Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 202

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 202

Woman in cuffs and chains with pussy peeking out

It is my great pleasure to welcome F dot Leonora to the weekly round-up. If you are not aware of her blog then you might want to correct that as you are missing out on the beautiful erotic stories that just seem to flow from her fingertips.

F dot Leonora’s Top 5 pics of the Week

A picture is worth a thousand words. I was so honored that Molly asked me to do the Sinful Sunday round-up! This week, it was really a challenge, as she tweeted. So many sexy images to enjoy and I especially love the unsaid words from this week’s contributors, the level of imagination and sensuality was off the charts.

To pick five was a very hard task, but I did. And those not on this list? Well everyone is a more than honorable mention…

You Won’t Tame This Sassy Cat

Caberat style sexy woman in chair

I mean this was just the full package! Sexy pictures full of attitude, that made glossy black and white look flame-colored. And the accompanied lyrics from Cabaret?! This photo session was a performance of the best kind.

Understanding Flutterby

Sensual self portrait

Flutterby always astounds me, as she is the epitome of femininity. This photo is so soft, it looks like the sun giving the morning a bath. The accompanying words, fall like pearls of deep wisdom. Feminine and gorgeous…

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Woman in cuffs and chains with pussy peeking out

Molly is always at the top of her game, her photos always provocatively challenge me as a viewer. All indications of a fight are rampant, but the colors are warm and soft in contrast to the Darwinistic eyes that peer out at us. I love the contradiction and promise in this photograph.


Self portrait in bedroom mirror

Ouizzi has such a gorgeous photo here in contrast to the feelings that accompany it. The black and white works well, because it is kind of gritty. It looks like the photo is being stolen, like we are getting a sexy moment stolen just for us.

Tabitha Rayne

Rope bondage abstract

Tabitha is a lover of surrealism like me, and this is an experiment in that. I mean there are so many twists and turns with the colors and presentation. No words, none are needed. The risk, the daring, everything is so out on a limb and ridiculously sexy. Tabitha is an artistic genius, and she never stops proving that…

You can find Leonora on her blog: F Dot Leonora and on Twitter: @Fdotleonora

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 82Sexual Adventures of a Married Woman

Woman swimming naked in the sea with fish

I will happily admit that I miss Yummy’s Sinful Sunday contributions, she was always such a dedicated member of the meme but I hopeful that when life allows she will return to these pages. In the meantime I am picking this image of hers as the Blast from the Past this week quite simply because every time I look at it I can’t help but giggle. Who knew that giant cock fish can be found in the Med!

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  1. Kilted Wookie (@Kilted_Wookie) says:

    Can’t fault any of these choices. A great selection of lovely images.


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