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Sinful Sunday Weekly Roundup 296

I can’t believe I am writing this already but the prompt for January 2017 is out now. Go read and hopefully you will find time over the festive period to come up with your image(s).

It is my great pleasure to welcome Mrs fever to the round-up this week. If you don’t know her blog, Temperatures Rising, then you are missing out and I recommend you nip on over there once you have read the round-up.

Mrs Fever’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

A photograph can be so many things…  A remembrance, a depiction, a false front, a snippet, a cropped perspective, a muted presentation, a poem, a novella.  Whether candid or posed, intentional or accidental, photographs capture moments with a mixture of precision and vaguery.  And just like any tale told using the written word, the stories told in photographs can fascinate or repulse, pull us in or push us away.

Every participant in Sinful Sunday has a story to tell.  Whether what I’m ‘reading’ is what they’ve intended to ‘write’ is a question all its own (*smile*), but being that the point of SS is that “it’s all about the image”, I focused on images alone and let them pen their own tales across the open pages of my imagination.

These are the visual narratives that most commanded my attention this week:

A to sub Bee

Woman sitting in pothole window with sun on her legs

This is a languid invitation set against a simplistic backdrop.  Her smooth legs seduce the viewer with thoughts of smooth sailing.  The clean lines and warm tones offset the blurred view through water-stained natural light in a way that says, “Come away with me.”

Steeled Snake

Nude woman touching mans penis in chastity device

This photo made me look twice (to figure out just *what* exactly I was looking at), and then more than three times because of the warm (both “warm fuzzy” and “oh, that’s hot”) feelings it invoked.  It speaks of possession and intimacy in a way that is playfully sensual, and her hair is a striking pop of color against the contrasting shine of steel and gold against a backdrop of nude skin.

Holden and Camille

Woman laying on bed naked talking on an old style telephone

I have a thing for ’40s and ’50s pinups, and this photo screams CALENDAR GIRL.  The black and white shading is exquisite and the fact that her gaze is directed toward the wash of light on the right calls to mind that glazed-over not-quite-focused stare into the middle distance, the one that lovers get when on opposite ends of a long-distance line.

Exposing 40

Back view of nude woman holding trail of holly and ivy

Two words:  Victorian Postcard.  The sepia edging and muted greens of the ivy give this photo an old-fashioned feel, and the way her arm extends the vine, which in turn frames her figure at her feet, draws the eye and holds it like a lover’s gaze.  It’s entrancing.

Tabitha Rayne

Woman with hands behind her back

This is a play of shadow over angles and curves that is somehow neither defiant nor submissive, neither tense nor relaxed.  It says, “Here I am” in a ‘so it goes’ way that shows both strength and vulnerability.  And *that* is damn sexy.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 174Rebel’s Notes

Woman standing on bed naked with dragon whip landing on her bottom

This is a great action shot that captures the exact moment the dragon tail whip makes contact with Rebel’s beautiful bottom. I look at this image and my mind can’t help but fill in the noise of the whip and I have to wonder if she too made a noise when it landed on her skin.

Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt Jan 2017

The prompt for 1st January 2017 is: Letter C

Last year we tackled the Letter A and the Letter B. When I set the first letter prompt I was a tiny bit concerned that we might get 30+ ass pictures but I shouldn’t have been because as per usual people were far more creative than that. The same can be said for the letter B. So hopefully that will be the case with the Letter C.

What you do with it is completely up to you but I am hoping, seeing as you are a thoughtful and creative lot, this one will get you thinking. However just to help you on your way, there of course the obvious things; Crack, Cunt, Cock and Cum but as with the previous letters I am hoping that you will look beyond the obvious….  Crave, Creepy, Cold, Clinch, Crowd….. oh the list is endless.

The prompt is published here on the site mid month, which will give people approximately 2 weeks to work on their idea before linking in, on the 1st weekend of the month. The prompt is completely optional and you can link in as normal on that weekend whether you have used the prompt or not. The usual Sinful Sunday rules will, of course, apply. Please make sure you have read them recently so that you are fully aware of what is and is not allowed.

