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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 197

Please take a moment to check out the February prompt as you have just over a week to work on your ideas. I am aware that it is challenge but I am confident that it will inspire you all.

Top 5 pics of the week

Maria Open’s Up

vintage stockings and pearls on mirror with nude woman

This is one of those image where you have to let your eyes adjust because at first glance it is tricky to see the detail but as you study it more and more things start to reveal themselves. The whole image is softened by the delicate vintage stockings that are hung over the mirror acting almost like a veil masking the modern woman who is reflected in the mirror behind them. Another beautifully thoughtful and thought-provoking shot from Maria.

The Shingle Beach

Topless woman holding super hero mugI love this image, it is very simple but beautifully done. The slight graininess gives it a gritty, raw quality that is mirrored by her fingers which appear to be gripping her ‘superhero’ tight and the placement of her arms and the straight lines of the mug work perfectly to accentuate the narrowing of her waist.

You won’t tame this Sassy Cat

Woman dressed in 1970's disco outfit

Just because she looks like the most amazing 1970’s disco diva ever! Just wow!

Kink and Poly

Love heart drawn in the sand

I really struggled to pick an image from the selection that Jade posted on Sunday as quite frankly I loved them all. They are from a recent holiday that Jade took with her 2 partners W and Ad and together they make up a series that show the joy, happiness and fun these people share. Which is really why I ended up picking this simple final image in the series as it sums up that message perfectly.

Rebel’s Notes

blue bow tied in pubic hair

This is adorable, sexy and fun. The light seems to reflect of both the blue bow and the pale hairs in Rebel’s pubes make them almost glisten and I love that Rebel is celebrating her pubes in this way.

You can see all this weeks entries on Week 197

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 78Sex With Rose

Woman doing breast examWeek 78 was a competition week and the theme was Positively Pink to support the message of breast Cancer Awareness. Rose posted a series of images but this one for me just seems to stand out (excuse the pun) as despite it’s serious message it also has a really erotic feel to it. I love the way the shadows seem outline the structure of her breast and the hand, whilst being firm and exploratory remains sensual.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 196

It is time to welcome my first Sinful Sunday guest of 2015 and this week I am delighted to hand over this space to the lovely Stella Kiink but before we hear from her please can I draw your attention to the February Prompt

Stella Kiink’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Each week we get to peek into the lives of our fellow bloggers through the images they share for Sinful Sunday. Sometimes we laugh with them, or cry with them. Sometimes we applaud their bravery or question what exactly is happening or where that extra hand came from. Always we appreciate the vulnerability of putting yourself out there, of showing us a little more than you may realize.

When the opportunity came up to do a round-up I had to say yes. And even though the yes was strong and immediate, behind it there was nervousness. How could I possibly pick just five from the list of always fantastic photos when I can barely decide what I want for breakfast most mornings? I did it though and I hope you like my choices as much as I do. For the record, I have not chosen a single top photo. All are winners and I’ve listed my choice of five in the order I viewed them.

Maria Open’s Up

Woman naked in winter hat and scarf

The blank space along with the black & white really emphasizes the coldness. It is often difficult to hold back, to not unnecessarily crowd the focus of a picture. As a counter measure we tend to zoom in and make the focus the centre or the picture. This picture shows us just how wonderful blank space can be. Besides, the scarf and positioning of her hat made me laugh. I want to run in and snuggle her.

Dragon’s Kink

Woman kneeling with head on ground

Kazi has given us such a stunning picture. To be honest I was quite surprised. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kazi’s pictures but she is the queen of the macro shot and they are often much more playful than serious. Here we see her softness, and it is absolutely beautiful. I love the play of light and shadow, the soft focus, and the little bit of colour on her nails that pops in contrast to her bright skin and grey background.

Understanding FlutterbyWoman covered in whip marks weltsI couldn’t stop looking at this picture. It tells a very interesting story. Right away we see the marks. The contrast of their brightness against her beautifully pale skin is striking. Next we see the peace in her position and the beauty of her submission. Then we realize the strength, her strength, in her choice of implement and tingle at the thought of it connecting. Finally we see the crop, used and laying across her back. It suggests she has had enough marks today but lays there as a reminder that there will be more.

Cammies on the Floor

Woman tied to cross with mans hand on her throat

I kept coming back to this picture time and again. I love a big strong man but what really makes this one for me is her. She is small beneath him, blindfolded and tied to a cross, but she still has what appears to be a look of defiance on her face. Completely open and vulnerable she purses her lips and turns her head as if to say “You don’t own me.” His hand on her throat and the way he leans in saying “Mine” suggests otherwise.

Gentel Clown

man playing roleplay dice game with hard cock

His pictures always make me smile and this one is no exception. There’s more to it than just the smile though. Aside from the sense of humour that shines through there is also a casualness that makes it appear as though what he is doing is a completely natural and everyday occurrence. The state of his erection makes me want to join in his game.

You can find Stella on her blog Stella Kiink and on Twitter @StellaKiink

All these weeks entries can be found on Sinful Sunday Week 196

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 77 – Beck and her Kinks

Woman licking scar on back of mans neckThere is something amazingly intimate and sensual about this shot. I find the idea of what is being shown here amazingly erotic. This is about loving another persons body with all their imperfections and scars which make them the person you love. That is quite a wonderful thing in my opinion


Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 195

What I love about the monthly prompts is how they elicit such a wide variety of responses in people. It is truly fascinating to see how a single word, in this case ‘New’ triggers peoples thoughts and interruptions in such a varied way. We had posts about new things, new experiences, New Year thoughts and resolutions to name just a few.

