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Sinful Sunday Weekly Roundup 284

Usual reminder that the prompt for October is out and you have 10 days to work on your ideas.

Now for roundup 284 which is bought to you by Jack and Jill of Frisky in the 916

Jack and Jill’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Though our participation in Sinful Sunday has been sporadic the last few months owing to a number of real-life type factors, it’s always an honor to be invited to write the Weekly Roundup. The thirty-one posts this week were powerful, revealing, artistic, and of course very sexy, which made it extremely difficult for us to narrow it down to five.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly in bathtub with copper hair

Molly’s post stands out for its sheer artistry; the framing, use of light and shadow, and overall composition of the image give it a vivid feel and tone, as does the removal of all but a small bit of color. What really stood out to us, though, is Molly’s expression, and that one eye peering out at us from between her coppery locks.

Pain as Pleasure

Nude woman playing the piano

With this photo, beyond the gorgeous, spellbinding image of Elita playing Chopin, we were captivated by the many details that give the image depth: The skull mounted on the wall, the single candle atop the piano, the apparent animal hide upholstery behind her. And the shadows on the wall to her left are quite vivid.

Furtive Flirt

Flashing woman in the woods

As exhibitionists, we found Furtive Flirt’s post very appealing this week. We could strongly relate to the rush of endorphin’s she mentions, as well as the surge of sexual excitement as well. We know there are some for whom public nudity doesn’t translate to arousal; we are not those people. Additionally, the image itself is so enticing. She has such perfect curves.

Jedi Hamster

Nude of woman sitting in ruins sinful sunday

This shot is beautiful and sexy, quiet and reflective, yet also confident and of course very empowering. The courage she demonstrates here is admirable; I’m not certain either of us possess it to such an extent. Regarding the Exposing 40 post to which she links, we have the following to say: You ARE a beauty, and we are grateful that you shared this image with us.

Sex is my New Hobby

Nude woman on velvet sofa

We find this shot sultry and sexy, due in part to the use of shadow, and also to the stunning form on display. We also get a decided voyeuristic vibe off of it; it feels to us like we’ve just walked into a room and discovered Sex is My New Hobby asleep on the sofa in the altogether, and that’s definitely a scenario we find exciting.

Big thank you to Jack and Jill for their round-up this week. You can find them on their own blog Frisky in the 916 and on Twitter: Jack @JackandJillcpl and  Jill @JillandJackcpl

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 161 – Rebel’s Notes

Strawberry and sugar on rebel's nipple

Everything is delicious about this image. The succulant sweet strawberry, the scattering of sugar, the ripe nipple, all begging to be taken in your mouth and thoroughly enjoyed.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 283

The new prompt for October is out now. I can’t believe we are already into the twilight months of 2016. It seems to have zoomed by. 2017 will be an exciting year for me as in March I, along with Girl on the Net and Michael, will be bringing Eroticon to London. If you are a sex blogger, erotic writer or any other type of erotic creative then you really should check it out.

Now onto this weeks round-up and it is Cammies turn to pick her top 5

Cammies on the Floor Top 5 Pics of the Week

Last time I had Sis A to help me decide, but this time it was all on me. Experience has taught me that narrowing down is a challenge as so many images can speak to me and so many people are so creative and/or beautiful at taking photos.
As always, the body positive images are overwhelming, so thank you, Molly, for creating a space that celebrates all bodies, sexuality, and in a safe space to do so.

Frisky in the 916

Discarded high heels woman in lingerie on the bed Sinful Sunday

I love photos where the person is slightly out of focus and something else tries (but fails) to grab my attention. The discarded high heels are sexy, but the sensuality of the view of the woman on the bed, almost unaware of us as a viewer, is far more powerful and kept my gaze.

Candy Snatch

Woman in suspenders and stockings with bruised bottom

Lace, lingerie, garters, a beautiful bottom, and marks to remind of a great time are such a win for me. I like how this is an obvious selfie, yet speaks of a time with a partner and serves as a reminder. I love marks, and she wears them amazing well.

Amethyst, Undone

Red lips mouth open like a glory hole sinful sunday

The red of her lips are mesmerizing to me, and the overall editing is brilliant. It seemed surreal at first. When I clicked on “glory hole” I wasn’t expecting to see a mouth waiting, but I loved the title with this picture. Once I could tear my look away from those lips and mouth, the unfocused chain around her neck and nestling between her cleavage make this a visual delight.

Exhibit A

man sunbathing naked selfie shot sinful sunday

A naked man, rest, relaxation, sun, and grass make this such a picture I want to be a part of. I so wanted to run my hands over the body and feel the texture of his body hair, and then feel the texture of the grass alongside him. Both speak to me in a tactile sense, and anything that makes my hands yearn to feel is going to get me going.

