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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 276

Don’t forget you just over a week to get your images done for the next prompt weekend: Sinful Sunday August Monthly Prompt

This week the round-up is in the hands of Miss Scarlet

Miss Scarlet’s Top 5 Pics

This is the first time I have compiled the Sinful Sunday round-up and, as everyone probably says, it is a difficult job given the great images to choose from. I realised, after picking my choices,  that they are all female. Sorry guys, it wasn’t done intentionally and I’m sure you’ll agree that the lovely ladies I have chosen are quite deserving.

Happy Come Lucky

Nipple with bramble spikes poking into it

These pictures made me wince somewhat, but at the same time I found them to be truly fascinating and beautiful images. I love the contrast of the softness of Honey’s  pale breast and dark pink nipple against the vivid green of the spiky brambles and leaves.  The shadow cast by the sunlight also makes the composition quite captivating.

A to sub Bee

Woman looking at her reflection in lingerie

As soon as I saw this image, I knew it would be one of my picks. I definitely agree with Sub-Bee that she looks confident and sexy. The way she is holding her hair on the top of her head, the tendrils of hair falling on her neck, the beautiful underwear, the reflection and, of course, black and white all combine to make this a very powerful  image.


SilverDrop’s Toybox

Woman sleeping naked on bed

The contrast of Silverdrop’s dark hair and creamy skin against the pale background of the bed creates a very striking image. In particular I like the way in which her foot draws you into the image. And, as Silverdom says, it is very inviting…

Maria Open’s Up

Mona lisa smile on topless woman

Not only is the image of Maria hot, but the words accompanying this image are incredibly hot too.  She is absolutely right, words do matter and I can see why she makes her man so hard all the time… A very beautiful and sexy picture.

Huge thank you to Miss Scarlet for this weeks round-up. You can find her on her own blog Miss Scarlet Writes and on Twitter @MissScarletUK

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 154A True Unfolding

naked woman on bed with ceiling mirror

I have always wanted a mirror on the ceiling but then I am a big self voyeur when it comes to all things sex. This image fits into that perfectly with the collection of implements and her state of undress all suggesting fabulous sexy shenanigans.

Sinful Sunday Week 276

Sinful Sunday is all about the image.

The monthly prompt for AUGUST is out now!!!

If you are here for the first time make sure you read up on the rules then grab the code from the side bar, add to your post and leave the link to your post (not the url of your main site) in the list below. If you have any problems or questions then you can always email me at [email protected]

If you are on Twitter please do spread the word about #sinfulsunday by including the hashtag in your tweets and don’t forget to tell your blogging friends about it as well. The more people who join in, the more successful the meme becomes for all who take part.

Each week I write a Sinful Sunday weekly round-up highlighting my top 5 images from the previous Sunday. All images used are fully credited and linked back to the original post. If anyone objects to having their image used in the round-up then you need to let me know, otherwise I will assume that by taking part you are happy to be featured on the Sinful Sunday site.

One last thing before you go I can’t urge you enough to please comment on people’s work, no matter whether you are a fellow blogger or a consumer of their work I can assure you that all the people who leave their links on this page want to hear what you have to say.


Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 275

Before I hand over to this weeks guest a reminder that the prompt for August is out and you have just over 2 weeks to work on your images.

Eye’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Blimey! So many great images and ideas it was very difficult to choose, but five leapt out at me because of their shared theme – well it was obvious to me that they were all very cheeky!

Eugene Noale

Man holding his breast

He reckons he was inspired by me!  The cheek of it!

The Other Livvy

Bridesmaid flashing after the wedding

This was just lovely cheeky badness.  I can imagine the smile on her face can’t you?


Dildo creator dressed as doctor

These guys are excellent – great products and the most brilliant attitude G Silicone’s Dr Dildo – an artful image with a great cheeky smile

Exposing 40

Nude woman looking like a statue

She manages to marry bare faced cheek with a sense of poise and elegance.  Always exciting and regularly thought provoking.

Holden and Camille

Self portrait in a mirror of man getting a blow job

What can I say?  *fans face* just that if a great deal of water didn’t separate us then Holden & Camille would not have been alone!!

Thank you to lovely Eye for the round-up this week. You can find on her on her own blog Cleareyed Girl and on Twitter @_Masterseye

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 153Modesty Ablaze

Modesty ablaze and Curvaceous Dee flashing together

I love the Scavenger Hunt. I love taking part in it and I love seeing other peoples images. This one from Modesty Ablaze is one of my absolute favourite because not only is it bold and brave and full of fun but it combines another thing I love which is collaborating with other bloggers. In this case she was in New Zealand with Curvaceous Dee and oh what fun they had together. I do miss Dee’s blog very much. I hope that maybe one day she will return to the fold and blog again but it is lovely to stumble across her like this.

Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt Aug 2016

The prompt for 7th August 2016 is: Shoot from Below

Last November we tackled Shoot from Above and at the time I mentioned that Shoot from Below would appear but that when it comes to bodies it is a much more challenging proposition. Think about it, when you shoot from above your size, shape, falls away in the image, so for example if I put the camera above me and I sit nude below it then you tend to get the focus on the bits that stick out or come first, shoulders, boobs (if you have them) etc, as a general rule it is a very flattering angle, the same can not be said for shooting from below because as a general rule the way the light falls and the way our bodies respond to gravity means then unlike buildings that look majestic and grand when shot from below we risk looking oddly out of proportion and the small things can become very distorted to look like the big things.

However, do not despair of  me and this prompt because it can also make for some seriously fabulous images, especially if you also use some of the shallow depth of the field tricks that you might have got from that prompt

As usual here are some links to help inspire you

All about that Bass by Happy Come Lucky – Damn did she totally nail it with this one. The key here is that she kept it nice and tight into her body and made the focus of the shot her fucking awesome ass.

Perspective by Understanding Flutterby – I love the slight feeling of motion in this one, it almost feels like she is walking through the shot.

Voyeurism by Holden and Camille – This could not be more different from the previous two. It uses the below angle perfectly to give the image a really strong voyeuristic narrative

Afterglow by Exhibit A – Does this one count? I think so. Although he is laying down the image is still definitely taken from a ‘below’ angle and we by using a shallow depth of field he has controlled exactly where he wants your eye to land.

The prompt is published here on the site mid month, which will give people approximately 2 weeks to work on their idea before linking in, on the 1st weekend of the month. The prompt is completely optional and you can link in as normal on that weekend whether you have used the prompt or not. The usual Sinful Sunday rules will, of course, apply. Please make sure you have read them recently so that you are fully aware of what is and is not allowed.

As always interpret as you wish, or disregard altogether and do you own thing.

Have your post ready to go for Sunday 7th August 2016. Any questions or queries can be posted in the comments below, you can email me [email protected] or tweet me @mollysdailykiss


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