly. It is severely scarred from surgery and muscle loss due to post-op infection. This means it will never be flat again, however much weight I lose” in the hope that by doing so he will encourage others with non-traditionally beautiful body shapes to-do the same.

What I love about his image is not just the sentiment it was posted in but also the intimacy it shows. By including Silverdrop snuggled up next to him, with her hand disappearing between his thighs this image becomes more than just a candid view of his body but shows desire, love and passion. These things are not, despite the mass media’s tendency to make us think otherwise, the domain of the body beautiful, but for everyone.

Understanding Flutterby

Soft focus nude

This image is like chocolate, or cream, or honey or wine, whatever that decadent thing is that you can image yourself sinking your whole body into, bathing yourself in the delicious substance. This image does that for me, it draws me in and makes me want to dip myself into the shot and smear it all over me. Simple stunning photography!

Happy Come Lucky

Writing on knickers and masturbation

I have a bit of a kink for being written on. It is not something we have actually explore very much but the idea of it is certainly a big turn on to me and so when I saw Honey’s images this week they tapped straight into that part of my brain. She has taken some beautiful prose written by Malin James about that moment when orgasm hits and ‘being pretty’ is utterly forgotten and written them onto these rather innocent and delicate knickers. The result is this seriously fucking hot image, with the black pen contrasting against the white material, just as the white pretty knickers contrast against the act of womanhood and female sexual agency. This is one of the most thought-provoking and inspired images I have seen in a very long while and on top of that I truly love the collaborative nature between two bloggers.

You can all this weeks images on Sinful Sunday Week 206

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 87Frisky in the 916


There is something deliciously hedonistic about this image. It is about pleasure, raw, sexual pleasure being given and enjoyed in equal measures.

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