A to sub Bee

Sub bee in red rope with legs ties to arms sinful sunday

I don’t think she was aware of the audience doing the round up, but it sometimes helps to know your audience. In this case, rope bondage will always triumph with me! But beyond that, the editing with the vibrant red rope wrapping her in such a tempting position would have gotten me as well. She looks amazing, exposed, spread, waiting. I’d hate to let a woman like that go, so she needs to be spotlighted again

Huge thank you to Cammies for this weeks round-up. You can find her on her blog Cammies on the Floor and on Twitter @cammiesonfloor

No Blast from the Past this week as I have run out of time but it will be back next week as usual.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 282

My turn this week to do the round-up. It was prompt week, the letter B was the theme and the results were magnificent but as per my own rules I have to stick to 5 so here we go…

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Holden and Camille

Man holding erect penis over womans pussy sinful sunday

I will freely admit that this image speaks directly to some of my kinks. Yes cock is one of them but a man holding grasping his hard cock like this is something that I find insanely hot. I also have a thing for being cum on and this image grants me Camille’s view of that moment. Granted it has not happened yet but I see this image and that is exactly the bit my mind fills in. Just fabulous.

Exhibit A

man laying naked on books sinful sunday

Reading is sexy. Books are sexy. I have long believed both these statements. Even if the story is not a sexy one there is still something sensual and exciting about a printed book. This image conveys that message perfectly. If there was ever a poster campaign for ‘Reading is Sexy’ then they need look no further for their photograph.

Rebel’s Notes

Two women in the woods cuddling

I have spent a long time enjoying this image. There is something very intimate and tender about the way these two are interacting that I almost feel like I am intruding on this moment. Oh and at first I missed the tail…. don’t miss the tail, it only adds to the whole outdoor ‘wild’ narrative of this beautiful shot.

Teachers Have Sex

Woman blindfolded in the shower sinfulsunday

I am fan of dark erotic images and this one totally hits the mark in that department. By shooting down she has increased the sense of isolation and vulnerability of her within the image. The light is just enough to show us the context and the shadows are just enough to hint at possibly of something sinister lurking.

The Other Livvy

Black and white low light photo of female nude sinful sunday

Livvy’s image is a tribute to the artist Joël Bloch and what a perfectly beautiful tribute it is. Low light photography is a real challenge especially if you are using a mobile phone as adjusting the ISO is (usually) not something that you can achieve. However Livvy has done a fantastic job here. Yes the image is grainy but in my opinion that adds rather than diminishes this shot.  I love how she has manged to get the light just right so that it is highlighting the bud of her nipple and the shadow is reaching round her breast almost as if the darkness if cupping her in its hand. Simple image, tough to do, brilliantly executed.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 160Ruby Goodnight

Woman wearing packer in her pants sinful sunday

I have sat here trying to find words this image and all I keep coming up with is, this is fucking hot. I feel like as a writer I should do better than that but sometimes you just have to say it is like it is. I love the words that go along with this image that explain how wearing a packer gives Em a feeling of confidence which I think this shot really shows. She looks relaxed and yet confident and that is damn sexy in my opinion.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 281

Finally last reminder for the prompt this Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing what the Letter B inspires.

Now over to this weeks guest

Elliott Henry’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I was pleasantly surprised when asked to take part in a Sinful Sunday Roundup. Until I realized, I could only pick five.  Five, are you kidding me?  As of this writing… there are 36 entrants!!!  As of late, I have been too busy to partake in erotic pursuits, such as SS, MM, WW, and that Kinky one.  So when Molly told me to get my act together and send her my picks, I logged onto Sinful Sunday and started looking.  I decided to look at just the images and try not to see who has made the post nor pay attention to the text.  So my picks are based on interesting photos that caught my eye and or the state of my cock when viewing. Of course, my own personal preferences influence my choices.  Here are my 5 in no particular order…

Happy Come Lucky

nude self portrait in bathroom mirror sinful sunday

This Circle of Wanton Desire popped right out of my computer screen.  Breasts perfectly framed and begging for attention.  I love selfies using a mirror, and this sexy image hanging in space got a rise out of me.  Now if we just had a full-length mirror…

Sexy Little Ideas

Model taking off pants on catwalk

A striking photo.  The pose and the look on the model’s face caught my attention.  I’m guessing they strip out of their briefs into something even briefer.  A clever Magic Act and perfectly framed.

A Slut’s Memoir

woman with cum all over her face

I’m sure this one got everyone’s attention… it certainly got mine.  I’m not a big fan of POV closeups like this usually unless I’m part of the process, but the gusto she shows and the pose made me immediately want to jump into that tub.  I loved the synonyms for ‘flooded’ shown and would love to have helped shower this sexy woman.


Woman with open blouse and necklace

I love this photo.  I sprang to life the moment I saw it.  My big weakness.  No, not the striped shirt or the jewelry.  The image of an unbuttoned shirt with breasts begging to be exposed was an instant turn on.  The way the photo was processed, I think, made it even sexier, and I wanted to pull that blouse apart.

Exhibit A

Woman giving man a handjob sinful sunday

My favorite thing to do.  Even better when someone is doing it for me, or we are masturbating next to each other.  I love to watch and be watched, as the couple here is definitely enjoying.  Hand jobs are awesome as proclaimed, and this one is nicely filmed with a happy ending.  I’m jealous.

A big thank you to this weeks guest for his pics. You can find him on his own blog Life of Elliot… and all that jizz and on Twitter @ElliottHenry5

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 159Cara Sutra

Woman with thigh high boots and teddy

I have so much love for this shot. The boots, the doxy, Cara’s amazing legs and of course the teddy, almost seems to be sneaking into the shot and yet it is the juxtaposition between all those things which creates a strong image.

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