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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 347

Yay for prompt weekend and this time your task was another colour theme; Red and as per usual the resulting images were all amazing but there can be only 5 here so…

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

The Other Livvy

nude woman in front of small window with red brake lights from car shining on her body

There is something about the grittiness of this image and the string of lights over the window that makes it look like Livvy might be a lady of the night, showing of her wares to passersbys through her little window. The red light beyond the window only adds to that feel and there is something about the way she is looking out of the window that only adds to that narrative for me.

Temperatures Rising

Woman sitting on carpet with christmas bausble between her legs

At first glance it is just a red bauble on the floor between Mrs Fever’s legs but the more you look the more you realise that the bauble actually contains a lot more of Mrs Fever at which point if you are like me you are soon tilting your head trying to pick out the details that you know must be there but can’t quite make out.

Lascivious Lucy

Woman in red blouse with buttons open showing off red satin bra

I love the way her shirt is open just enough to reveal a tantalizing sexy glimpse of her red satin bra and the stunning gorgeous cleavage. I find this picture incredibly sexy

Tits and Test Tubes

Red and black panties round womans ankles

You can’t go wrong with red satin and black lace. It is always a sexy combination and I am sure these knickers look amazing on Jadis but I do know they look very suggestive wrapped round her ankles like this.

Tabitha Rayne

Woman holding companct mirror with reflection of her red lips showing in the mirror

I figgin love this image by Tabitha. The use of negative space is brilliant. The double reflection, giving us two slightly different views of her lips really jump out of the muted background. It must have taken some work to get the focus just right and hold the mirror at just the right angle to be able to get the shot but not have the camera reflected in the mirror. Just brilliant work!

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 346

Final reminder, this Sunday is prompt weekend.

The guest on the round-up this week is DokUrtybitz and he has introduced himself perfectly below so all I need to tell you is you can find him on his own blog DokUrtybitz and on Twitter @dokurtybitz

DokUrtybitz Top 5 Pics of the Week.

DokUrtybitz here. For those that may not know me I’m a some time poet, a geek (I’m active in three D&D games currently), and as I recently (well the idea was introduced to me a few years ago) discovered submissive (although much like my bi-polar diagnosis in retrospect it was a “well DUH,,” moment).

Bee colour wax on womans bottom

The colors and creative (as well as accurate) use of the different colored wax to create a Bee is what drew my eye to this image. I can almost see the Bee flying off to go suckle at another flower,,
She Bangs

topless woman with wet hair and lip piercing

The wet hair, the obvious nudity all drew me in, an invitation to see more of She-bangs. The nervousness of the bitten lip though is what initially drew my eye.

Kilted WookiesHairy man in showerThe fog and water on the mirror obscures but leaves tantalizing hints to the man reflected in the mirror. It makes me want to wipe the mirror clean, just so I can see what lies under the haze.

Annie SavoyFemale nude on bed with sunlight coming in windowAnnie Savoy’s loneliness shows in the bed empty but for her. I liked how the Sun’s rays seem to reach down to caress her and offer what solace they can from the cold morning.

GodemicheSilhouette of nude woman against blindsThe silhouette of Monika drew my eye to follow the lines and curves of her body. A shadow, waiting for interaction from the viewer to fill her with color.

Peace all, Dok

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 344

The new prompt for December is out and you have just over 2 weeks to work on your images

This weeks guest is Sweeten Dirty and it is her first appearance here on the round-up but definitely not her first appearance on Sinful Sunday having been joining in for a long time now. You can find her on her blog SweeteN Dirty and on Twitter @Sweeten_Dirty

Sweeten Dirty’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I have been blogging for almost ten years, and have been a part of Sinful Sunday for about half of that time. I am always in amazement at all of the wonderful images that get submitted. I figured it would be difficult to choose only five (as many others have said), but I didn’t realize how difficult until I actually got to work on it. There were so many amazing images that called out to me. That said, I had a lot of fun choosing this week.

Bondage God

glass dildo in ice

I loved this image because it said a lot to me. I love the ice and the frosted glass. Temperature play has been a bit of a fantasy of mine. It gives me all kinds of fun ideas, and tempts me to put a few of my glass toys in the freezer. I can relate to it, in trying to get the best product review picture.

Unmentionable By Name

woman laying naked in bay window

This image stood out to me because I love how risky it is. It looks busy outside, but on closer examination, you realize that there are no people out and about. The shapes and contours are beautiful, and I love the way her hair is flowing down, She has a lovely view, but so do we (and anyone else that might look in from the window).

Annie Savoy

black and white of woman laying in sunshine

At first glance, I thought she was standing at an odd angle. Once I scrolled all the way down, I realized that she was laying on a window seat. She looks peaceful and relaxed in the sun, almost like a cat in a way.

Maria Open’s Up

Silhouette of female nude with bright orange light

This one stood out to me for several different reasons. I love the colors of the negative space. The orange and red really make it glow. At first glance, I kind of thought I saw a jack ‘o lantern, as the arms curved in such a way to show eyes, and the colors looked like a lit up pumpkin. It is a gorgeous image.

The Other Livvy

Woman with curly hair laying topless in bed

Since I started blogging, black and white images have definitely grown on me. I never knew how to appreciate them until now. This image says a lot, and the words fit it perfectly. It looks like she is waiting for someone, but she looks very relaxed in doing so. The way the angle is, it was hard to tell if she was under the sheets, or on top of them.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 321

Welcome to the weekly round-up and this past Sunday was prompt weekend and the topic was Outdoor Photography something that is a particular passion of mine but I knew would be a real challenge for some folks however I shouldn’t have worried because you were all amazing. I have spent the last hour sitting here with 10 images open in my browser trying to pick between them to get me down to 5. I have done it but I really do want to say that there were so many good images it was tough.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week


Man laying naked in the sun

I love the colours in this stunning shot, the deep blue sky the lush green grass are just so vibrant and could almost over power this image but somehow they don’t. I think it is the angle which most definitely gives it a voyeuristic feel as if we are spying on him through the grass and watching him relax in the sun. It is a beautiful male nude shot and I love it.

A to sub Bee

Nude woman laying on top of rocks

The contrast between her pale pink skin and the dark cold stone is what makes this image for me. I can almost feel the cool smoothness against my own skin. As for the dirty feet, they only add to narrative of a naked woman communing with nature.

The Other Livvy

Woman naked in gothic graveyward in paris

I have a thing for communing with nature but I also have a huge thing for communing with the dead and this image appeals speaks directly to that love. The setting is amazing, the grandiose Gothic graves and crypts all piled in make it look almost like some sort of graveyard climbing frame. However it is Livvy’s beautiful naked body and the way she is standing on tiptoe leaning up against that stone that just turns this image into a story and an intriguing one at that because she looks playful, happy even, as if she is playing hide and seek in this most unlikely of settings.

Parallel Secrets

Nude Man in wood holding ferns in front of face

And we are back to nature and I do have to say that is was lovely to see so many men frolicking in the outdoors this week and this was one of my favourites because it is playful, cheeky and fun and there is something very sexy about those things as far as I am concerned

Cleareyed Girl

upskirt shot

This one is very different from all my other pics this week but it is without doubt my favourite image of the week because it is as hot as fuck. I don’t even know why but there is something about it that makes me wriggle in my seat. I think it is a combination of the illicitness of it, that implication that we are getting a sneaky look up her skirt but there is also something about the powder blue sky that speak of summer and warmth and the way her panties are riding up and her soft plump lips are peeking out that makes me want to put my hand up her skirt.

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