Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 207

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 207

Labels all over naked women

Just a quick reminder that the prompt for THIS WEEKEND is; Sinful Sunday April 2015 Prompt

It is time for another guest and this week I am welcoming Ruby Bell from Absolutely Ruby to the round-up.

Ruby Bell’s Top 5 pics of the week

I love Sinful Sunday and am so pleased to be the guest for this weeks round up and thank you to Molly for having me! Sinful Sunday is a brilliant way of getting blogs coming together and I think it’s a great way to get to know all the other dirty people with the same likes as you! As expected this was really hard picking just five pictures because there was so many sexy choices this week but I’ve managed to narrow it down to the following…

Happy Come Lucky

Labels all over naked women

Labels is typically a bit of an issue with me because I am just me and hate the idea that people are judged on one little part of their huge personality so I love how this image shows I am more than just one thing, there is more to me than you see. I’m not just ‘lesbian’ ‘straight’ ‘blonde’ ‘brunette’ ‘fat’ ‘thin’. We are all made up of so many things it’s impossible to group people together just on one label. I love all the labels scattered over Honey in this image and they really got me thinking about some more positive ways I could label myself.

Rebel’s Notes

Blood play, bleeding spanked bottom

This image gets me gooey in all the right places. Blood play is a kink of mine I don’t get to put into practice nearly enough mainly because I have to think about who else will see the marks and healing times until the next beating. The red in this picture is simply beautiful and if that was my gorgeously spanked ass I would certainly be taking many, many pictures before cleaning up and working out how I’m going to sit down comfortably for the next few days! The vampire paddle is now definitely on my wish list!

Sex Blog of Sorts

naked woman standing on balcony with snowy mountain view

Like Sex blog of Sorts I am also not a morning person at all but there are certain places where that isn’t true and I’m sure this beautiful place would have the same affect on me as it has her. This image is beautiful in so many ways, I would love it if it was just Charlie standing on her own and I would love it if it was just the scenery so to have them both is a real treat and I’ve found myself looking at this picture repeatedly this week because I just find it so relaxing and alluring.

Just Indecerous

Tied up with hitachi wand between thigh

This image really gets me so excited. There aren’t many things as thrilling as orgasm control and I love this rope harness that has been created to hold the toy just in the right place. I love the bright red rope that matches her flushed cheeks and the position in general is just perfect. The clamps really pull everything together and fully get me all squirmy. But what really makes this picture so arousing to me is the very few words that come with it and really show that sense of urgency and frustration.

Sex is my New Hobby

Thigh high ribbed socks on sexy legs

A lovely few pictures from a first timer here (welcome to Sinful Sunday!!) The middle image is both simple and gorgeous and there is something so sexy about that small amount of skin on show. I myself love some cosy socks and love that wearing long socks means you don’t have to wear as many other clothes! As you can probably tell if you’ve visited my blog I do love a black and white picture and this one is simply beautiful with the contrast of her soft skin and textured socks.

You can see all this entries on Sinful Sunday Week 207

You can find Ruby Bell on her own blog; Absolutely Ruby and on Twitter: @Absolutely_Ruby

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 88 Beck and her Kinks

Male ass

I picked this image because of its simplicity, it is beautifully shot, with lovely detail and use of light but mainly because it is not something we often. Sinful Sunday is awash with bottoms, beautiful fabulous bottoms at that, but when it comes to male bottoms we really don’t see them nearly as often as we see their female counterparts.


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