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The Best Of Underneath

14th February 2012

When I decided to run this competition I really had no idea how many people would join in and I certainly didn’t anticipate that we would be faced with such an impossible choice when it came to picking the winners. As we worked our way through each entry it became more and more apparent that 1st, 2nd and 3rd was just not going to cut it and that there was no way we could restrict ourselves to just picking out a top 3 if we wanted to make a decision any time soon and so it was decided that the only way forward was to find more prizes.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of the wonderful people at we are now able to have 2 first prizes but try as we might we still could not make a decision that we all agreed on and whatever we looked at it we felt that entries that deserved recognition where going to get left out and so it was decided that the only way was to add a 4th, 5th and 6th prize.

So how do you want it? Joint firsts or do you prefer some rear entry….. I think reverse order should prolong the agony a bit long don’t you.

In 6th place and winning 2 very sexy pairs of knickers is Maddie of Kinked into Submission who’s amazing series of bath shots are not only sensual and erotic but tell her a breathtaking story.

In 5th place and winning the Miss Naughty cuddly bear ( which the judge think it highly appropriate by the way) is Cara Sutra with her awesome photograph titled Underneath My Boots. As I said in twitter over the weekend, if you don’t think this is a sexy image then I really think there might be something wrong with you.

In 4th place and winning the most deliciously sexy pair of hold-ups is Laurie of A Slut’s Memoir. Everyone on the judging panel was captivated by her entry. The images on their own are extremely powerful yet when combined with the words she wrote they become truly exceptional. They are probably one of the most stark and raw images of a woman in subspace that we have ever seen.

In 3rd place and winning the pop-up Karma Sutra is Honey Flick of Honey Flick’s Tales. We all found this image delicately erotic. The contrast of the red nails against the black and white of the image giving it a sensual quality and her pussy peeking out from beneath her clothes looks simply beautiful.

In 2nd place and winning the Bath-time Penthouse Pleasure set is DDD of Dick Dyke Dick who simple image conveyed a raw vulnerability about it whilst still being sensual and erotic.

Now we get to the joint 1st place winners which are 2 extremely contrasting yet exceptional entries. They were the cause of massive debate amongst the judging panel which was only resolved once we decided that both of them needed to win but for very different reasons.

Blacksilk of Blacksilk’s Boudoir and Jade of Pieces Of Jade both share the first place limelight and will both receive a set of beautiful Nipple Charms as a result.

Blacksilk’s post was an obvious winner to be honest. Her images were sexy and fun. She managed to combine 2… actually that is not true…. 3 of her great loves, kink, geekiness and of course Crush into her work and presented them in a total unique and creative way and even though this competitions is all about the image any post that contains the words “Turns out, dice sex is good sex.”  deserves to be recognised as a winner.

Jade’s post is about as contrasting in it’s content at it is possible to be from Blacksilk’s but the judging panel were in total agreement that her images although startling showed a brave and creative use of the prompt that quite frankly took our breathes away. The series of pictures could quite easily have stood alone, they didn’t need words to tell the story, everything you needed to know about them could be seen right there. They showed an amazing journey of submission and pain and the resulting blissful joy is plain to see on Jade’s face at the end.

So there we have it….

1st place – PiecesofJade – A Heart Revealed & Dice – Underneath

2nd place – Sinful Sunday: Underneath It All

3rd place – Underneath my clothes

4th place – Underneath ~ A Slut’s Memoir

5th place – Sinful Sunday: Underneath My Boots

6th place – Bubbling Underneath the Surface

Please please do click on the links and go and see them all, they really are an outstanding collection, as is the full list of entries that you can find HERE.

If you are featured on the list above then you will need to email me [email protected] to let me know where I need to send your prize too and so I can send you your winners badge to display if you so wish.

To everyone who joined in this first ever Sinful Sunday competition I want to say a massive thank you, all the entries were amazing in their own varying different ways and the overall standard was beyond anything we had anticipated. The judging panel did joke about the need for 30 prizes to be awarded but in the end it seemed only fair to highlight those that we thought stood out as being truly exceptional.

One final thing before I go. I want to thank the wonderful Domsigns and Annie Player for agreeing to be part of the judging panel and for both spending a fair proportion of their Sunday night and Monday morning looking at all your delicious images and of course I also have to mention the fantastic Nipple Charms for her generous prizes. If you don’t own a pair of her beautiful charms then I suggest you visit her site and remedy that immediately.


Ps… Agree with our choice? We want to know. Who was your winner and why?



7 Responses

  1. All utterly and totally awesome entries – but I’m not going to argue at all with any of the winners! They were all spectacular 🙂

    xx Dee

  2. Phoenix says:

    Oh definitely my favourites!

  3. Sss says:

    Congrats to all the winners!!! Some amazingly creative entries.

  4. DDD says:

    What an honor to find myself amongst so many truly beautiful, sexy, amazing images. Thank you all for your comments — and Molly for inspiring kinksters across the continent. And of course, Domsigns and Annie Player for donating their time and eyes, as well as the generous people at NippleCharms. What a wonderful way to celebrate a day of love. Thank you everyone!

  5. DDD says:

    Pardon me, I meant “continents”, with an “s” 🙂

  6. Annie Player says:

    Congratulations to everyone who entered… Really, all are amazing.

    And a BIG thank you to Molly for inspiring so many and creating Sinful Sunday!


  7. Domsigns says:

    A wonderful group of posts. I can’t tell you how hard it was to narrow the choice down as much as we did. I wish we had prizes for every single entry.. truly an amazing group of bloggers


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