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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 157

17th April 2014

The monthly prompt for May has now been published. Make sure you read the post; Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt 6, and have your images ready for 4th May 2014.

New feature on the round-up

Since Sinful Sunday site has been redesigned I have been working back through the posts to check all the links still work. As a result I have been reminded of some of the great stuff that has been linked in over the last few years and rather than it getting lost in the constant additional content I thought it would be nice to highlight some of it. So from this week onwards I am going to be including a ‘blast from the past’ section in the weekly round-up starting with the first post here on this site, which was week 40 (previous to that they had all been hosted on my main blog) and gradually working forwards from there. I am going to try to pick an image that has not already been picked for a round-up previously but it might be that sometimes something is just too good to not show off again.

For those of you that have migrated your blogs and therefore your urls have changed. I shall attempt to track down the right ones but I have noticed that some of you do not have a search function on your site which does make it a lot harder for me, and other readers, to find a particular post.

This weeks round-up

Gritty Woman

Man pulling leather belt through trouser loopsAs Gritty Woman says so perfectly in this post that moment ‘when the only sound heard is the leather sliding slowly through the loops of his jeans…’ and this image captures the essence of that moment so perfectly. There is also something about the harsh denim fabric and the little hint of bare skin, showing that he is already shirtless, that just seems to heat this shot up even more.

Teal Valentine

Female stomach with belly button piercingThis is so beautiful. I love how the shadow creates the dark outline of her body, showing of the glorious curve from her narrow waist down into her hip and the slight sparkle to the belly button piercing continually draws your eye in across her tummy. Despite it appearing to be a very simple image there is actually a lot to keep the eye busy in this shot.

That Position

fishnet body stocking over breasts and stomach

This is another image that shows of the beautiful sensual curves of the female form. Monika looks absolutely stunning in this fishnet outfit and I love the angle of this picture. It shows off the full swell of her stunning breasts and the tapered curve of her waist but there is something about the crisscross pattern of the outfit across her nipple that I just keep coming back to.


Rope bondage around thighs and bottom

I want to fall into this image. There is something about the rope in this shot that I find utterly mesmerizing. It hugs her bottom in such a way as to almost create a heart shaped outline and then the way it disappears between her thighs in such a tantalizing manner that  I find it heard to drag my eye away from. My only sadness is was can’t see the front because I would love to see this rope tie from the front and then maybe I could ask someone nicely to do it on me.

Frisky in the 916

Man showing of his bulge in his underpants

Although Jack states in his piece that he ‘looks pretty good’ and likes the way these boxer briefs show off his shape I am not convinced that he truly realizes just how damn sexy he looks in this selfie. Yes it is not a technically good photograph but quite frankly that is part of why it is so good because you know that it is was taken in the moment. We are getting to see Jack exactly as he is and what that is, is sexy as hell.

Blast From The Past (Sinful Sunday Week 40)Geeky Nymph

woman shaking bumOur first blast from the past image is this brilliantly image from Geeky Nymph. I love the movement in this photo. I have visions of her wiggling her beautiful behind at the camera in order to get this shot. It is both fun and sexy, making you giggle but also want to reach out and give her bottom a little pat at the same time.

You can find all the entries from this week on Sinful Sunday Week 157





Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 156 – Comp Results

10th April 2014

I really wasn’t sure about my idea for this competition as it involved some quite specific editing but, as per usual, you lot were more than capable of taking on the challenge and creating amazing images and yet again giving the judging panel a tough job when it comes to picking the winners but with the help of @harpereliot we present our top 6 pics.

6th Place – Understanding Flutterby

erotic Triptych

We felt that this image was a wonderful combination of sensual and erotic. The images are beautifully shot, all with the same lighting and post editing that create a triptych with a wonderful timeless feel to it whilst still maintaining the focus on the shoes.

5th Place -Lilmissshalla

Erotic self portrait triptych

We really liked the collage effect used in this one, combining two different art forms; drawing and photography to create one image. Shalla’s drawing is so much fun and the photographs work to give us naughty little peeks to what she is hiding beneath her coat.

4th Place - The Joy of Kink


This one truly tells a story of a moment. We loved how all 3 images were shot from slightly different depth creating visual interest but yet still working together as a 3 and the editing of them to achieve the effect of the two swords crossing over into the central image was truly brilliant work and as with so many their images they also show a strong sense of fun and happiness.

3rd Place – Behind the Chintz Curtain

religious triptych with an erotic twist

Erotic, powerful and beautifully shot, these images from Chintz take the religious connotations of a triptych image and twist them delightfully into something raw, gritty and sexual. I really recommend that you go and visit Jane’s post and click on the images to get the full size effect.

2nd Place – Gritty Woman

cock and ball torture triptych

Again, another Triptych that truly delivered with regards to bringing 3 images together into one that tell a story. They are all beautifully shot and the gradual reduction in the depth of focus works perfectly to finally reveal the completion to the story and what happens to bad boys in Gritty Woman’s house. Oh and all the judges also loved the inspired title given to this image.

1st Place – A to sub Bee

sextoy hybrind triptych

When we started working our through all the images and discussing our favourites it was clear from very early on that this one was definitely going to be in the top 6 and once we finally settled on a top 6 we could agree on when it was time for us all to pick our number one all 3 judges went for this. We loved the simplicity of it, the way it is was shot in an almost stark over contrasted manner which really shows of the details of the toys and how they are perfectly lined up and photographed with exactly the same depth of focus resulting in them coming together perfectly to create what appears to be one funky crossbreed sextoy!


