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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 214

Quick reminder that the prompt for the 1st Sunday in June is now out; Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt June 2015 . Also, I currently have the guest list for the round-up full, up until August, but I am always looking for new people who have not previously written one. So if that is you please do get in touch.

This week I am welcoming erotic author Jodie Griffin to the Sinful Sunday round-up

Jodie’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

As an erotic romance author, I spend a lot of time using words to create a picture.  But when I’m writing, I do often see a scene or a sexual act as a hazy kind of image, blurry around the edges, and I use that to help me describe what my characters are doing.   In a similar way, I’ll often see a photograph that will immediately give me a story idea. It could be as simple as a cup of coffee, a rustic cabin, or a sensual image that makes me stop and think “Oh, wow.”  I’m honored Molly asked me to choose five of my favorite images from this week.  This was much harder a task than I thought it would be – they are all amazing.

Here are the photographs that really spoke to me, the ones that made me see stories:

The Other Livvy

female nude silhouette

I love black and white photos, and I love the pretty outline of her body. I also love the in-the-shadows exhibitionism of this photograph.  It’s dark outside, so maybe no one will see…or maybe they will.

Cammies on the Floor

red colour rope bondage married couple

There’s a lot I love about this picture. The purple rope. The way he’s watching her carefully and touching her gently.  And I love the fact that you can see his wedding band. There’s something incredibly sexy about married kink.

Maria Open’s Up

naked woman undoing long hair

This is a gorgeous, incredibly sexy image of an imperfect, non-airbrushed body. We’re forever bombarded with images of (usually far too) thin bodies, but rarely do we see voluptuous women in erotic poses. I love this one.

Filth and Erotica

Man in fly button jeans offering collar

This is a photograph that gives me all kinds of story ideas (or plot bunnies, as we call them.) Why are his trousers already open? Is he offering her the collar for the first time? What will she say? I love images like this that leave it up to my imagination to decide what’s going on.

Happy Come Lucky

stripe marks from cane

This photograph reminds me that there is a wide variety and range to kink. For some, this would be warm-up play. For others, edge-play. The criss-crossed cane marks and goosebumps make me think of submission, shivery goodness and floaty headspace.

You can find Jodie Griffin on her own site: Jodie Griffin and on Twitter: @Jodie_Griffin

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 95Sex with Rose

Sex with rose in a onesieHow could I possible resist this one. It has Rose’s beautiful bottom framed by her adorable onesie and oh my that sexy little tail which is hanging in the perfect position.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 213

Quick reminder that the prompt for the 1st Sunday in June is now out; Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt June 2015 and that is all I have for you this week, apart from to introduce to you this weeks guest who is the wonderful Tamsin Flowers

Tamsin’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

A few weeks back, Molly pinged me with a message. Would I be interested in doing the Sinful Sunday Weekly Round Up one week? Yes! Of course I would, I pinged back blithely, without giving it a moment’s thought. After all, how hard can it be to pick your favourite five pictures from a field of 30 or 40? A date was settled upon and put in the diary.

Having agreed, I started to wonder what sort of pictures I’d choose. What makes one picture stand out, while another, possibly quite similar, simply doesn’t have the same effect? What makes different people pick completely different images as their favourite? What is it about certain pictures that snares our attention?

I spend a lot of time on Tumblr – far too much, in fact – so I decided to take a look at my Tumblr feed to see if it shone any light on what, for me at any rate, makes a good picture. I go at Tumblr hard and fast. I follow a lot of blogs and I scroll through them at the speed of light. If a picture makes me stop and go back, it’s a picture I’m likely to reblog. And if you look here at the pictures I do reblog, you’ll see that (discounting the Tom Hiddleston tongue obsession) there’s a very, very definite aesthetic to it. Black and white. Girls. Legs. Stockings. Rope. Handcuffs. Full stop – that’s all.

Those are obviously my obsessions (not that I realised it before I became a Tumblr addict). So when it came to picking my top five for Sinful Sunday, I knew that any pictures that came remotely close to those elements were going to speak to me.

Here are my top five.

Understanding Flutterby

Blurred self portrait in the mirror wearing a corset

This shot stood out for me by a mile. This is literally so hot I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the picture to read the words. But I did. And then the words somehow make the image a thousand times more powerful and more poignant. I’m in love with this picture – it’s simply beautiful.

Love Hate Sex Cake

Cheeky minx nude self portrait

Here’s another stunning image accompanied by powerful words, though I’ve chosen all the pictures on visual merit and only considered the words as an afterthought. There’s something about this picture that speaks of yearning and wistfulness, of longing and expectation. For me, this is also the epitome of pretty. Let me explain – I hate pink, I hate girly, I hate flowers. This is pretty and in some way a little intoxicating.

Behind the Chintz Curtain

Suspenders against thigh

Ah – look at that little bow, nestling on her thigh. Look at the way the fingers are curling in to find their prize. I can almost hear her sharp intake of breath, her sigh of longing. I can virtually see her arching her back and pushing her hips forward. I can, even now, feel the tremble of excitement twisting up through her as her eyes close and her head falls back… Ahhh…

The Other Livvy

Mirror self portrait in the mirror

This is adorable. It has a wonderful vintage feel to it, like a photo from another era, and I love the perfect positioning of her rear view image. This is a woman in full possession of herself and ready to take on the world! I’d love to have this picture on a post card so I could send it out to friends whenever they needed a pep talk or a boost – it just seems to say, Yes, I can do it. I can do all of the things! Just try and stop me!

Illicit Thoughts

Metallic female lips

These are lips to be dived into and, yes, to be thoroughly and wantonly kissed. I know exactly what they’ll taste like – too delicious to ever stop. Part candy, part forbidden fruit, all desirable…they absolutely make my mouth water.

