Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 218

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 218

naked woman on very large bed

I am aware that I have not published a new prompt for next month. I have not forgotten and I promise that it will be up before Sunday, in the meantime this weeks round-up belongs to Tabitha Rayne…

Tabitha’s Top 5 Pics

I was utterly delighted to be asked to choose my top five for this week’s Sinful Sunday round up. I’d been a fan for a while before I posted my first entry almost exactly a year ago. It’s thrilling and liberating to be part of and it has expanded my confidence for using my own body as part of my art. I find the Sinful Sunday images exciting but also sometimes intimidating. I was wondering why. I think it is because I am a fiction writer and all the erotica I read or watch is removed from reality in that way. Here though in the Sinful Sunday realm, you are seeing real people in real situations letting you into their intimate lives – I’ll be honest, I sometimes find that quite challenging and overwhelming. I looked through the full list quite a few times before I could whittle it down. Like everyone says, it’s a lot harder when you’re in the hot seat! There were many more I wish I could have included in my top five.

Here are my choices.

Gritty Woman

man in cock cage

I adore everything about this piece – the staging, the lighting, the story, the key unlocking the shadow cast by the padlock – it’s just all so wonderful and clever. It is very intimate and moving – the last line of the text just took my breath away:

‘Her silver key releases me from my chastity device, but she set me free.’


Sex is my New Hobby

naked woman on very large bed

What is there not to love about this luscious decadent shot? The sultry lighting and the vast canvass of white linen with the lady’s beautiful body so elegantly posed. Everything is perfect and balanced about the composition. I love the two shots as they reveal the emotion of the ‘lonely bed’ that languid longing when you’re so very far away from home. Bravo.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly in field of long grass

Simple answer?


Darn you Molly! I was trying not to choose our host’s image but once again she has drawn me in with an incredible photo – those eyes, pulling, daring, expecting – those eyes know you will not say no. You simply must rise to the challenge. I adore this photo in the field. The words – a glorious challenge.

The foreground is perfect, pulling, drawing you in to its secret…

I’m floored.

Damoiselle Renarde

Woman laying naked under see through umbrella

This is one of the images that challenged me. A breath-taking couple of photos with haunting tones and hues – so atmospheric – but the woman seems so passive I find myself wondering, is she ok? Is she happy? Lonely? Melancholic?

I simply love the artistry of the shot and the fact that it makes me slightly uncomfortable makes me feel I have to add it in the round up. And the title, Today was a wet day, is a lovely touch. Beautiful.

The Shingle Beach

Man with arms wrapped around woman

I got quite loved up looking at this photo. It’s so tender and honest. A beautiful moment captured. I liked the commentary to go with it too – the thought that they were trying for a while to get the perfect pose and it happened just as the timer went. I was thinking of the giggling and naughtiness that probably went on in the background and how many actual shots were taken. I’d love to see a few before and a few after to watch the story unfold… Tantalizing.

Big thank you to Tabitha for this weeks round-up. You can find Tabitha on her own blog: Tabitha Rayne and @TabithaErotica

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 99 – Silverdrop’s Toybox

Large Brent Corrigan dildo on womans buttI love the soft pale tones and the symmetry in this beautiful shot. The cock seems to fit perfectly over the contours of Silverdrop’s stunning bottom, like it was made to measure just for her.

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