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Siren – Guest Post

Every now and then someone sends me something fabulous to post here as a guest post, sometimes they want to be identified and sometimes they don’t. On this occasion it is the latter, an anonymous Siren if you like…

“I am a siren, and for my adoration of mankind, have been caught in fishing nets one time too many. And in those fishing nets I have learned too many unfavorable things about human intentions and the lack of trust and goodwill; I’m not going to allow myself to be caught anymore.” ~ C. Joybell C.

woman nude sitting on rocks looking out to sea
Sinful Sunday bagde

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 310

Just over a week to go until the first weekend of April so make sure you have read what the prompt for that weekend is.

This week on the round-up it is my delight to welcome @sub_bee_keeper who is the other half and photographer of A to sub Bee. I will admit that he was a little bit (possibly an understatement) reluctant to write a round-up as he seems to like being the silent partner but with @sub_bee help I happily got him to agree to it.

@sub_bee_keeper top 5 pics of the week

Well, time does fly. It seems like only yesterday that Molly and Bee were conspiring to convince me to judge a Sinful Sunday. I’ll be honest, even though I take a lot of our photos for Sinful Sunday I tend not to find time to enjoy the other entries. Being judge has forced me to find that time, thanks Molly… and Bee.

Before I go into my top 5 I’d like to congratulate everyone who submitted. I had a hard time narrowing down my list and it wasn’t until I sat down to write that I realised I had 6 and not 5 in my list… whoops!

You Won’t Tame this Sassy Cat

Woman with turtle neck over her mouth looking straight into the camera

The fact Sassy Cat is looking straight into the camera gives the feeling that she looking into the viewers eyes, submitting to them. Her mouth is covered denying her a voice and forcing her, as she states, to just feel. The picture’s simplicity cleverly suggests an incredibly intimate scene.

Exposing 40

Nude of large woman in sharft of sunlight in woodlands

This photo is amazing. The location, the light, the colour and last but definitely not least the model. If Maria had wings she could easily be mistaken for a woodland fairy candidly getting caught on camera before disappearing back into the forest.

Little Switch Bitch

Droplet of blood on skin from Vampire glove spike

I’ll admit it, I have a soft spot for blood that this image caters for. The contrast of the black leather against the pale skin means the red drop, although small, stands out as the main feature. In addition, the spikes of the glove tease the thought that more blood  may be on its way.

Steeled Snake

looking down on Woman in shower with red golden hair

I’d love to know how this angle was achieved, did you book into the hotel with a stepladder under your arm? If you ask Bee she’ll tell you I’m a fan of interesting, or as she puts it “funky”, angles. This creates the strong diagonal line that parallels the flow of her hair really draws my eye down the image.

Wriggly Kitty

Bent leg in rope harness

I’m possibly attracted to this image because of jealousy that this is a tie I’d like to put on Bee but due to reasons can’t. We both love rope and seeing it tightly wrapped and tied, restricting all movement sums up why some people pick up rope in the first place. The addition of the photo of the after-marks just emphasises how constricting it was.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 309

Yes it is already time for the April prompt. This year is zooming by fast. Check out all the details on Sinful Sunday April Prompt.

In the meantime it is my great pleasure to welcome the fabulous Emmeline Peaches to the round-up. You can find her on her own blog Emmeline Peaches Reviews and on Twitter @EmmelinePeaches

Emmeline’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Recently I found myself at the Victoria and Albert Museum admiring the collection of historical attire while accompanied by a wonderfully spooky femme and the most marvellously darling individual I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet.

Together we admired the beautiful adornments that people had worn throughout the years. We found clothes we wanted to own, and clothes we wanted other to wear just so we could tear them off of their bodies and fuck as if time had no meaning.

In amongst it all I also caught glimpse of the most beautiful portrait. It was of a woman (if I might be so bold as to assume gender)—radiant and pure in the elegance of her stature. She stared out from the portrait with a coy smile, letting the viewer know that she had considered her own image something worth preserving in painstakingly exquisite portraiture.

And in that moment I thought “Criticism of selfie culture is bullshit”.

I won’t have been the first person to say this (nor will I be the most succinct in my ramblings) but have someone paint your image, photograph it, or in any other way preserve your form and it is widely considered to be ‘art’. Take a candid or considered shot yourself and suddenly it’s considered vanity.


This amazing woman, who stared back at me had spent a presumably extortionate amount of money (and time) making sure that her image was preserved in its most attractive form for all to see. She would have, no doubt, displayed this image as a status symbol as well as personally admired it and that is friggin’ awesome.

The admiration she felt is one that I can mirror and it’s one I hope every single person who decides that their body is worth preserving in image feels and it is one that I hope each Sinful Sunday entrant can personally relate to.
As I looked through the entries this month (and at those from prior months) I found no vanity. Not a single ounce of narcissism. Nor did I expect to.

What I did find was strong individuals, stunning curvature, beautiful insights, poetic vulnerabilities, and (of course) art in its purest form—that of the self.

It almost breaks my heart to say that I can only select five ‘favourites’ to showcase to you all, when each piece was profoundly evocative in its own way. But there are rules and I have nothing but respect for the wonderful conventions of this fantastic collective. So, without further ado, here are my Sinful Sunday picks for your viewing pleasure.

Rebel’s Notes

Nude woman with wax on her breasts holding lit candle

You may have heard the saying ‘painting with light’ but Marie Rebelle embodies the phrase in this amazing piece. Marie was debating which image looks best from the natural and edited version and, although both are absolutely stunning, I have to go with the natural one.

The rich hues of the candle’s glow are perfectly contrasted with the deep shadows cast by the darkness of the room. Together these two elements hug Marie’s body in a manner that is simultaneously inviting and intimate.
It welcomes the eye but denies the touch. Just a glimpse—a flicker of insight. And yet it offers everything it needs to.

