Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 148

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 148

Perfect naked bum

13th February 2014

Before I begin just a few words to say that this coming weekend. The round-up will be in the hands of Gritty Woman and the next monthly prompt is being bought to us by a guest who had an idea that they shared with me. As a result I asked them if they would like to present it themselves and do the write-up. More on that very soon.

Now back to this weeks delights

Understanding Flutterby

Naked woman Gorean slave position

There is so much to love about this photograph. Her pose is beautiful, although it has a strong submissive feel to it her wide open stance, both hips and shoulders, portray a feeling of strength and pride. The candles throw eerie shadows on the wall and give the image a slight grainy feel all adding to the sense of seduction in this lovely image.


early morning naked mirror selfieI know that this is not a great quality image, it is grainy and as Ouizzi points out herself marks on the mirror have left her looking slightly splattered and yet, despite all that I really love it. There is something about all the flaws which just make this image all the more interesting. It is truly a shot that captures a moment, no special lighting, or poses, no planning, the messy bed in the background. As result there is something very raw and natural about it.


Mans eyes through a mask

This image really does jump out of the screen at you. The look in his eyes is so intense and interestingly no matter which angle you look at this shot from the eyes still appear to be looking directly at you.

Dirty Little Whispers

Perfect naked bum

I am happy to admit that when I first opened this post I spent a good few moments lost in the absolute stunning beauty of Emma’s legs and bottom utterly confused as to why she had chosen to title her image Ooh, La, La which will teach me to not get so caught up in female lust that I don’t look at things properly. Anyway, I have nothing further to say on this image apart from… simply stunning!

John D Stories

Peeking through the keyholeI have no idea if this image was created with the help of a little editing or whether the keyhole is actually there but to be honest it doesn’t matter how it was made as an absolutely fabulous fun and cheeky picture is the result. We, the viewer, are invited to peek through the keyhole to see what it going on. What we discover is a very naughty toy left home alone. You could use this image as a prompt to write a whole adult Disney style story.

You can see all the images from this week on Sinful Sunday Week 148




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