The prompt for next month will be up in next week or so. I already know what it is going to be and I think it will be a real challenge but hopefully one that will inspire you all.

Top 5 Pics of the Week.

Curvaceous Dee

3 lovers having pos sex cuddles

This image of hot sweaty bodies all tangled up together in a post sex bundle shows, exactly as Dee wrote in her post, wonderful passionate loving intimacy. For me those tender simple moments shared with lover(s) can, at times, be more precious than the sex and this shot captures that sentiment perfectly

A to sub Bee

Woman in carboard moving box

A new year means a new home for Sub-Bee which means packing up the old one ready for moving and it would seem that it is not just house hold items that are getting boxed up either. I love the simplicity of this shot which seems to emphasis the slight vulnerability of Bee in the box but it is also has a wonderfully cheeky and humorous feel to it.

Cammies on the Floor

Man suspended in rope bondage and being whipped

Action shots can be really hard to get right, too much blur and you risk losing what is actually happening, no movement and it looks staged but here Cammies seem to have got it absolutely spot on. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a totally, in the moment, image and what a moment. Powerful, gritty, truthful and incredibly hot.

Maria Open’s Up

Woman suck cock looking up into camera

A bit like Charlie In the Pool’s image last week I am including this one not only because it is a fabulously graphic sexy shot but also because it represents a personal journey of discover for Maria relating to her body, sex and relationships, something that Sinful Sunday has played a small but significant part in. Please do go and read her post if you have not already done so as it is wonderfully honest and inspiring.

Gentel Clown

Man juggling while woman cups his balls

I adore this image, every single time I look at it i find myself giggling. It is playful, cheeky and so very fun and all that, in my opinion are wonderful qualities to bring to sex. I love the movement of his arms as he juggles and her hand cupping his balls is just priceless. Yes sex can be serious but often times it those moments when you dissolve into fits of giggles that are the best and this image just captures such a moment perfectly

You can see all this weeks entries on Sinful Sunday Week 195

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 76Red Region Inferno

Red Region Inferno on Sinful SundayAlthough the focus here is definitely photography and I would be unhappy for that to change it is nice to see the odd other forms of visual art now and then and this is probably one of my favourite ones that have been linked in. I included in it the round-up at the time but at bringing it back to life here again because for no other than reason than I adore it. I would happily hang this on my wall, I think it is creative, beautifully observed and seriously hot.




Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 194

Don’t forget that this coming weekend it is not only the first Sinful Sunday of 2015 but it is also time to show off your monthly prompt image

In the meantime it is up to me this week for the round-up so here goes….

Top 5 pics of the week

Rebel’s Notes

RebelI adore this image. It really is such a great piece of photography. I love how the lighting makes this look like a nighttime winter scene and the placement of the toys is perfect as they look like they are surveying the mess in front of them and pondering how they can are going to clear it all up. Brilliant!

Lil Miss Shalla

Woman laying naked on bed

I really love this portrait of Shalla. It is such a beautifully sensual image. The angle of the shot creates the perfect leading line for the eye, pulling you in along her leg, up across her stomach to her full round breast that is framed in the distance by her long red hair. You can’t truly appreciate the focus point in this image at this small size so I really do encourage you to click on it and go and see it on Shalla’s blog where you can enlarge it and see that the sharp focus point is just at the underside of her breast, creating the impression that your eye has done exactly that journey and finally alighted in the sweet spot. Very clever

Cammies on the Floor

Couple in rope bindage suspension

This photograph is quite frankly amazing. It is one of those images that I found myself really studying as my eyes wandered through the various layers and patterns that are created by the network of rope and lights encasing the two lovers in this intimate pose but what really struck me about them is that despite them both being bound and suspended together they still reached out for one another and held hands. For me there is something wonderfully tender and loving in that very simple gesture.

Charlie in the Pool

Silhouette of female breast andnipple on wall

I have picked this image for 2 reasons. Firstly and most importantly of all because it is beautiful. I love the use of light in this shot, overexposing her breast and whitening out most of the detail, as a result throwing a strong well defined shadow onto the wall behind her. However I also urge you to go and read her post that goes along with this image, as she explains why she started joining in with Sinful Sunday and what it is done for her in her personal journey to explore, accept and ultimately love her own body.

A to sub Bee

Pinwheel pressing into breast

This picture makes my skin prickle with joyful anticipation and if I sit for a moment and imagine what that must feel like, pressing into the flesh of her boobs I can actually feel my own nipples start to tighten at just the thought of it. I love the way it depresses her skin giving the impression that the needles have disappeared into her but also acting as a pressure point and pushing her delicate pink nipple out toward the camera. Great photography capturing a truly hot moment.

You can find all this weeks entries on Sinful Sunday Week 194

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 75 - Whole Sex Life

My Whole Sex Life on Sinful SundayThis is Evoe’s Mother-in-Law and back when this was included in Week 75 I put it in the round-up then but when I was looking through to select an image for the Blast from the Past this one just jumped out of at me because it is so very rare to see a mature woman portrayed in such a beautiful way, as a sensual sexual being. We need more of this in our world in my opinion

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