Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 58

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 58

24th May 2012

Just in case you missed it last week all the details of the Sinful Sunday competition on the 3rd June can be found HERE. The prizes are slowly but surely landing on my doorstep and next week I shall post a full list of them here but in the meantime don’t forget to working on your image for Rude Britannia!

Until then it is time for this weeks top 3 pics

Tales From Under Our Covers

I really hope people don’t think I have my favourite people that I feature here. I do work hard to try to focus on different people and different images each week but I am also not prepared to ignore a truly great image just because the person/people who took it were featured last week or the week before or even on a number of occasions. The images that end up here in this list do so because in my opinion they deserve to be. Vincent and Mia are pretty much a perfect example of this problem. I am sure they will not be offended when I say that I have to work very hard not to include them in my top 3 too much but sometimes they just force me too with images such as this one. These guys really do have a great eye for the simple yet evocative and erotic image. Yes this is their take on a well documented image but who cares when it is such a good one.

Sex With Rose

light pink stockings & suspenders

There is something so very delicate about this image that makes me think of cream and velvet and warmth and candy. Quite frankly it makes my fingers tingle with the urge to run them up Rose’s legs and find the smooth warm naked flesh there but most of all I want to explore those beautiful creases…with my tongue.

Walk On The Wild Side

Clothed woman naked female submissive

So what do you see? A naked woman crawling up the stairs with a red raw bottom followed by a clothed woman who appears to be spanking her. Sounds so simple when you write it down like that, nothing very remarkable about it at all really and yet… this image is way more than just that. I am struggling to put words to it that will do it justice but there is something about the dynamic between the two girls, the fact that Tracy is clothed so casually and the hint of movement that all comes together to make this such a powerful image.



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3 Responses

  1. Tracy says:

    Thank you Molly for the recognition. I an truely flattered by the honor. The amazing thing is, that the photo was not staged or posed. Dan was just taking some photos of the scene as it happened.

  2. Vincent Vega says:

    Your compliments and inclusion of us means more to Mia and me than you probably realize. Thank you so much.

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