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Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 331

The prompt for September is out now and this month I am delighted that another brilliant company has decided to sponsor the monthly prompt.

This week the round-up is in the hands of the delightful Victoria Blisse. I have known Victoria for many years now she is a prolific author of erotic fiction with numerous titles to her name and is also mistress of Smut UK. You can find on her on her own blog Victoria Blisse and on Twitter @victoriablisse

Victoria’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

As an author of erotica I work with words. Words are my comfort blanket, I love them I cherish them and I can do very brave things with them.  Images, however are not my usual medium.  Somehow though, after chatting to Molly at Eroticon this year, I found myself joining in with Sinful Sunday and letting my inner exhibitionist out to play.

There is a serious art in taking an erotic picture and I’m not sure I’ve quite conquered it yet. You don’t have pages to get your idea over, like with a novel or even a short story.  You simply have just one photo. I am always amazed by how much people pack into their Sinful Sunday Snaps and how incredibly sexy they can be. Each week I am in awe of the imagination and skills of my fellow sinners.

I was honoured to be asked to do the round up this week and it really wasn’t easy. I had a long list that squeezed down to a medium list and finally I honed it down to this, my top 5.

Exposing 40

Woman naked in abandoned rusty car

I have always loved the old and the derelict, be it buildings that are falling down or being demolished or the cars you see at a scrap yard. This photo contrasts the old decaying beauty of a rusty car with the beautiful, living freshness of a naked body and greenery all around.

Kilted Wookie

man topless in suit

One thing that’s bound to get me all of a flutter (well, one of many to be fair) is a man in a suit. So I had to pick this particular Sinful Sunday for the wonderful way it gives naked flesh and a sexy suit. Nicely done!

Tabitha Rayne

Two nude women holding hands in outdoor sauna

I love the sweet sentimentality of this photo, there’s lots of love and fun in it. It’s sexy because it makes me smile.

A to sub Bee

Purple wax running down womans bottom

Pretty contrast of purple was on pale skin, it leads you to imagine what it felt like to have the wax dripped on. I love the patterns in the hardening wax.

Pieces of Jade

Looking up Jade's topless body in the locker room

I love the voyeur element of this, a photo in the locker room where it should be all private and hidden away from the world. A Beautiful image, subtly sexy.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 327

I am on holiday, as a result I have completely spaced on posting this and I send HUGE apologies to Julie from Master’s Pleasing Bitch who has written this weeks round-up. You can find her on her own blog Master’s Pleasing Bitch and on Twitter @MPBJulie

Julie’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

After several weeks break from Sinful Sunday myself I am really pleased to be back and posting both on my blog and this wonderful meme. What better way to return than to have the responsibility for rounding up this week’s amazing submissions?

The standard of photos submitted to Sinful Sunday is amazing, each with it’s own story attached.

F Dot Leonora

reflection of woman in nude portrait of women

Skull, by F Dot Leonora is one such image. Mesmerising, tantalising and slightly puzzling. We are left to form our own opinion of how and why.

Teacher’s Have Sex

Woman sitting in naked in the garden at night reading a book

Some weekends lend themselves to making special memories. Warm weather and alcohol can help but even more important is the environment and the company of special friends. Even though we can’t see her face, I feel the joy of the moment coming through. I love this photo of Teachers Have Sex. Naked she relaxes outside during a summer evening in the UK (without freezing to death). Exhibit A beautifully captures her reading while sipping a glass of red. What she is thinking, we can only guess.

Exhibit A

Man fucking woman from behind in the library

Photographer and subject roles are reversed as @teachershavesex plays voyeur in Exhibit A’s image. There is something almost illicit but definitely mesmerising taking place in the library. Raw and beautiful sex caught in the moment.

Krystal Minx

Woman cutting vegtables topless

Mr Mynx has captured Krystal Mynx happily preparing lunch in the kitchen. I love the Disneyesque look accompanied by just a brief and cheeky glimpse of her beautiful nipple.

Happy Come Lucky

Woman putting clothes pin on her labia

In Honey’s image we are left wondering whether seconds later that peg (clothes pin) did provide the pinch. I love the sense of anticipation the picture gave me, as well as the beauty of seeing this usually hidden area of her body.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 310

Just over a week to go until the first weekend of April so make sure you have read what the prompt for that weekend is.

This week on the round-up it is my delight to welcome @sub_bee_keeper who is the other half and photographer of A to sub Bee. I will admit that he was a little bit (possibly an understatement) reluctant to write a round-up as he seems to like being the silent partner but with @sub_bee help I happily got him to agree to it.

@sub_bee_keeper top 5 pics of the week

Well, time does fly. It seems like only yesterday that Molly and Bee were conspiring to convince me to judge a Sinful Sunday. I’ll be honest, even though I take a lot of our photos for Sinful Sunday I tend not to find time to enjoy the other entries. Being judge has forced me to find that time, thanks Molly… and Bee.

