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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 191

I had a feeling this months prompt would inspire a feast for the eyes and I was not wrong which made my job of picking just 5 images even harder than usual. I had a short list of 9 and dropping 4 out was really tough but rules are rules and so I finally settled for this selection of wonderfulness

Top 5 pic of the week

Rebel’s Notes

Woman with red tomatoes on her pussy

I love the symmetry of this image which is created by her hands, the beautiful shape of her hips and the v at the top of her thigh. The only thing which really breaks it is the dramatic artwork of her tattoo. The colour splash effect is done really well here with the complimentary shades of red really popping out of the image and working to both compliment and oddly contrast with the rest of the symmetry

Gritty Woman

Woman with face mask

The angle which Gritty Woman has chosen for this is, in my opinion, what makes it work. By looking up into the camera it has made her eyes a really strong focus within the image, pulling our gaze right into them and despite the tease of the view down her body in the background you just can’t help but linger in those eyes.

Curvaceous Dee

View down Curvaceous Dees naked body on the beach

And again, by looking up into the shot it pulls the eyes open wide, giving the illusion of them being bigger than they really are and making them the point to which the viewers eyes are immediately drawn. Dee has combined her shot with some clever colour selection that bring out the blush pink of her lips and the beautiful green of her eyes all set against the long view down her stunningly curvaceous body.

The Sin Doll

Abstract portrait of The Sin Doll

The moment I saw Sin Doll’s image I was enthralled, and I knew it would be one of my top 5 this week. There is something so dramatic about it. The selective use of colours gives it a slightly abstract surreal feel especially with the lilac of the flowers being mirrored in her nipples, like one is infusing the other and for me the blue works like the blue of the sky suggesting that she is trapped between a world of colour and the darker lands of black and white.

Understanding Flutterby

Red nails with corset, tulle skirt and peak of pussy

The use of colour in this image is incredibly subtle but it fits absolutely perfectly within this image. The outfit, the lighting, the pose all contribute towards the vintage feel to this shot and the red of the nails create a flash of drama which works as an instant eye catcher when you first look at this image. However the placement of the hand also seems to work as an invitation to ones eye, guiding it downwards to the tantalising little flash of her thigh and the revelation of her lack of panties. This image might, as Flip tells us in her post, been captured almost by accident but for me it is truly an erotic piece of work.

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Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 72 - Girl, Uninterrupted

Woman in red lights One of the other images from this series posted by Girl, Uniterrupted was included in the original round-up but when I was looking though all the posts from Week 72 it was this post that just kept calling me back. The lighting in this image is suggestive of the ‘red light district’ and yet her pose feels slightly at odds with that narrative as she appears coy and bashful and maybe not as at home in the ‘red light’ as her outfit implies she should be. This is a shot filled with contrasts.


Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 190

Don’t forget that 7th December (TOMORROW) is the Sunday for your monthly prompt images…. All the details of the prompt can be found on Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt 11.

After a few weeks of guests picking their top pics of the week it is back to being my turn. It has been so nice to have such a variety of different voices here that from now on I am going to try to have 2 guests round-ups per month and so if you are interested in writing a round-up, regardless of whether you are a contributor or a consumer then please do get in touch.

My Top 5 Pics of the Week

The Sin Doll

woman laying naked in the bush

I think this image has the perfect title; Wild One, because it really has such a wonderfully wild abandoned feel. The Sin Doll looks like she has been ravaged and left, discarded by her predator, amongst the twisted coarse undergrowth for us to stumble upon. As you all probably know I am a huge fan of outdoor nude photography and this shot is just so brilliant as it uses the contrast between the human form and the natural environment to tell a story.

Modesty Ablaze

2 women sharing a cock

I friggin love the way Modesty is looking at her companion in this image as they share in the delights of cock and the way the other lady appears to be totally lost in the joys of said cock.  The blur of her companion shows that is truly an action, in the moment, shot. It could easily be a still from a video and we are being given a tantalizingly HOT teaser of everything that passed between these three.

Deviantt Kitten

Cock poking out of frilly panties

For me this image is about the placement of that sparkly pink bow which just appears to presenting his cock as a gift to us. Also the way we just see the head poking out from its frilly surroundings gives it a wonderfully cheeky feel which makes me think that lots of giggling took place when this image was created.

Behind the Chintz Curtain

Flat cheated woman with polka dot bra

Jane says in her words about this image ‘if you haven’t got it flaunt it’ but I totally dispute that she ‘has not got it’ and I think this image supports my view perfectly. I think boobs are a bit like curly or straight hair, those of us with straight hair have always had a desire to have a head-full of unruly curls and those of us with the curls would love to have a sheen of straight hair. Likewise boobs, those who are blessed with full busts of heaving cleavage would happily swap for something smaller and those with just a hint of boob would love to have the opportunity for a heaving bosom. If only we could all swap around but we can’t and so learning to love what you are is the key and I think Jane’s image shows how she has done exactly this.

