Easter Perversion… The Winners!

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Easter Perversion… The Winners!

11th April 2012

So the last competition, the results of which you can find HERE, taught me one thing; trying to whittle down just 3 prize winners from all the entries was a near impossible task and so this time before we even started we knew we had 6 prizes to offer. To be totally honest, it still was not really enough but it wouldn’t be a competition if everyone won and so after a good couple of hours of strong debate amongst the 3 of us we finally managed to agree on the winners…

In 6th place, and winning the chocolate boobs and the nipple bindis, which I have to say is a highly appropriate prize for this entry, is Rebel of Rebel Notes. As I am sure you noticed there was lots of chocolate related entries to the competition but we felt that although Rebel started of her post with fairly controlled chocolate input it soon descending into a chocolate explosion which resulted in her final image of the set which all 3 of us agreed on was quite simply a mouth watering photograph. As guest judge Kerry so rightly pointed out “We all wanted to have some chocolate after viewing this picture.”

In 5th place and winning the milk chocolate willie and the beautiful fetish ring is Vincent and Mia of Tales From Under Our Covers. Sometimes it is the most simple images that just hit the mark and the first image in Vincent and Mia’s post fits into the definition perfectly. A simple idea, executed perfect with as Kerry said “brilliant composition and play on words” resulted in a brilliant photograph that secures them 5th place.

In 4th place, and winning the earrings and the chocolate Dick Stick is Catharine of An Optimistic Virgin. At first glance this post doesn’t really have seem to have an Easter theme, until you read the words and then be warned as you will find yourself enlarging every image and scanning it in minute detail to find the hidden eggs. How many can you spot? We loved this post, again a bit like Vincent and Mia’s Catharine took a very traditional and classic part of Easter tradition and thoroughly perverted it. Bravo!

In 3rd Place, and winning the After Dinner Willies and the Freak Show ring is Yummy of Sexual Adventures Of  A Married Woman. All the judges loved this post and all agreed that anyone who breaks a ruler in attempt to make their Sinful Sunday post deserves a winning spot and the fact that they continued on anyone with a replacement and produced this brilliant image got them a 3rd place spot.

In 2nd place, and winning the Nipple Charms, the Freak broach and the cream filled Willies is Cara of Cara Sutra. There really is something very delightfully sexy about an Easter Bunny in sexy red lingerie but when that Easter Bunny is also sporting a beautiful pregnant bump it transforms that image from playfully sexy to deliciously perverse. The judges felt that this image fit in with the the Easter Perversion theme perfectly, it was beautifully composed and bravely posted because despite Cara’s confident image posting this photograph really pushed Cara’s personal boundaries.

And so to 1st place, and winning the large pile of 1st place goodies is Nymphomaniac Ness of Notes From The Nymphomaniac Ness. I think it took the best part of a couple of hours for us to put this list together apart from 1st place that is because within moments of us getting together and going through all the entries we had all picked out this post as our over all winner. As Kerry said this is a  “brilliantly strong and powerful image that was excellently executed” It fitted the theme perfectly, it showed creative flair and determination despite not having someone to help her with the images and for us the final image of the 3 really was the crowning glory of an awesome piece of work.

So there you have it…that is apart from the fact the all 3 judges had a personal favourite that even though we could not agree on as a group we decided to give an individual special mention to. Kerry’s special mention goes to was A Couple of Wankers  “I loved this picture because of the innocent connotations, the lighting and the rabbits in the foreground. Brilliant.” Domsigns special mention goes to Penny’s Dirty’s Thoughts “I loved the colours, the montage, to me it just said Perverted Easter Bunny and my special mention goes to the Erotic Meet Collaborative work. I am overwhelmed that a whole group of wonderfully talented people got together and had some great sexy fun coming up with this image in the  name of Sinful Sunday. I love this image for it’s orgy feel and the way the blurred effect leaves you wondering if you are really seeing what you think you are seeing.

The final list of winners therefore reads as…

1st Place – Stigmata By Notes From The Nymphomaniac Ness

2nd Place –Fertile Easter Bunny Bump By Cara Sutra

3rd Place – Hot Cross Bums By Sexual Adventures Of A Married Woman

4th Place – Nekkid Easter egg hunt By An Optimistic Virgin

5th Place – He Is Risen By Tales From Under Our Covers

6th Place – Just Add Some Chocolate By Rebel Notes

Please please do click on the links and go and see them all, they really are an outstanding collection, as is the full list of entries that you can find HERE.

If you are featured on the list above then you will need to email me [email protected] to let me know where I need to send your prize too and so I can send you your winners badge to display on your blog if you so wish.

To everyone who joined in with this competition a massive big thank you. It is all very well me collecting the prizes, coming up with the theme and leaving you a space to submit your work but without you all actually jumping on board, producing your pieces and linking in there would be no Sinful Sunday at all, let alone a competition.

I also want to thank my amazing sponsor and prize givers (Nipple Charms.com, Venus Flytrap Jewels, SexToys.co.uk and Elenya Lewis who’s fabulous generosity meant that I could offer a whole series of prizes that I think really were worth competing for.

And finally my guest judges, Domsigns and the stunning Kerry Stott who gave up their time to look through all the amazing sexy posts (I know, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it) and then gave up even more of their time to sit around and discuss them all so that we could come up with a list that we felt confidently reflected what we believed to be the best of the best.

Fancy doing it again sometime?



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2 Responses

  1. Mia Wallace says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome entries, each and every one of them, and we are honored to be winners.

    We can’t wait for the next competition!

  2. Cara Sutra says:

    Thank you SO much! I am writing a blog entry about this as we speak. Congratulations to everyone else too…

    Thanks Molly for hosting such wonderful and sexy competitions!


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