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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 319

Last reminder about the prompt. Next Sunday 4th June will be all about Outdoor Photography.

This weeks guest on the round-up is the wonderful Sassy Cat. This is her second time doing the round-up and it is lovely to have her back here again picking her top 5. You can find her on her own blog You won’t Tame this Sassy Cat and on Twitter @sassycat38

Sassy Cat’s top 5 Pics of the Week

When I look at the Sinful Sunday photos I always go with my first “gut” reaction.  How the photos make me feel. I tend not to read lengthy Sinful Sunday posts because it is really all about the image. Sometimes when I do read the post it changes my view of the photo. I want my imagination to take over when I see the photo. Then I’ll read the post, to see if I was close to what the words say. I will admit I prefer photos that speak for themselves, that don’t need a lot of explaining.  I enjoy studying the techniques of others, their creativity and their experiences while taking the actual photo. There is always something to learn or admire with all the photos.

Here are my Top 5…

Exposing 40

NUde woman in black and white striped bathroom

Photos like Exposing40 always amaze me. I admire the bravery of those involved in bringing us this photo. The boldness of this photo not just because she’s naked in a public bathroom but the stripe design in this bathroom. Most of the lines in the room with the exception of the ceiling guide my eyes straight to her standing there. The mirror on the wall breaks the lines and adds an infinity dimension. Sci-fi and eroticism come together in this almost Clock Work Orange photo.

Bondage God

Man with whip marks all over his back

I’ve always been a fan of a tight round ass. This captivates me, makes my palm itch. A sensational photo of his back side and lovely memory marks from his whipping.

Steamy Bedtimes

Woman with rope marks on her back

The photo and the words go together so well. Sharing the memories of their past experience. Judy’s back is a beautiful canvas to show the marks of perhaps her unwanted freedom in a simple yet captivating photo. Their photo is evidence of their love of rope, their love & understanding of each other.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

MOlly crawling along the floor of a under pass subway

I don’t think anyone that has viewed Molly’s photos would argue with me when I say that her photos are always some the best, most stirring of Sinful Sunday. She does set the bar for the weekly event. Her photos do that to me, always pushing me to do more, try harder. This photo is no different, this one stirs many emotions & thoughts. Without reading her post first and just looking at her photo I see the agony of being accepted, the upward struggle that is never ending or perhaps the weight of the world has knocked her down so far that she needs someone to come along that she can lean on. Molly’s pose inspires others to continue on their journey. Never give up, even if you have to crawl. This photo also makes me want to run up to her and help her up…lean on me, my friend through your difficult time.

Life of Elliot and all that Jizz

Marilyn doll next to mans penis

I giggled when I seen this photo. The use of Marilyn, her eyes looking at Elliott’s flaccid cock , I could almost hear a voice “Hi! Let’s get you hard!” Creative use of a prop. Elliott’s photo serves as a reminder not to take myself too seriously. Its all fun & games (until someone gets poked in the eye with a penis)!!!

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 318

Welcome to the weekly round-up. The prompt for June is out now so make sure you check it out as there are only just over two weeks until the first Sunday in June.

My guest this week is the lovely Screw Taboo who you can find on her own her blog Screw Taboo and on Twitter @screwtaboo

Screw Taboo’s top 5 Pics of the Week

“Yes, Dorian, you will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you have never had the courage to commit.” ~ ‘The Picture of Dorian Grey’-Oscar Wilde

I love seeing the Sinful Sunday photos but I have never participated myself. Despite being a confidently kinky woman, the shame-ridden person I once was still whispers in my ear from time to time. I think many of us have a little voice that tells us we should be ashamed, that we aren’t worthy, that our bodies are not acceptable. Putting an image of yourself or your sexual life online despite the nattering voice takes spunk so picking just five images wasn’t easy. You all represent the “sins” I haven’t yet had the courage to commit.

Little Switch Bitch

woman in sex swing in woodlands

Often the images depicting sex show it as sultry, serious and sophisticated but sometimes sex is just silly! I can imagine the fun Little Switch Bitch and her partner had taking these pictures.

Silverdrop’s Toybox

Blue viagra pills in a packet

On the face of it it’s just a few tablets but those tablets represent an experience that many men have, the confidence to speak to a doctor and the reward for asking for what you need. There isn’t a hint of shame or embarrassment in the photo and that’s exactly how it should be.


Image of an image within a camera screen of man laying on the bed masturbating

I was drawn to this one because a photographer photographing a camera is pretty meta but there’s also a certain voyeuristic quality to it that I love.

Aurora GloryWoman with red lipstick eating a cherry

I don’t know whether it’s because I associate cherries with ice cream sundaes but I can imagine this scene taking place in a 1950s style diner. I love the playfulness. It’s flirtatious in the way you could feign innocence…but I’m not sure anyone would believe you.

