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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 294

Don’t forget this Sunday is prompt weekend!

This weeks it is my pleasure to welcome the lovely Cheryl from HornyGeekgirl to the round-up

Cheryl’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

When Molly first asked me if I would be interested in doing a Sinful Sunday Round-Up I declined. Having never taken part I wasn’t sure I was ‘qualified’ to do the job. However, the more I thought about it the more I wanted to join in. I love what Molly is doing here in regards body positivity, and finding the beauty in our bodies no matter the size, shape, age, colour, or ability. I messaged Molly and asked if there were still spaces available, and she pencilled me in. I was hoping for an easy run as this is my first time but apparently, I’m not that lucky. There were 36 participants, and they were all amazing. Thank you to everyone who took part, you made it hard work but it was an honour to take part.

Before I offer up my five picks I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the beautiful tribute from Cammiesonthefloor in remembrance of her sister, A. Her gorgeous post touched my heart. They say sharing a loss makes it easier, it doesn’t but knowing other people miss them can be consoling. Beautiful tribute to a lovely lady who will be very missed.

Understanding Flutterby

Flip laying back and looking up at the camera in beautiful lingerie

I love this image. The soft focus, the curves of her breasts, the peeking padlock, the way her hair swoops overs her face obscuring one eye. There’s something very relaxing about it. The light is bright, and spills across her skin.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly naked climbing onto bed in lamp light in black and white

I argued with myself about this one, I wasn’t sure if picking Molly’s image might cause some ructions but I was drawn back to it so many times that I knew it deserved to be here. One word springs to mind every time I look at this photo, languid. Molly is posed like a big cat stretching on a sunny rock. It’s a deceptively simple, yet really stunning photo.


Nude man self portrait like a roman statue

This selection is very statuesque. The pose and lighting makes me think of those old marble statues of the gods you find in Greek museums. It caught my eye, and brought me back to look again and again.

Exposing 40

Exposing 40's breast up against naked mans chest

I like the comfort in this photo; their bodies close but relaxed. The tantalising hints of potential pleasure; her puckered nipple, and the head of his cock peeking from under his hand. I love the way his hand is resting on but not holding his cock. This photo feels like the sort of closeness I’d like to have in my life.

Mr Minx

Woman reaching out holding mans hard cock

For me this is an image of contrasts; the pink of his cock in her hand, her arm against the sheets, the sprinkle of dark hair at the bottom of the photo, the hardness of his erection and the softness of her breast. I also love the way she is reaching for him. It’s a relaxed image of wanting, that is all together sensual and sexy.

Thank you very much to Cheryl for this weeks brilliant selection. You can find her on her own blog HornyGeekGirl and on Twitter @hornygeekgirl

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 172Penny for your Dirty Thoughts

View up Pennys body of her beautiful breast

This image would have been fantastic for the ‘shoot from below’ prompt that we did not that long ago. As Penny says in her post the angle of her shot makes her breasts look ‘bigger than usual’ but wow what a fantastic angle it is to see them from. I love how there appears to be a deep dip between her breast, again I think that is a trick of the light and the angle of the shot but the whole thing is just stunning.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 293

As per usual here I am reminding you of the prompt for December. You have just over a week to get your images ready!

This week it is my delight to welcome my beautiful and talented friend Malin James to the round-up.

Malin’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

It’s a wonderful honor to be choosing the Sinful Sunday Round-up for the second time. The first time I did it I’d never participated, though I was already a great fan of the project and the people who participated every week. Choosing five the first time around was hard, but it was even more challenging this time. Not only are the images stellar in terms of quality, but, since then, I’ve been on both sides of the camera and my respect (which was already sky-high) for the people who participate has only grown as a result…which is a long way of saying that I had fantastically hard time narrowing it down to five.

You won’t Tame this Sassy Cat

grainy picture of woman with bright red lip stick

The Regrettable Kiss lives up to its title and then some. The grainy exposure takes her gorgeous red lips from what could be a sort of manufactured perfection to the perfect expression of that kind of swollen, gritty desire that you know is going to hurt, even as you run right at it. While it feels like an impulsive shot, it conveys the moment before the kiss, the moment after, and the kiss itself so powerfully that I could almost taste the bruising emotions behind it.

