Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 181

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 181

Before I hand it over to this months guest bloggers I just want to remind you all that this coming Sunday (5th October) is the final competition of 2014. You can find all the details you need on Competition; Alison’s Titles but if anyone has any questions then feel free to email me at [email protected]

This month’s guests on the round-up is the fabulous sisters from Cammies on the Floor. I have no idea if having a partner in crime makes picking your top 5 easier or harder but I suspect it might be latter, however it seems that The Cammie Sister managed to do find a solution and agree on their favourite images this week.

Cammies on the Floor Top 5 pics of the Week

Knowing that Sinful Sunday was coming up, we had set up a battle plan. M was to take the odd numbers and A was to take the even numbers. (This was our plan when we first started blogging to comment on all the entries but not duplicate each other.) Next, we had to narrow them down to three each, and out of the mutual six discard one once we got together, not to mention pick our all-time favorite. It was much harder than we thought it would be because there were such great images. We know everyone says that, but until you have to narrow down, you’ve no idea how true this statement is.

What we love about Sinful Sunday is it inspires us to take our own photos and be creative, it is body positive, it shows different forms of sexuality, it is a peak into the naughty lives of the different bloggers. A visual can tell an entire story at times, and while not every image is liked by everyone, there is a welcoming forum for everyone to express themselves freely. While it may seem scary or intimidating to expose the self, the community that partakes in Sinful Sunday is positive and encouraging. Specific comments help on what works and what people like, causing us to have a different perspective on even our own work.

It was truly an honor to participate in such an esteemed meme and we thank Molly for the opportunity.

You won’t Tame This Sassy Cat

White lace holdups and pearls

Everything about this has a vintage feel to it, which is very sensual. It isn’t just the lace on gloves and stockings, it is the pearls and the black and white. The way that the light hits in the images brings an extra softness to the lace.

Penny for Your (Dirty) Thoughts

Man leaning over woman spread thighs

Her perspective of open thighs framing him between her legs, and the peek-a-boo of the head of his penis make this very sexy. His lips almost appear to have already partaken of her with a shiny sheen to them.

Property of Potter

Man holding his erect cock

In the words of A: “I love the tattoos and just want to hop on the dick.” The obvious hardened desire of him with the contradicting easy way he holds himself between his fingers is hot.


Ruby Goodnight

Standing naked in deck in the morning light

Our favorite from this week is Ruby Goodnight. The best part of it is it such an incredible view and smack in the middle of it is this soft, feminine form. The scenery shows the changing seasons and being out in nature, but more importantly she is one with nature. The pose she has against the fence is one you would see in a museum; she is a muse. You have the sharper beams and corners of the wood and the softer, curvy image on her that is our focus.

You can all this weeks entries on Sinful Sunday Week 181 and a great big thank you to the girls from Cammies on the Floor for their round-up. You can find them on their own blog; Cammies on the Floor and on Twitter @cammiesonthefloor

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 63Lady Laid Bare

Cartoon edit naked self portrait

One of the reasons I started Sinful Sunday was to encourage people to have with and enjoy their cameras creating interesting images and sometimes it is nice to take your pictures and play around with editing them to see what results you get as Jilly has done here. I really like the way this shot has turned out here, the patches of sunlight draw your eye into her body and shadows have been turned into strong defining lines giving the image a pencil sketch look that I really like.


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  1. When I saw Ruby’s photo, I was instantly in love with it 🙂

    Great top 5!

    Rebel xox

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