Maria Opens Up

Woman in barn with sunlight on her boobsQuite often the images that people post on Sinful Sunday inspire me to try my own version but every now and then there is an image that I wish I had actually taken and this is one of those. The view along the wood to Maria basking in the rays of sunlight as they burst through the windows onto her beautiful pale flesh is just exquisite.  This is an image that I would be very proud of if I had taken it and so I hope Maria feels the same about it as it is quite simply beautiful.

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Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 71Whole Sex life

1920's female aviator in underwear

Despite the fact that another of Evoe’s images from this series was in the original round-up from week 71 this one also deserves to be revisited because, well I don’t think you need me to tell you that, it is utterly fabulous. The location, the outfit, her pose, all combined with that adorable cheeky grin at the camera makes for an utterly perfect piece of photography.



Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 189

Don’t forget that 7th December (NEXT SUNDAY) is the Sunday for your monthly prompt images…. All the details of the prompt can be found on Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt 11.

It has been so lovely to have so many guests here on the round-up over the last few weeks and things continue this week with yet another of our regular contributors jumping in to give us their top 5 images of the week and this time it is Flip from Understanding Flutterby, a woman who’s self portrait images continue to enthrall and delight.

Flips’ Top 5 Pics of the Week

There is something truly wonderful about having a haven where we can simply be ourselves, where we fear neither judgement nor censure according to what we share, where we can express our desires without the need to further explain. For me, this is why Sinful Sunday works so well, the core of it’s success if you will. Each week people share some of the most intimate moments of their lives, be it a full on ‘Yeah I like to fuck, so what?’ kind of image, or something less obvious….a hint of nipple here, or a flash of cock there.

We see strength, vulnerability, we see images which inspire emotion, and those which cause us to stop for a moment and reflect. I’m always intrigued by the motivation behind an image, as through our photos we tell our stories….that, for me, is what keeps me coming back week after week. Here we can be whomever we want to be, we can show as much or as little of ourselves as we are comfortable to do, knowing others will get it, they’ll understand. We can be as debauched as we like without eyebrows being raised, we can be as innocent as we like without feeling like we’re not doing it right.
Thanks to Molly for allowing me the opportunity to do the round up, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and would happily do again in-spite of thinking how the fuck am I supposed to choose just 5!?
The Porn Clerk Chronicles
Man wearing frilly blue panties
This image is just fucking perfect….the cock encased in lace looks so enticing poking out from underneath there, it’s a perfect meeting of the masculine and feminine which is always so intriguing. The story behind the image had me smiling, but I have to be honest, it was that damn cap that swung it for me. ‘Yeah I’m in panties, but I’m all man, motherfuckers and don’t you dare forget it’ *giggles*. An absolutely wonderful image which, when I first saw it, I’d already decided had to have a place in my Top 5.
Love Hate Sex Cake
Woman laying in shadows on bed in stockings
This is a truly stunning shot, it screams femininity and unashamed sensuality. The shape her body makes is exquisite, inviting exploration. What struck me the most though was the holding of the blindfold over the eyes. That, for me, is where the intrinsic power of this photo lies. Sensory deprivation is an amazing thing….take away sight and the body feels so much more. It certainly sparked my imagination, wondering what delights lie in store for Minx as she waits for her sin to appear.

Charlie in the Pool
Naked breasts showing under bed covers
I chose this image not just because of the quite frankly fucking awesome boobage, but really because of empathy. I get it, I completely understand. When I’m having a low day I too chose to take to my bed, shut the world out and just be for a while. It’s a warm, safe, comforting place, a retreat if you will where mind and body can rest. Of course it’s even better if you have someone with whom to share that space, there’s nothing quite like lying in the arms of another …. I hope Charlie finds her ‘other’ very soon so she no longer has to retreat alone.

Deviantt Kitten

Bruises…..holy fuck the bruises. They are just! I see them and I wonder what went before, did she scream as they were made, or did she quietly accept the marking of her skin? Did she invite this blooming onto her pale flesh, or was this predestined to occur, was punishment the reason for their delivery? Whatever the reason for their appearance, they are beautiful…..and now I want some of my own.

Kink etc…
Prostitute in New Orleans, Quater Rat

My top image, by a long way I must admit, haunted me from the moment I saw it. Without even reading the back-story I was mesmerised. We have all, at some point in our lives, pondered the imponderable ‘what if’, we have all spent time in reflection channeling regret. This image of Lori is beautiful not because of how it’s lit, or how she looks, or because of any other criteria by which we define our own perception of pleasing aesthetics. It’s beautiful because she is sharing herself with us in an incredibly intimate and honest way…..this is me, this here is who I am. The beauty lies in Lori’s raw vulnerability, and the fact she trusts us enough to show us this side of herself. This is an image which will stay with me for a very long time.