Maria Opens UpWoman balancing nude on one lag in front of window


Strength, balance, confidence and facing the day head on. I wish I could bottle the essence of this photo.

Sinful Sunday Round-up 317

It seems that this months prompt really got you all thinking and creating. The images that linked were just amazing and as usual made it extra hard to for me to select just 5 for the round-up. What I love about the prompts is that they often inspire people to try something new or different and the breadth of creativity and imagination that goes into peoples work is always inspiring to me. This month the prompt was Frames, not in the editing sense of the word but a frame that was integral to the image. I left you all with a few links to help inspire you but I needn’t have worried because you came up with such brilliant and varied ideas.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Rebel’s Notes

Womans vulva reflected in the screen of a phone

I think this is a very clever and intriguing image from Rebel. Yes it is obvious that it is a picture of her pussy and despite the fact that she is almost didn’t post it because it shows the scars from her surgery I think it looks beautiful. However the framing of her adds an almost mysterious element to the image as you try to work out exactly what it you are seeing. Is it a reflection, is a picture of a picture? You will have to read her post to find that out.

Gay Whore Story

Man in bath holding his penis with rubber duck

Sometimes doing something very simple can make for a great image and I think this is an example of that. The rubber ducky gives it a cheeky edge and I love the way he has created a frame with his legs and penis. There is just something delightfully playful about it that I love.


Glasses on table framing couple fucking in the background

This is a great bit of photography, it is creative, clever, well shot and fucking sexy. I love that the focus is on the glasses but that they have been positioned perfectly to both slightly mask what is going on in the background but also to frame it perfectly. It is one of those images that quite frankly deserves a story written around it. Who do the glasses belong to, her, him or a third unseen person?

Aurora Glory

Woman hugging mirror with fishnet stockings reflected in the mirror

This image is quite simply brilliant. When you take a moment to look at it you realise it is really quite simple. Aurora is holding the mirror in front of her and wrapping her legs around it. However it might be simple but the resulting photo is actually quite complex to look at. At first I was like, wait, what, how can her legs be there and also there? This image definitely makes you do a double take in my opinion.

The Other Livvy

Black and white of woman holding a picture of an erect penis in front of her body

This image by Livvy is absolutely blew me away. First of all there is the fact that the images she printed out are scaled perfectly making the penis look like it ‘fits’ her body size wise. I have no idea if she planned that in detail or went for an educated guess but which ever it was bravo because it really is key to this shot working so well. As well of this the placement of the image in front of her and the way her hand is at just right angle is brilliant but it is the colour splash of the framed image that brings it all together and really highlights the juxtaposition between Livvy’s obvious female frame and the male genitals.

Sinful Sunday Round-up 316

Don’t forget this coming Sunday is finally the prompt weekend!

Molly’s top 5 pics of the week

The Other Livvy

Watching through the window woman laying on bed masturbating

I have a bit of a thing for images that speak to my love of voyeurism and this one does that in bucket loads. At first I find myself peering in through the window, admiring Livvy’s body on the bed and her apparent ignorance of the fact she is being watched, she looks beautiful and serene but then as you spend a bit longer with the image you see the hint of a reflection of her ‘watcher’ in the glass which adds a slightly sinister layer to this image which I love.

Silverdrop’s Toybox

Disabled couple fucking in spooning position

If you read the comments that people left on this post you will see the word intimate or intimacy was repeated over and over again and rightly so in my opinion. This image truly captures a sense of intimacy that is beautiful and sexy in equal measures.

Enigma 13

Nude man drilling hole in the city sky line


There is something about this image that is just weird and quirky. Why is there a nude man drilling a hole in the city sky line? The colours almost make it look like he has wondered onto a film set and he looks both oddly out of place whilst also like he is completely comfortable with it and therefore should absolutely be there. It is a brilliantly weird image and I love it.

Cleareyed Girl

Woman sitting in bed drinking tea looking down her body to her legs

There is something very sensual and also rather calming about this image. It reminds me of chilled weekend mornings laying bed with a cup of coffee or tea depending on your choice of morning brew. It feels warm, inviting, almost decadent and reminds me that mornings spent like this are never a waste of time. Oh and that Eye has fucking AWESOME legs!

Fire and Honey

Woman laying face down on bed bound in white rope with it passing between her toes

Violet had trouble picking a favourite image and so posted all three and I can totally see why because she then gave me a real problem when it came to picking one of them to showcase here in the round-up. I spent a long time considering them all but in the end it was this one that just kept calling me back.  The way the white rope is passing between her toe makes me shiver a little at the thought of that odd sensation and there is something about the shallow depth of field and the light that I just find hugely pleasing to the eye.

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