Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 248

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 248

Woman chained up

Can you believe it is already time for the February prompt? Nope, me neither, but it is, so check it out and get creating…

This week the round-up is in the hands of a blogging couple….

Snake & Charmer’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Wow! As relative newcomers, we, Snake and Charmer, were so excited to be asked to do the roundup this week. We have loved doing our own shots for this meme and just marveling at the beautiful shots that we see each week.

It was a very daunting task with all of the wonderful images that we had to choose from. We worked together to figure out what each of us found most interesting.  Charmer started off with 13 and Snake with 9 so we knew that it was going to take a lot of narrowing down. We were surprised to find a few overlaps, but some pretty big differences in picks too!  Days of negotiating followed and we were able to fight, er, narrow it down, to the picks for the week.

We found that we tended toward things that were layered – either in the image or in meaning or interpretation.  It was so interesting to sit and debate what all of the things were that came out of the picture.  So fun!  In the end, here are our picks, in no particular order, for the week:

Eugene Noale

reflection in window male nude

We really liked all of the textures and layers to this. It has so much to look at – it’s almost like your mind’s eye is digging around in the image to find the next layer. The reflection of the tree is stunning.   Just when you think you’ve found all of the different pieces and parts, you see something new! And Charmer happens to be a big fan of flannel….

The Other Livvy

Naked reflection shot

This picture is part voyeur, part soul-searching. You definitely feel like you’re looking in on someone’s life. The color, the depth, the silhouette – it’s all wonderful and sexy and like sharing private pieces.  We found ourselves sharing little details that the other had missed. And it has a great flavor of film noir…

Frisky in the 916

Woman laying on bed looking out the window

This feels like the spontaneous shot that it was. It’s a really playful picture – it’s like being all excited to be heading to bed, but then seeing something wonderful just outside the frame. There’s so much energy in the picture, and yet a sense of wistfulness. After that, you see the wonderful curves and lines and are drawn into the sexy side of gazing out that window. And the colors and lights/shadows are just beautiful.

Tabitha Rayne

Tabithas legs post 5k run

We both LOVED this picture – the sense of accomplishment, the bruises (and braces) to show for it, the medal, the gorgeous legs – it all comes together in a big, confident, booyah! And then following it down to the beautiful shoes and legs. It was a sexy celebration of all of the different facets of this lovely lady.

Love Hate Sex Cake

Woman chained up

There a calm and peace in this picture – and the sensual side of things with her red hair, with the shadows. It all comes together with a sexy comfortable feeling that she’s ready to address those unspeakable desires.

Massive thank you to Snake and Charmer for this weeks round-up. You can find them on their blog Steeled Snake and on Twitter @SteelChrmr and @SteeledSnake

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 125Happy Come Lucky

Black and white of Honey laying in bed

This image is called Loving the Landscape and I think it sums it up perfectly. By removing the colour from the shot we are left to just explore and enjoy the beautiful soft curves and lines of Honey’s figure. This image is one of those ones that has me imaging following the contours of her body with my fingers.

3 Responses

  1. Eugene Noale says:

    This is splendid! Thank you Snake and Charmer. I love what you wrote and I appreciate your hard work. And thank you Molly.

  2. Tabitha R says:

    Absolutely thrilled to be included in the round up – especially alongside those other four beautiful shots – so lovely
    Thank you so much!
    X x x ?

  3. Thank you so much! We are honored to have been selected, and happy to be in such good company.

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