You can find Flip on her own blog; Understanding Flutterby and on Twitter; @FlutterbyFlip

You can find all this weeks entries on Sinful Sunday Week 189

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 70Ouizzi

Womans legs in the dark shadows
I think this is such a provocative image, it is dark, sensual and very erotic. This is an image where you have to linger, let your eyes adjust to the darkness, really look into those shadows and you will be rewarded with a glimmer of a suggestion which will make you wish you could reach for a torch and delve into the darkness for more.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 188

The new monthly prompt is now out. I am excited about this one as I think it has real potential to inspire people to indulge in some creative editing. You can find all the details on Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt 11.

In the meantime it gives me truly great pleasure to welcome yet another guest to these pages and this week it is the fabulous blogger and erotic writer, Malin James. While not a contributor to Sinful Sunday herself I knew she was a big fan of the meme and so I invited her to come a dip her pen in the sexy imagery of Sinful Sunday and I have to say her write-up is a true delight. Enjoy!

Malin’s Top 5 pics of the week

When Molly asked me to pick the round up this week, I was delighted. Of course I said yes. I had no idea how difficult it would be. I love art and photography. I love visual aesthetics. With so many honest, beautiful, irreverent and touching images to go through, I needed to something to guide me through. I needed to understand why I couldn’t let certain photographs go, because those images that stayed with me in the middle of the night, were ultimately the ones I put in my top five.

In the end, I’m a writer. I look for the story in everything, and the five images I finally, (and with great difficulty), chose, are not only beautiful, but also narrative. There are stories in these photographs that drew me in, made me wonder, made me think and made me feel. I love catching glimpses of humanity, especially when the glimpses are fleeting. And so here, in no particular order, is my Sinful Sunday Round Up. Thank you to all the participants – you made my job exceedingly hard, and all the more pleasurable for it.

Behind The Chintz Curtain

naked self portrait of a photographer

I realize this may sound over the top, but there is nothing I don’t love about this image. I love the elegant curve of her body behind the angular tripod, the way one of her hands rests lightly in her lap, while the other holds the camera with an easy, natural grace…. Aside from the fact that it’s the sort of photograph I could easily imagine seeing in a gallery, the overall effect is strong, feminine and intimate—a portrait of the relationship between the photographer and her work.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Topless tomboy climbing tree wearing rainbow suspenders

There’s something irresistibly impish about this photo. Maybe it’s the popping sherbet color of Molly’s rainbow suspenders, or the way she seems to be peeking at something beneath her branch, but I smiled every time I looked at it. It warmed me up and made me think of Puck in Midsummer Night’s Dream. The composition is beautiful, the colors are rich, it’s balanced and polished and quite frankly perfect, but ultimately, it made me feel good. That’s why I couldn’t let it go.

Maria Opens Up

Woman in winter sweater with mug of tea and breasts showing

That textured, nubby, sweater, the lovely glimpse of smooth cleavage, (highlighted by that gorgeous, soft lighting), her fingers wrapped around the ceramic mug, the homey wooden table…. God, what’s not to love about this? Like “Tomboy,” this photograph made me smile. Winter is, without a doubt, my favorite season, and this photo captures so much of what I love about it—the casual, cozy sexiness of being warm indoors when it’s cold outside. It made me long for snow and ice beyond the window, and a fire in the grate.

Her Second Chance

Woman on sofa with Tomboy look and girl between her thighs

I am a sucker for androgyny, and even more so for ambiguity. That crisp white shirt, the white suspenders, the tilt of the fedora over the eyes, that slight, whisper of a smile—it all makes me wish I was curled up in one of the leather club chairs across the room. It’s impossible to tell if her hands are bound above her head, or if they’re simply resting there in cocky satisfaction. Either way, this image is a story and half, and gorgeously sexy too.

That Position

Man laying naked on bed

It’s true that what first caught my attention is the subject’s excellent bum, but pleasing anatomy isn’t what made me choose it in the end. It was the sweet, domestic homeyness of the image overall. The rumpled duvet, the soft hair on his legs, and his sleepy relaxation all reminded me of the very best sort of Sunday morning. It’s an intimate portrait that made me hope they spent the whole lazy day in bed.

You can find Malin James on her own blog; Malin James and on Twitter; @MalinMJames

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 69Frisky in the 916

Woman in bubble bath masturbating

Sometimes an image makes me smile, sometimes it makes think dirty bad thoughts and sometimes it makes me want something and this is one of those images. It makes me want to disappear off upstairs, run a big hot bath with lots of bubble bath and lay back in it and enjoy the relaxation that the heat and water brings and maybe beneath those bubbles reach down and find my own heat. This image makes me want….

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