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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 223

Before I hand over to this weeks guest on the round-up let me give you my usual reminder that the monthly prompt for August is Vintage/Retro. Now that is done, all I have left to do is to welcome Charlie in the Pool and let her present her top 5 pics of the week

Charlie’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

When Molly asked me to do the round up this week I was absolutely over the moon about it, having contributed to Sinful Sunday for almost a year now I look forward to the round up every week, wanting to know if any of my favourites made it into the top 5.

Before I get onto listing my top 5 I want to say a massive thank you, first of all to Molly for creating such an amazing creative community and to every single person, past, present and future who has contributed to Sinful Sunday. I find it incredible that a group of people, most of whom have never met, can be such a warm, welcoming and nonjudgmental bunch of people. Taking part has really changed my life, it has taught me so much about life, love and sex. It has made me push myself, both creatively and emotionally and for that I thank you all.

Understanding Flutterby

Woman in sexy stocking with lots of empty room

The composition and angle of this shot is beautiful. The muted tones create a sultry sensual feel to it which along side the words makes me adore this image. I absolutely love the stockings too.

Molly’s Daily Kiss


As soon as I saw Molly’s image I knew it would be in my top 5. The editing is absolutely incredible. The vibrancy of the colours and the contrast between the red and greens make this image look like a fairytale painting.

Dragon’s Kink

Woman with breasts tied up

Who would of thought that bandanas would make a brilliant addition to a toy box? Out of the three images that were posted the first one has to be my favourite. The way the bandanas are tied frame her breasts perfectly. The lighting draws your eyes to the dog tags and then the colour of the bandanas move your focus to the rest of the image.

Frisky in the 916

man in shower

I know I probably shouldn’t say it but this is my favourite image this week. The angle of it is just incredible, it’s like we are spying on a private moment of reflection, which taps directly into my voyeuristic side. I have nothing else to say about this image other than I absolutely love it.

Exposing 40

Naked self porrtait of woman on a bed

This might be a view that exposed 40 has never seen before but what a fantastic view it is. The angle of the shot, the sunlight shining on her skin making it look incredibly soft and smooth, her wonderful curves all make up a beautiful landscape. I’m so glad she is celebrating it and sharing it with us.

Thank you to Charlie for this weeks fabulous round-up. You can find Charlie on her blog: Charlie in the Pool and on Twitter @CharlieInThe

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 104Geeky Nymph

retro image of pink lips

When I went through week 104 trying to pick an image for here this one just seemed to demand to be the one in the limelight as it is another fabulous example of an Vintage/retro style image (which is also the prompt for the 1st weekend in August) I love the way the pink lipsticks just pops out of this image, making them the real focus and grainy edit and muted tones of the rest of the picture just work perfectly to inspire thoughts of 1960’s retro chic

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 222

The monthly prompt for August is out and vintage/retro is your topic but please do read the post and take a peek at the inspiration I left you as that should hopefully show just how broad this topic is.

This week the round-up is in the hands of someone who I am delighted to call my friend. She is funny, intelligent and a truly fabulous writer and her name is Jade A Waters…

Jade’s top 5 pics of the week

A while back, lovely Molly asked if I’d be interested in writing a Sinful Sunday wrap-up. I was of course delighted, because I fiercely admire the work put out by the participants in this meme. I am moved by those who set out to tease a particular vision as equally as I am by those who blatantly put it on display. There is art and bravery across all these scenes, and for that, I am hugely impressed.

As I clicked through the links, each image made me smile in different ways…but I noticed immediately the aesthetic that draws me in. I’ve always been a visual person, but—product of an illustrator/advertiser parent—I tend toward the slightly glammed up and posed, images with clever camera work, deep shadows, and ridiculously sexy lines. So, while it was difficult to pick only five, the ones below are those that, much later, still dance around in my memory with so much palpable emotion I simply couldn’t let them go.

The Other Livvy

Woman standing on chair in library with sexy legs and heels

This image from The Other Livvy is everything I adore—hyper-posed, flirtatious, and bright. She’s got two things that make my heart pound—sexy heels and books—and the play with the light gives this a borderline vintage feel. I love the teasing nature of it without revealing too much, and, paired with the flash of those legs (goddamn, Livvy, goddamn), this one made me squeal. I want to find it in the back of a magazine advertising what a gal can pull off with good shoes—and I would buy those shoes in a second. Great, great pic.