If you are featured on the list above then you will need to email me; to let me know where to send your prize and so I can send you your winners badge to display on your blog if you so wish.

Please please do click on the links and go and see them all, they really are an outstanding collection as is the full list of entries that you can find onSinful Sunday Week 156

Also a big shout out to my amazing prize sponsors; AngelsSexToys, That Position, A Touch of Glass and  Tie and Tease. Please do go and check out their sites, without their support and generous donations there would be no prizes for these competitions.

And finally a big thank you to my guest judges, Domsigns and Miss Harpereliot who happily spent some of their Monday morning helping me to compile this final list.







Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 155

Just a very quick reminder before I hand over to Rose that THIS Sunday is competition week and you will need to read the post about the prompt careful to make sure your image is in with a chance of winning!


Sex With Rose

Being asked by Molly to do a Sinful Sunday write up I was quite honored to do so and of course I couldn’t say anything but yes. Looking at all the pictures I could finally imagine what a task Molly has every week and so much more respect for it. I know it sounds cheesy but it is harder than it looks and I had a tough time just picking 5. Especially when you’re already down to 6 that last one can be tricky. It most certainly was fun to and who can ever complain about having to look at sexy, pretty pictures?

Being Blacksilk

View up mans body while he gets a BJ

I absolutely adore this one and no not just because of the geekery. Well okay the geekery is definitely part of it because I am a big fan of boardgames and Dominion certainly is one of them. And I can never play or think of Dominion again without thinking of this wonderful picture. Yes thanks…  Needless to say I love a geeky man and I sure hope boardgames and sex themes will catch on!

Kinky Biker Mom

Self portrait reflection in butt plug

I’m such a sucker for shiny things, I could just not leave this one out. I love the reflections and the hint of the fluffy tail you can see. Everyone loves some tail? Oh wait that came.. ah who am I kidding. Yes everyone loves tails!

Happy Come Lucky

Nipple with with string on

Reading the text along with this picture I so need reminders like this. Because I forget things all the time. I love the simplicity of the image and that there is not other distractions. How can you not but love this image? I just kept staring at her nipple because they are awesome!

Behind The Chintz Curtain

Strong male arms around woman

The words written along with this one almost were not needed because of course an image says so much more than words. Being away from my loved one I so can see the love and appeal from just being in someones arms. It is such a loving picture and you see his hand on her head, not letting go anytime soon.

Cammies on the Floor

Vintage erotic photography
I love the look and feel of this picture. I love most vintage things and this has a gorgeous vintage look and feel to it. Of course you can’t miss the pretty shoes up in the air and your eye is immediately drawn down, following the body all the way to the rose in the hair. It all fits together perfectly in the picture.

You can find Rose on her own blog; Sex With Rose and on Twitter @sexwithrose


Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 154

27th March 2014

*Reminder* 6th April 2014 will be competition time on Sinful Sunday. You can find all the details about the theme and rules on the competition post; Sinful Sunday Triptych Competition

Next weeks round-up will be bought to us by the lovely Sex With Rose until then you are stuck with me…

Understanding Flutterby

Soft focus self portrait of nude woman

I absolutely love the soft dreamy feel to this beautiful portrait of Flip. The editing has resulted in an image that could almost be a painting or a vintage piece of erotica from a bygone era. The tones are gentle but full of warmth that gives this image a very sensual and delicate vibe.

Sex with Rose

Female dom pulling male subs hair

At first glance this image looks to be a slightly off, although Rose appears to be the focus the surroundings feel a little distracting, but that is why this shot is actually rather brilliant because as you start to really look into this image it is those surroundings, or in fact the objects in them that offer a glimpse of a very intriguing scene. However for me, the real heat in this image is Rose’s possessive grip in her gentleman companion’s hair.

Frisky in the 916

Couple having anal sex

This is such a powerful image. It is raw, intimate, graphic and beautifully done. If you have not read the words that go along with it please do, as they help to place this image, and more specifically anal sex, within the context of Jack and Jill’s relationship. This photo is, and I know am I not alone in thinking this having read all the comments that have been left on their site, seriously fucking hot.

Exhibit A

Man naked in the woods

I have absolutely no idea how EA managed to get this shot. Did he rent a drone for the day, climb a very tall tree and rig his camera up then shimmy back down and pray the remote trigger worked or did he manage to convince a companion to do the climbing which he frolicked through the woodland in his birthday suit? I would love to know the answer but quite frankly however he managed it doesn’t really matter, all that does is that he got one seriously amazing image out of it.

Behind the Chintz Curtain

Peachy bum

I think this image is utterly inspired. I have, upon occasion, had my arse referred to as peachy, but they were wrong, because THIS is the definition of a peachy bum in my opinion and this shot of it is brilliantly done. The colours are perfect, the reds and oranges work so well together. The red of the panties seems to bring out the slight blush red to the peach and the orange of the peach seems to bring out a slight orangeness in the panties. As for the shape, well I want to sink my teeth in to….. both of them!

You can all the entries from this week on Sinful Sunday Week 154


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