As always interpret as you wish, or disregard altogether and do you own thing.

Have your post ready to go for Sunday 1st January 2017. Any questions or queries can be posted in the comments below, you can email me or tweet me @mollysdailykiss


Sinful Sunday Week 296

Welcome to week 296

Sinful Sunday is all about the image.

If you are here for the first time make sure you read up on the rules then grab the code from the side bar, add to your post and leave the link to your post (not the url of your main site) in the list below. If you have any problems or questions then you can always email me at

If you are on Twitter please do spread the word about #sinfulsunday by including the hashtag in your tweets and don’t forget to tell your blogging friends about it as well. The more people who join in, the more successful the meme becomes for all who take part.

Each week I write a Sinful Sunday weekly round-up highlighting my top 5 images from the previous Sunday. All images used are fully credited and linked back to the original post. If anyone objects to having their image used in the round-up then you need to let me know, otherwise I will assume that by taking part you are happy to be featured on the Sinful Sunday site.

One last thing before you go I can’t urge you enough to please comment on people’s work, no matter whether you are a fellow blogger or a consumer of their work I can assure you that all the people who leave their links on this page want to hear what you have to say.


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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 295

It was the 1st Sunday of the month which means it was prompt weekend and my turn to write the round-up. It also means that next week the first prompt for 2017 will be published so keep your eyes peeled for that. For now lets concentrate on the one just done which was Artificial Light. When I set the prompt I did think it would go well with the time of year and it seem I wasn’t wrong about that. There were some fantastic festive inspired images. I hope to see more of those over the next few Sundays and just in case you are wondering Sinful Sunday will actually fall on Christmas Day this year but this meme is a 52 week thing and will be open as normal.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

You won’t Tame this Sassy Cat

Woman with florescent paint on her lips and hands

There is something utterly enthralling about this image. It looks like a still from a Sci-fi/futuristic movie. I love how her lips seem to be giving off an electric current that is flowing through her hands and even into her hair.

Exposing 40

Silhouette of breast with burst of light shining round it

I think this might be one of my favourite images of Exposing 40’s ever. Back lighting an image can be really challenging but she has totally nailed it in my opinion. The burst of light exploding from the underside of her breast is glorious and I love how it has illuminated the delicate little hairs on her breast and torso which give the image a really tactile aspect in my opinion.

Just a Random Scot

Man in just a twoel with penis outline showing through the fabric

This looks like a relatively simple shot and in many ways it is but that is because JRS is a excellent photographer. Not only is he perfectly exposed (excuse the pun) but he has even managed to keep enough light in the shadows to retain detail and even kept some depth in the view outside the window. As for the way the light falls across his body and shows off the bulge beneath the towel, well let’s just say I might need a few moments alone!

Maria Open’s Up

Nude woman with angel shape of light on her breasts and stomach

I have no idea if Maria planned for the light to throw an Angel shape across her body or if it was a fluke but quite frankly who cares because the result if fucking awesome and I love it.

A to sub Bee

Nude woman crawling on the floor light by balloon lights

I hate balloons. In fact I would go so far as to say I have a bit of balloon phobia. They make my skin crawl and they make me nervous but this image makes me forget all that. I love the way the balloons are giving off just enough light to illuminate Bee’s body and the little pink glow between her legs showing off her pussy is quite simply brilliant. In the fact the whole image is quite simply brilliant.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 173 – Switchtastic

Silhouette between womans thighs

I thought as the theme was Artificial Light this week I would stick with that for the blast from the past too and oddly week 173 was also a prompt week and it was silhouette so it provided me with plenty of options but I settled on this intriguing image from Switchtastic. It is one of those shots that you find yourself searching as you try to work out exactly what it is you are looking at and when you do work it out then you can’t help but linger in the shadows trying to find a little more detail… or maybe that is just me.

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