Dragon’s Kink

Woman with painted nails holding rope

This rope image from Dragon’s Kink bowled me over. To be honest, though I caught on there were other images below it, I did not scroll down—I stopped dead on this. I love the framing effects, and the zoom on the rope so close I can imagine exactly how it would feel in my hands. I’m a sucker for nail art, too, and I’m caught up in how the shell swirl on the middle finger actually matches the coil of the rope. I don’t know if it was intentional, but if not, it’s a beautiful coincidence. In looking at it again, I’m also intrigued by the grey door in the middle, out of focus. It’s almost like a provocative tease—inside that door, all this rope is fair game. Dare to open it? YES.

Illicit Thoughts

Red bra on white sheets

This image is the epitome of what I’m drawn to in photography. It’s simple if you think about it—bra on a bed—and yet it has so many interpretations you can grab from it. Was it just thrown off in the heat of the moment? Is it waiting to be donned for a sexy date? Was it freshly purchased and left out to admire? I could go on and on but I want to hone in on the style itself—the soft focus, the simplicity in the colors, and even the Sinful Sunday words matching the bra color (and god, that’s such a fabulous, deep, dark red!). The shadows in this are incredible as well. I would frame this and put it on a wall for its suggestion alone.

Filth and Erotica

Naked couple embracing

This one made me sigh the sweetest kind of sigh. I dig black and white images, and I can feel the emotion in this one the most. I love the closeness, the serenity between them, the naturalness of it all. It’s cozy and beautiful. I can picture this couple sitting at a table unclothed and drinking coffee next, grinning at one another about what they just shared—so sweet and deliciously perfect!

Love Hate Sex Cake

Woman in lingerie with arched back

Oh, this one. Lordie. There is so much good here. It’s on the dark side, but I’m digging it, like we’ve caught a glimpse of a secret desire behind a closed door. The arc of her body is fantastic, and the texture on the wall seems to highlight that of her body. There’s a juxtaposition of smooth and sharp—smooth bra against sharp ribs, firm jaw against long neck. Damn this woman has great angles. For some reason the parts that caught my eye the most were the kiss of her stockings against her thighs and the stretch of her collarbone. I love that in this dark light the texture of that skin over bone look is heightened, and I can imagine the quiet gasp that might slip from her throat as she waits like this. Wow. Love it!

All of you have completely wowed me. And thank you so much to Molly for allowing me to share my favorites!

You can find Jade on her own blog: Jade Aurora Waters and on Twitter @JadeAWaters

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 103Sex with Rose

gif of woman with nipple tasslesDo I need to explain why? Are you even reading these words or have you been mesmerised by the beautiful Rose. If not, then give it a moment or two and I think you will find you have fallen prey to her tricks!

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 221

I love the monthly prompt weeks. More often than not they just seem to work as great inspiration for people and as a result we end up with so many varied but imaginative creative images. They are my favourite weeks, however they also make writing the round-up a special challenge but it is one that I enjoy doing.

Top 5 pics of the Week

Penny for your Dirty Thoughts

Pennys portrait of Girly juice

Having said all that about the prompt the first image I have picked this week does not feature a chair but it is such a kick ass image in my opinion that is just had to feature in the round-up. This portrait of Girly Juice by Penny is quite simply stunning. Penny is right about her subject being a natural model, both her style and appearance just seem to be made for photography but no matter how good the subject a great photograph is actual created by the photographer. It is their eye, their composition that creates something more than just a snap and Penny has that ability in spades. The combination of the fabulous model and Penny’s talent is undeniably fabulous.

Whole Sex Life

Evoë naked on a little red chair

This one definitely fits the chair prompt. It is one of three images that Evoë posted all of which are lovely but there is something special about this one that just keeps me coming back to it time again. The little red chair, Evoë beautiful body, her bright red lipstick, the umbrella and her blissful expression all combine together perfectly to create a sexy, sultry summertime image.

The Lustful Literate

Woman in chair masturbating

I absolutely love this image, I think it is so hot and sexy. The colours and lighting giving it such a sultry atmosphere but her outfit, the stockings, the stripped shirt and the wonderful office chair give it a slight retro feel, it could almost be a still from a movie as you really get the sense that there is a story to go with this image. Just fabulous.

A to sub Bee

Are You Sitting Comfortably

There is something deliciously sinister about this image. In one way she appears very isolated and most definitely vulnerable but the length of rope running out of the image suggests she is not alone, her captor is right there, just out shot. It is that connection with the invisible other in this image that gives it such a powerfully sexy narrative.