Oh Tom Starling

Art poster style image of man licking womans pussy

Full disclosure, I loved the photograph that inspired this image when Exhibit A and The Other Livvy posted it last year. If someone were to tell me that it would be possible to create an entirely new, equally gorgeous image from it, I’m not sure I’d have believed them, but Tom Starling did it. The rain forest around them gives the whole image an extra kick of lush, wild abandon. It’s a fascinating, sexy juxtaposition of photography and graphic art. It’s made me quite a fan.

Happy Come Lucky

hand reaching to the camera out of the darkness

Oh, this image…it grabbed my brain and wouldn’t let go. There is so much power in her hand and how it reaches into the lens, but what really got me were the stories that popped into my head as a result. Who is she reaching for? Or what? Where is she? Is she demanding? Imploring? Begging? Grabbing? Why? What’s at stake? What’s going to happen? It’s nine different stories wrapped up in one image, and a brilliant example of visual storytelling.

Teachers Have Sex

Women in black dress leaning over chair with her panties round her ankles

These two images made me smile and smile and smile. This woman clearly knows how to play both sides, and I’d wager she does both extremely well. For me, it’s all about her posture—her graceful supplication in the first one is only strengthened by the calm, shoulders-back authority of the second. If I had to show someone a visual representation of switching, it would be this. As examples go, it’s fantastically eloquent.

Exposing 40

Black and white shot of exposing 40 showing off her bare neck

I need to be up front here—I love necks. I fucking love them. That said, I tried not to let my bias railroad me. Exposing 40 is such a master of photographic technique that I honestly can’t tell you why this image feels like perfection, but it does. The swoop of her neck into her shoulder, highlighted by noir-ish lighting? Gorgeous. Beautifully balanced composition? Hell yes. Even if I didn’t fucking love necks, this would have knocked me out.

Big thank you to Malin for her fabulous round-up. You can find her on her own blog Malin James and on Twitter @MalinMJames

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 171A to sub Bee

Martini glass with red cherry in front of naked woman

I will admit to being a big fan of the images that sub Bee and her partner create together but I think this might be my all time favourite shot of theirs. It is deceptively subtle but once you realise what the background is the whole thing takes on another sexy dimension. This is really creative and skillful photography.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Roundup 292

Check out the prompt for December and get your images ready for the 4th December. I am looking forward to this one a lot

This week the round-up is in the hands of Malflic

Malflic’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

It’s truly my honor to be doing a Sinful Sunday round up for a second time. The fact that so many amazing contributions happen every week speaks to the power of this community, its positivity, commitment, and talents.  Which makes an already daunting task even harder.

You Won’t Tame this Sassy Cat

Woman pulling up tshirt with orgasm face

There is so much I fucking love about this one!  Really there is no non obscenity laden way to express how powerful the picture is.  From the way her lips are poised, the contrast of her glasses against her tussled hair and smoky eye shadow, the peek of ink on the hand that clutches at her shirt intensely, teasing us with her breasts and the other hand out of frame helping is imagine where her headspace is as she pursues her addiction…her orgasm!  Now if it was only me she was thinking of…which I can assure you she is not.  However I digress…

Holden and Camille

Looking down on couple, woman laying on a table in long socks while her partner licks her pussy

What a lucky bird to have such a view.   There is something about a picture that catches a woman in the throes of passion that always amazes me.  Something truly primal and at times wonderfully over whelming. Her soft skin and long red locks are undeniably alluring but it is also his focus on her, his focus on what can only to be assumed to be her pleasure, her release, her orgasm.   Main stream porn often focuses oral sex on the man’s pleasure, or when it does feature a woman it rarely exhibits the delicate intimacy many of us share.  The picture does that beautifully.

Exposing 40

Nude silhouette of women looking out of window

Just last week I found myself in a conversation about the allure of a woman’s hips. The view presented here is one that could easily be admired for hours, assuming of course you weren’t tempted into other things by it. Admittedly I love what Exposing 40 does and this image to me captures the essence of a woman’s form, sensuality and appeal. The lovely curve of her hips, the position of her legs, somehow both demure and erotic at the same time. And I’m almost as big of a sucker for sepia tones and B&W pictures as a beautiful woman.

