Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 210

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 210

Woman walking naked in bluebells

Before I hand over to this weeks guest just a reminder that May 3rd will be the prompt weekend and to find out what it is read this post: Sinful Sunday Monthly Prompt May 2015

This weeks guest maybe fairly new to Sinful Sunday but she exploded onto the blogging world with a wonderful eye for photography and intelligent, thought-provoking posts. It is my great pleasure to welcome Exposing 40 to the Sinful Sunday round-up.

Exposing 40 Top 5 Pics of the Week

Every week there are photos that I am instinctively drawn to. For some reason I thought that might make doing the round-up fairly straight-forward. Obviously I should have paid more attention to all those other guest posters who comment on how hard the selection process is! As always there were photos that just made me go ‘wow’, but there were also ones that make me wonder, ones where I’d like to be in the corner of the room watching, ones that crystalise in my mind the things I want to try, and the ones that make my heart surge and the emotion prickle behind my eyes at the honesty, strength and vulnerability that are so often a hallmark of the images we see each week.

Here are my five:

Poison Pen Dirty Mind

Woman with big eyes holding knife

Damn, Oleander – I was so nearly going to deliver up delicious little glimpse of cock, poking out of a mirror, and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT it’s not here! When I saw this image my spine tingled but for no reason other than there were too many images to choose from, I had just nudged this out of my top five. Then I went for a walk and I found myself thinking about it. The words, the power, the strength, the resolve, the look in her eyes. It wouldn’t leave me. So, y’know, female strength slam-dunked it. Sorry cock!

Curvaceous Dee

Woman coming out of the sea naked

I don’t think anyone’s photos ever put a smile on my face like Dee’s do. She’s the happiest Sinful Sundayer in town! I love the ocean. I love the endless horizons and the sense of being on the edge. I love flat calm seas that urge you to quieten your mind. I love turbulent crashing waves that throw you about and force you to focus on nothing but grabbing your next breath. Being naked in the ocean is one of the freest feelings there is. This photo makes me daydream and it makes me happy.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Woman walking naked in bluebells

It would be rude to not include the birthday girl in this week’s round up, wouldn’t it? But I would have chosen this photo anyway. I spent the first ten years of my life living in a cottage that backed onto a bluebell wood. I loved them. Every year I picked the bluebells; every year they wilted before getting home; every year my Mum would patiently tell me bluebells only thrive in their natural habitat. Here, standing in a pool of sunlight amidst colours that are somehow muted and vibrant, Molly is thriving in her natural environment and is very very beautiful.

Tabitha Rayne

Shadow of naked woman

I love shadow photography but I usually love it for the sense of mystery, something hidden and the voyeuristic feelings. This image somehow takes away mystery and instead clarifies the detail. Her silhouette, the detail of her curls, her nipple. And for an image that is quite ‘flat’ in terms of its colour there is also seems to be so much depth I want to reach out and touch the screen. It is just a lovely image and one I kept coming back to.

Happy Come Lucky

Woman in flowery high heels and lace knickers

I mean, really? Can Malin and Honey just get working on a coffee table book? I love the energy between these two and the writing and photography that comes from their mutual inspiration is always gorgeous. I love everything about this– her legs, the shoes (the shoes!), her bum and the glimpse of knickers, the carefree abandon of the kick. But what I love most is how neatly it follows on from Honey’s post a couple of days earlier about her journey with her self-image; that woman with utilitarian undies and cargo pants? She has left the building.

You can find Exposing 40 on her own blog: Exposing 40 and on Twitter: @Exposing40

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 91Sex With Rose

Woman laying naked on couch

For those of you who are observant you will know that this Sinful Sunday image is Rose’s header image on her blog and rightly so as it is a truly stunning image of Rose. I love that you can just make out that she is wearing high heels but for me this image is all about shape and form. I love the nip of her waist, the curve of her hip the swell of her breast and the little tendrils of her hair falling down across her shoulder altogether it creates a beautifully sensuous image


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  1. This mermaid is absolutely tickled to have been chosen!

    xx Dee

  2. Tabitha R says:

    I was utterly delighted to have this image included in the round up – thank you so much! x x

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