Exposing 40

Shadow of tiny chair on the wall with feet

I have spent a serious amount of time studying this amazing image. The optical illusion created by the chair and the shadow is amazing and my eyes keep playing tricks on me as they struggle to make sense of the how the shadows and the foot actually relate to one another. Oh and the lighting and exposure in this shot is absolutely spot on, resulting in strong clean shadows as well as not over exposing and losing the detail of the actual chair. The whole thing is just absolutely wow!

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 102That Position

strap on and socks

Socks, I LOVE ’em and yes that is part of the reason for picking this image but this shot clearly has way more than socks going for it which makes it an fabulously composed cheeky and playful image. I find myself wondering if maybe she left her other tied to the bed while she took a relaxing coffee break!

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 220

Don’t forget this coming Sunday it it time to show off your images for the monthly prompt. In the meantime this weeks round-up is in the deliciously sexy hands of Modesty Ablaze….

Modesty’s top 5 pics of the Week

Ok, I’ll admit that I’m addicted, (to lots of things of course!), but one of my earliest internet addictions, and certainly my longest-running, has been Sinful Sunday.

I’ve always loved Sinful images, but the wonder of people sharing their own sinful moments and sinful experiences all in one place, has kept me looking forward to every Sunday from the moment I first discovered, and book-marked, this wonderfully special strand of the world-wide-web!!!

The strapline says “it’s all about the image” but, for me, Sinful Sunday is much more than just the image. For me it is an empowering, enriching, place of discovery and delight. A place to find fun and like-minded souls, a place of expression and community . . . and perhaps most importantly for me . . . a place to find that there are others who are just as addicted as I.

And I was SO thrilled to be given the opportunity to select my own favourite posts from this weeks Sinful Sunday . . . thrilled until I realised that I wouldn’t be allowed to select all 38.

So, the following posts are simply the ones that have kept me smiling and tingling . . . and pressing the “back” button again and again . . . all week!

Cammies on the Floor

woman suspended in back of moving truck

It possibly won’t surprise some of you to know that I love rope play and the moment this image popped-up on my screen, I gasped and giggled with delight. This is so cheeky, and so different, and looks such fun. I’ve found myself clicking back to this moving-truck again and again, imagining it driving around and around . . . swinging it’s secret and sexy cargo . . . to and fro!!!

Nerdy Dirty Girl

Close up of nipple

An erect nipple never fails to catch my eye, so I was immediately drawn to this simple, but very, very sexy, image. This is Nerdy Dirty Girls first Sinful Sunday post and reading her introductory words I found myself nodding in agreement as she mentioned being a voyeur at heart . . . and having to push oneself to post her photo. Well I am so glad she did . . . it is simply lovely and I hope will be the “First Peek” of many more to come!

A to sub Bee

Woman naked beside for sale sign

Oh a Scavenger Hunt! How could I resist??? But seriously, this is a wonderfully sexy photograph. I love everything about it, the wonderfully ballsy pose, the coat completely open, the warm orangey glow. So hot . . . I’m sure that snow melted away instantly. And the thought of the neighbours peering through their curtains . . . Oh just wonderful fun!!!

The Other Livvy

Woman getting dressed in ball gown

I always love images that tell a story . . . particularly such a fun story as this. Livvy’s photographs just make me giggle as I scroll down one-by-one, remembering being in similar “changing-room” situations as this, and loving how wonderfully fabulous she looks . . . and loving the instantaneous, almost Polaroid-look of the black and white effect which fits so well with the immediacy of the story. And, of course, I’m dying to know if there were any “dress mishaps”. Sexy, tingly-fun photos and sexy, tingly-fun words.

Understanding Flutterby

Self portrait nude of a photographer

All of my other favourites above struck a particular chord, or point of empathy, with me . . . for all of the reasons I’ve mentioned. But this photograph was DIFFERENT from the moment I opened it. It is such a wonderfully sexy image. A gorgeous self-portrait that I keep going back to with admiration and envy. The way Flip has framed her photo so cleverly within the frame of the mirror, the way the strap of her camera curls so seductively around her breast, the way the black & white seems to accentuate the mystery and sensuality of the image . . . and of course those lovely curves and tones. Just a lovely, lovely photo . . . and I so, so want to say to Flip that she should never “hate it”, this photograph is simply stunning!!!

You can find Modesty on her own blog; Modesty Ablaze and on Twitter @ablazingmodesty

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 101 – Prescient Love

St Patrick Day socksSOCKS!!!! Yes I am all about the socks and this picture definitely ticks that for me and when combined with the sexy front and back view. Oh my….

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