Before I go into my top 5 I’d like to congratulate everyone who submitted. I had a hard time narrowing down my list and it wasn’t until I sat down to write that I realised I had 6 and not 5 in my list… whoops!

You Won’t Tame this Sassy Cat

Woman with turtle neck over her mouth looking straight into the camera

The fact Sassy Cat is looking straight into the camera gives the feeling that she looking into the viewers eyes, submitting to them. Her mouth is covered denying her a voice and forcing her, as she states, to just feel. The picture’s simplicity cleverly suggests an incredibly intimate scene.

Exposing 40

Nude of large woman in sharft of sunlight in woodlands

This photo is amazing. The location, the light, the colour and last but definitely not least the model. If Maria had wings she could easily be mistaken for a woodland fairy candidly getting caught on camera before disappearing back into the forest.

Little Switch Bitch

Droplet of blood on skin from Vampire glove spike

I’ll admit it, I have a soft spot for blood that this image caters for. The contrast of the black leather against the pale skin means the red drop, although small, stands out as the main feature. In addition, the spikes of the glove tease the thought that more blood  may be on its way.

Steeled Snake

looking down on Woman in shower with red golden hair

I’d love to know how this angle was achieved, did you book into the hotel with a stepladder under your arm? If you ask Bee she’ll tell you I’m a fan of interesting, or as she puts it “funky”, angles. This creates the strong diagonal line that parallels the flow of her hair really draws my eye down the image.

Wriggly Kitty

Bent leg in rope harness

I’m possibly attracted to this image because of jealousy that this is a tie I’d like to put on Bee but due to reasons can’t. We both love rope and seeing it tightly wrapped and tied, restricting all movement sums up why some people pick up rope in the first place. The addition of the photo of the after-marks just emphasises how constricting it was.

Sinful Sunday Weekly Roundup 296

I can’t believe I am writing this already but the prompt for January 2017 is out now. Go read and hopefully you will find time over the festive period to come up with your image(s).

It is my great pleasure to welcome Mrs fever to the round-up this week. If you don’t know her blog, Temperatures Rising, then you are missing out and I recommend you nip on over there once you have read the round-up.

Mrs Fever’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

A photograph can be so many things…  A remembrance, a depiction, a false front, a snippet, a cropped perspective, a muted presentation, a poem, a novella.  Whether candid or posed, intentional or accidental, photographs capture moments with a mixture of precision and vaguery.  And just like any tale told using the written word, the stories told in photographs can fascinate or repulse, pull us in or push us away.

Every participant in Sinful Sunday has a story to tell.  Whether what I’m ‘reading’ is what they’ve intended to ‘write’ is a question all its own (*smile*), but being that the point of SS is that “it’s all about the image”, I focused on images alone and let them pen their own tales across the open pages of my imagination.

These are the visual narratives that most commanded my attention this week:

A to sub Bee

Woman sitting in pothole window with sun on her legs

This is a languid invitation set against a simplistic backdrop.  Her smooth legs seduce the viewer with thoughts of smooth sailing.  The clean lines and warm tones offset the blurred view through water-stained natural light in a way that says, “Come away with me.”

Steeled Snake

Nude woman touching mans penis in chastity device

This photo made me look twice (to figure out just *what* exactly I was looking at), and then more than three times because of the warm (both “warm fuzzy” and “oh, that’s hot”) feelings it invoked.  It speaks of possession and intimacy in a way that is playfully sensual, and her hair is a striking pop of color against the contrasting shine of steel and gold against a backdrop of nude skin.

Holden and Camille

Woman laying on bed naked talking on an old style telephone

I have a thing for ’40s and ’50s pinups, and this photo screams CALENDAR GIRL.  The black and white shading is exquisite and the fact that her gaze is directed toward the wash of light on the right calls to mind that glazed-over not-quite-focused stare into the middle distance, the one that lovers get when on opposite ends of a long-distance line.

Exposing 40

Back view of nude woman holding trail of holly and ivy

Two words:  Victorian Postcard.  The sepia edging and muted greens of the ivy give this photo an old-fashioned feel, and the way her arm extends the vine, which in turn frames her figure at her feet, draws the eye and holds it like a lover’s gaze.  It’s entrancing.

Tabitha Rayne

Woman with hands behind her back

This is a play of shadow over angles and curves that is somehow neither defiant nor submissive, neither tense nor relaxed.  It says, “Here I am” in a ‘so it goes’ way that shows both strength and vulnerability.  And *that* is damn sexy.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 174Rebel’s Notes

Woman standing on bed naked with dragon whip landing on her bottom

This is a great action shot that captures the exact moment the dragon tail whip makes contact with Rebel’s beautiful bottom. I look at this image and my mind can’t help but fill in the noise of the whip and I have to wonder if she too made a noise when it landed on her skin.

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