You can find Tasmin on her own blog; Tamsin Flowers and on Twitter @TamsinFlowers

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 94 – Cammies on the Floor

Woman selfie in the mirror

I do love a good mirror selfie and this is certainly one of those but I have picked this image because of its place in blogging history as this is the first image that either of the Cammie girls ever posted! I wonder if at the time they had idea where that would lead them. I suspect not.


Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 212

Before I move onto the round-up I have a question for you all. How does everyone feel about the new pop-up thumbnail icons on the weekly list? They are just an experiment at the moment, if the majority of people like them then we will keep them but if people hate them, then we can make them go away. So feedback please…

Yes again another prompt weekend has inspired a whole host of truly wonderful images from which I have to pick just 5. Sometimes I wonder why I made the rules for the round-up the way I did but I also think it keeps the round-up fresh and interesting each week.

Top 5 pics of the week

Modesty Ablaze

Green dildo

Way more than just another photograph of a sex toy. This one is dark and moody and certainly gives the toy a rather haunting, spooky quality that is highlighted by the green tones and large imposing shadows. A very simple image but it totally works.

Beck and her Kinks

Bathroom scene of discarded clothes and suction dildo

I will admit to missing the full story to this picture the first time I saw it but then my browser crashed and so I had to start over and when I did I suddenly realised that there was more to this image than a discarded little pile of clothes because if you let your eyes trail back into the image you will on the wall, the rest of the story.

Let’s Skip the Pleasantries, Shall We?

Contents on a womans handbag

What’s in your handbag? Always an interesting question in my opinion and my answer can range from panties and lipstick to chewing gum and shopping lists. I love this image for its simplicity coupled with its sheer suggestiveness. Here is a sexually confident woman who knows what she wants to get from her evening. Now that is sexy.

Frisky in the 916

Reminants of dinner with condom wrapperThis is such a clever composition, an image that tells you a complete story. Dinner for two, takeout, a bottle of wine to share. Intimate, relaxing, and fun , two people sharing an evening. The remains on the table indicate quite clearly what happened next.

The (erotic) Ponderings of Velvet Rose

Black and pink bra discarded on bed

I think this image is beautifully crafted. It has a really strong focal point to draw the eye in but enough detail in the background to suggest a ‘story’. it is one of those images that makes me feel like just out of frame there is a lot more going on than we are being allowed to see.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 93Whole Sex Life

Sexy librarian

There is a whole series sexy librarian images in this post but I love how this one focus’ on shape, patterns and form. From the narrowing of her waist to the curve of hips it is just beautiful and fishnets are always sexy but torn fishnets, don’t ask me why, but I just find that super sexy.


Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 211

This is your last reminder that THIS SUNDAY is all about the prompt, the details of which you can find on Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt May 2015

While you think on that, it is time for the weekly round-up and this week my guest is sub-Bee. Someone whom I am very happy to be able to call my friend not just on-line here in the blogging world but in real life too.

Sub-bee’s Top 5 pics of the week

I was so excited when Molly offered me the chance to do the round up. It is a meme that is very close to my heart, a place to share without the fear of being judged, a place where confidence can be built and a place to find a wonderful community of like minded individuals. At the heart of that community is Molly, who gives us a space to share, so I would like to say a big thank you for all the hard work you do, I’m sure a vast number of other participants also appreciate the opportunity you give us.

It was only when Sunday finally came round that I suddenly realised what I had agreed to do, so many wonderful images to chose from and I’m only allowed to pick five! I managed to get the list down to ten and then enlisted the help of my partner and photographer to create the final list and so without further ado, here are my top five:

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Dressing up as a school girl and pulling faces

I absolutely love this image it captures that fleeting moment where our attention is distracted, that unthinking glance away from from what our focus should be on. We all do it and most of us groan and hit delete when we see the image. I’m so glad you didn’t do that and you bravely shared that with us. That coupled with the schoolgirl outfit gives us a great insight into the cute bratty side that only one person is normally allowed to see.

Beck and her Kinks

Abstract image of breast and lightwand

This is a wonderful abstract shot. I initially thought the colours were fantastic and then stopped myself and asked ‘did I see something else hidden in there’ and had to scroll back again for a closer look. Yes, I did see what I thought in there, it’s incredibly well done.

Her Second Chance

Woman dressed as school girl with spanked bottom

Such a powerful image, the composition is inspired. What looks initially to be a simple shot actually is something so much more. The angle it’s taken from is gives us a different perspective on the scene. The way you have your hands over your face could be to hide but equally it could show us how vulnerable you are, shielding your tears from us the viewer.

Sex is my New Hobby

Muscluar woman topless

A fantastic use of black and white, the lighting in this is incredible. The way you have used the light to create shadows that pick out the contours of your body is stunning. I have a big thing for shoulders and I think yours are gorgeous and you are right to be proud of them.

Sweet Woman, Dirty Mind

Animal puppet between womans legs

This image had me giggling so much I just couldn’t leave it out and next time I watch the muppets I’ll know Animal’s secret. I think sometimes we tackle the deep serious topics that we actually forget that we’re doing this because it’s fun, so to see an image like this that pokes fun at ourselves is so refreshing.

You can find sub-Bee on her own blog; A to sub Bee and on Twitter; @sub_Bee

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 92Penny for your Dirty Thoughts

Penny in striped socks naked on the bedYes, I am a complete sucker for socks on women. I think they are as sexy as hell, and this image from Penny only serves to support that theory. However I have picked this shot for way more than just the socks. I love how the light is falling over her back creating shadows along the curve of her spine but it is that sly little eye peeking out from beneath her hair that makes us feel like we have just walked into the room and caught Penny up to mischief.


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