Exposing 40

Two women naked with WOW pasties on their tits



Going back to a more professional demeanour, there is an innate aesthetic appeal in this image for me. The curvature of the female form is something that has always caught my eye and brought a huge grin to my face, and Exposing40 and their friend have read my mind with the bold exclamation ‘WOW’ plastered bombastically over their most intimate areas.

This image also has a socially potent context which deserves attention. WOW is the Women of the World festival—a conglomeration of influential activists and passionate allies in the cause of championing women and their achievements.

All of this is brilliantly encapsulated in the playful confidence of the image and finished off with the wonderful poses of the two individuals featured. What is there to say except…wow.

Aurora Glory

Woman with toe bondage rope tie

‘Make your feet take you where your heart wants to go!’

What a lovely little mantra! And when your heart wants to adorn your feet in some of the most satisfying rope ties I’ve seen in a while then I must agree with a wholehearted nod.

Aurora Glory suggests that she is ‘awful’ because her love of rope comes from the sheer attractiveness of the practice, but I personally think this s something that Aurora embodies to the splendour. The antonym of ‘awful’.

The symmetrical appeal of the rope is contrasted here with the beautifully imperfect asymmetry of Aurora’s toes, which subtly remind us of the delicate familiarity of the human form.

All-in-all it’s one absolutely mesmerizing piece and I can barely prize my gaze away from it.

The Monkey and The Sorts

Man with pinwheel on his chest

The delight of having a new toy. The skip of excitement as you glance it across your body. The anticipation of that biting moment to come next, less than a hair away. So close you can already see it. Feel it. Living for the moment.

That moment has been brilliantly captured in Bibblybobbily’s contribution this week. The macro detail is so precise that I can almost place myself in the moment, imagining the sensations.

This ability to immerse the viewer is, for many, the key to all great art, and New Toys has definitely reached this achievement.


Male nude

There is a softness to this image. A subtlety that gentle urges the viewer to glance, if they wish, at where the light falls.

It is a beautiful invitation—handsome, confident, and daring. The posture, the turn, and the slight clenching of the fist implying that we have caught Skinography at an inopportune moment, but everything else suggesting that we are exactly where they want us to be.

Will images such as this one day hang at the V&A? Framed by cravats and floral nightgowns. God I hope so.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 302

My usual reminder that the prompt weekend is fast approaching so make sure you check out the details: February Monthly Prompt.

This week the round up is by @WissPeasel who you can find on her own beautifully written blog Understanding Flutterby.

Wiss Peasel’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

This is my second time doing the Sinful Sunday round-up, but it’s nowhere near as intimidating as it was the first time around. That’s not to say my task is any easier though!

I’m always amazed at the images we see every week, there’s always such a variety, from the fun images which induce a giggle, to the more serious with which we empathise and do as much as we can with the words we use to comfort and encourage the poster if it’s needed; sometimes it really does take courage to press that little ‘publish post’ button. Then there are those images which take your breath away, the kind of photos which leave you breathless and wanting, the lust inherent within them almost tangible. For me, though, the beauty of Sinful Sunday is that we celebrate sex and sexuality in all it’s guises, without judgement, however it is expressed.

I have to be honest, when I sat down to go through all this week’s entries, there was 1 image which stood out for me, and I immediately knew that it would be my top pick. The remaining 4 places were far more difficult to fill, I felt a little mean discarding one in favour of another. But thems the rules, so without further ado, here’s my top 5.

A to sub Bee

Woman on swinging with no panties on

Fuck me, did I giggle at this, it’s an absolutely brilliant shot. It’s naughty and cheeky and fun, it’s daft and silly and laughter inducing. and I bloody love it.

The Monkey and the Sort

Man giving woman oral sex

Hot damn, if this didn’t make me squirm in my seat! The eyes find themselves first resting upon her breasts, then following the contours of her body down until you see his fingers gripping her thigh, soft flesh yielding under the pressure. His face partially obscured, mouth teasing, feasting. Such a wonderfully intimate moment caught on camera.

Jerusalem Mortimer

Woman tied to dinning room table

This photo taps into my desire for being in exactly that position, the little rushes of adrenalin as your mind circumnavigates all the possibilities. The image and the words together are gorgeous, they make me want to see what happens to her, turning me into a voyeur whilst he decides what to do with her. A simply wonderful photo.

Teachers Have Sex

Silhouette of Woman in her hands and knees

There was no way I could leave this one out of my top 5. I saw it and gasped;the lighting is perfect, creating such a stunning silhouette, drawing the viewer in to search out more detail, painting imagery in our minds. This image oozes sexy, and makes me want to reach into the shadows to find out more.

Candy Snatch

Woman with panties round her ankles wearing high heels and pin up tattoos on her legs

This is my favourite this week, my top pick, the one that, to me, is just perfect, an ode to the super sexy 50’s pin up images I love so much. It’s beautifully composed, the soft, pink lingerie, the gorgeous legs adorned with some beautiful ink, the sumptuous texture of the blanket beneath, and those shoes, man do I want those shoes! It’s tempting, teasing, everything but the heels indeed.
It really is perfect, I absolutely adore it.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 180Penny for your Dirty Thoughts

Woman trailing her fingers through her pubic hairIf it was not for my recent experiment with growing my pubes back this image would make me very tempted to do it because I adore the way it looks on Penny, there is something very sexy and sensual about it that I find really appealing. I love how Penny’s fingers seem to be wandering through her pubes and the shadow of her hand on her tummy somehow makes this image seem even more intimate as if we have stumbled across her absent minded exploration of herself.

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