Rebel’s Notes

Nude female bottom with red handprint spank marks

I have always been a fan of a red or pink bottom and Rebel’s with hand prints on it was sure to catch the fancy of every spanking top who saw it. There is in those glowing hand prints so much. There is of course pain, both instant and residual, there is intent. Bottoms often do not mark easily and with that intensity. There is submission, in it being bared, in her positioning while being marked and undoubtedly as is often the case there is lust and arousal.  A hand print or two on a sexy ass really can say so much.

Eugene Noale

Man with vasectomy bandage on his testicles

And finally for the male form something I admire but often struggle with sharing myself.  The picture has a raw grittiness to it.   Maybe it’s deeply erotic, but maybe is also an honest representation of the male form when not in a frenzied erotic state that made this one stand out.   In fact that’s the case.

In many ways I could identify with the pictures, the stubble of his pubes, the texture of his testicles, that damn hair or two on them that never gets shaved all the way off.  A lot is said, in media, advertising and popular culture about the pressure women feel to conform to a certain body type, image, behavior etc.   And places like Sinful Sunday do an amazing job at presenting the wonderful reality of who we, celebrating the differences and the beauty of each.  Eugene does performs that very magic in his submission this week.

A few final words…
In looking back over my choices, and there were many more that I would have loved to have added. As well the realization that most of them came from a deeply carnal place (for me).  That too is the beauty of all of this, sometimes it is art, appreciation of the human form, of things that others share, that challenge us, and sometimes it is about sex, lust, fantasy, and desire.

Big thank you to Malflic for this weeks fabulous round up. You can find him on his blog Malflic and on Twitter @malflic

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 170Penny for your Dirty Thought

Penny in glasses with bright red lipstick looking into the camera surrounded by a background of sex toys

This image is from a series that Penny took for her bio page on her site. In the end she decided to use on of the others images but I have picked this one for my blast from the past this week just because it is so perfectly Penny; Fun, playful, sexy and creative. Her eyes are so clear and bright in this and I love how the splash of red lipstick matches the background. As ever, great photography from a great photographer.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 290

One final reminder this Sunday is prompt weekend.

This weeks guest is the blogger formally known as Curvaceous Dee. I really miss her blog, not just her Sinful Sunday pictures but all of it. Her blog was one of the first places I used to go and read when I initially started blogging way back when. Her work was always thoughtful, though provoking and honest. She also always showed the sheer joy and happiness she experienced in her sex life. I miss seeing her beautiful happy face on Sinful Sunday.

Curvy Dee’s Top 5 Pics of the Week.

It’s a real pleasure to be doing the round-up for Sinful Sunday again! While it’s been over a year since I participated (or, indeed, blogged – I miss it immensely) I’ve still made a point of checking out the postings every week. And *fans self* there’s always some incredible hotness to be seen. You sinful bunch, you 🙂

This week is no exception, and whittling my choices down to five was nearly impossible. I had to keep going back and looking – again, and again, and again.

But here we are, in no particular order:

Teachers Have Sex

Woman with bloody hand print on her breast blowing out candle

I’ve been thinking about blood play a lot this week, and this image from Jo really hits those buttons for me. Plus it’s delightfully spooky to boot!

The Life of Elliot… and all that Jizz

Man masturbating in front of porn on a computer screen

I have to say, I’m rather partial to all the practice Elliott is doing. It’s very sexy – and practice does make perfect, in the end 🙂

Annie Savoy

Woman laying naked on bed with her back to the camera

I kept coming back to this photo from Annie. It’s so simple, and yet perfectly composed. And there’s bonus nipple, as well as delicious arse!

Sexual Adventures of a Married Woman

reflection of nude man with erect penis

*cough* Yes, I do have a thing for cock, don’t I? I also have a thing for reflective photos – so this picture of YSL is right up my alley. Yum yum yum. I’m so very glad this was shared with us all.

F Dot Leonora

Woman in fishnet stockings with sunshining on her leg

This is one of those photographs that I can envision hanging in an art gallery. There’s so much suggested – and just enough seen to be able to appreciate what F Dot Leonora has going on!

Big thank you to Dee for the round up this week. I will continue to live in hope that one day she can tempted back to the blogging world. In the meantime you can find her on Twitter @curvy_dee

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 167Understanding Flutterby

woman with clothes pegs on her stomach

What an exquisite line of torture this is. I love the way the pegs create dark dents in her soft flesh and how they lead down towards the little dark patch of pubic hair.


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