Sinful Sunday ‘Get Positively Pink’ Comp Results

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Sinful Sunday ‘Get Positively Pink’ Comp Results

11th October 2012

Before I reveal the results I just want to say a massive big thank you to Wubble from RSVP Erotica for inviting me and Sinful Sunday to work with her on her Cancer Awareness Project. I thought long and hard about this one as there was a part of me who wondered what is the value of a whole load of bloggers revealing all in the name of cancer but then I realised that the clue was in the title of Wubbles site. If Just One Person Reads This! I realised that if just one person reads one of the blogs who I hoped would joined in and it reminded them to check to their boobs, or any other part of part of them to be honest, then the whole project would be worth it. For me it was all about spreading a message that although widely known it is still not a regular part of many peoples routines. So… check em, often and regularly and if you are even slightly concerned go to the doctor. Early detection is EVERYTHING.

Now to you guys, the bloggers who joined in with project; you all rock. Thank you so much to all of you. Along with the non competition entries this week equalled the current high number record on Sinful Sunday with 37 total links in. So again, thank you, it is all very well with me coming up with these ideas and running this project but for it to truly to be a success it needs you!

For all those blogs who did join in don’t forget that wubble will display your blog link on her site. She needs the buttons from all participants by next Sunday (14.10.12) If you want to  submit one please email it to her at [email protected] otherwise she will just use your blog titles on the Pimp page. Also if anyone would like their image permanently placed on Erotic Artwork & Imagery page of the cancer website please send a copy to her at the same email address by 14.10.12. The images will also be directly linked back to their blogs/websites.

Judging this one was particularly hard. One thing I hoped to avoid was 20 + posts all featuring boobs which was why we picked the pink theme, however in the end, we had 30 posts all featuring boobs and you know what, it didn’t matter. It was like one great big boob and moob celebration and how on earth can there ever be anything wrong with that!

So here they are…. our top 6 who will receive an limited edition Pink Ribbon Sinful Sunday badge to display on their blog if they so wish…

6th Place

Kazi Girl gets 6th place on Sinful Sunday Positively Pink competiton

We loved this one because she took the positively pink theme and just went wild with it. Everything is pink, even her beautiful breasts and the whole thing feels full of fun and celebration whilst still managing to convey the message.

5th Place

Ann Morette wins 5th place on Sinful Sunday Positively pink competition

Again like Kazi’s entry we loved this because she had taken the pink theme and just gone wild and crazy with it. Pink hair, pink hair-band, pink background, pink frame and most of all because of the completely crazy and ingenious use of a pink flamingo. We also loved the expression on her face, it is cheeky and full of mischief and just works perfectly with the fun nature of the image.

4th Place

Sexy Times win 4th place on Postively pink Sinful Sunday competition

We loved the way she had taken the pink ribbon logo and adapted it to make these beautifully simple yet highly evocative and sexy images. Despite her misgivings about the project she went ahead anyway and produced a wonderful twist on a icon.

3rd Place

Penny wins 3rd place on the postively pink sinful sunday competition

One of the important messages we hoped this project would convey is that breast cancer is not just something that happens to women. Men get breast cancer too. There were a few posts that highlighted this but of all of them it was this one that jumped out at us. The contrast between the male and female forms seems stark and yet the lovingly cupping of the hands serves to emphasis that it doesn’t matter who you are or what gender you are this disease doesn’t care.

2nd Place

Mayhems and Mishaps wins 2nd place on postively pink sinful sunday comp

It might not be the best photograph technically but I challenge you not to look at this and smile. Her posts contains a whole host of boob images but it is for this one alone that she managed to get 2nd place. Anyone who turns their boob into a happy smiley face on our account quite frankly rocks as far as we are concerned.

1st Place

That Position wins 1st place on Sinful Sunday positively pink competition

Picking first place this time was really rather tough, usually the judges find that one or two images jump out above all the others and demand the top spots whereas this time we found there were so many to choose from that we struggled to place them in an order and quite frankly all the top 6 could have been in 1st place. In the end after much debate we decided upon this one. The image is technically excellent, the lighting is soft, the angle of the shot draws the eye immediately to the nipple and kiss but then after a moment you can’t help but stray to the back ground. Is that her arm? Is she touching herself maybe? Of course the all important question though is, who kissed her? We loved the simplicity of the image, and the title tells you everything… “A Kiss Because I Care” what better way to show just how much you love boobs!

If you are featured on the list above then you will need to email me [email protected] to get your limited edition pink ribbon Sinful Sunday badge to display on your blog, if you so wish.

Please please do click on the links and go and see them all, they really are an outstanding collection as is the full list of entries that you can find HERE.

And finally a big thank you to my guest judges, Domsigns, the wonderful Kerry Stott and Mr Stott and of course Wubble herself all of  whom worked so hard to support, promote and fairly judge this project.



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6 Responses

  1. Wubble says:

    Congratulations to everyone and I mean everyone, all the images blew me away in one way or another and I’m really grateful to Molly & Sinful Sunday for joining up with me. Remember if just one person reads your blog post a life may have been saved.

    I look forward to linking you all to my Pimps page and will proudly pimp you all!


  2. Amorie says:

    Oh, great! I’m really glad I participated, even though I started hesitating at one point. There were so many beautiful pictures, and not just pictures. It was indeed positive but not shallow.
    I really love that 2nd place picture btw, it is so funny yet doesn’t take anything away from her sexiness. All of these and many many others are absolutely awesome though.

  3. It was a pleasure to be part of ‘Get Positively Pink’ and to those people who are still yet to see the entries, go now, go and treat your eyes to some simply amazing and beautiful pictures. Also if you haven’t checked your boobs yet ….DO IT NOW!

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