Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 252

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 252

Mans arm across womans breasts

It is my turn this week to bring you a top 5 and wow what a week. I was unsure about the prompt this month: A is for… Would it inspire you all or would it fall flat on its A shaped face? It seems that the answer was most definitely the former as not only did 44 bloggers join in but the huge variety of different images was quite frankly phenomenal. Even when people had picked the same word there resulting interruptions were very different. As a result I have decided that there will at some unspecified point in the future be more letter prompts. However for next months prompt make sure you check back in tomorrow to find out what it is.

Molly’s Top 5 pics of the Week

Modesty Ablaze

Modesty blissed out on the bed

This one is called Aftermath and it truly captures that sentiment perfectly. She looks resplendent in her utterly bliss out state, nothing else matters but the here and now and the joy and pleasure of the moment.

Exposing 40

Womans legs in light and shadow

This one is called Angles, an inspired decision in my opinion because despite the fact that the shape of her legs do create angular shapes they really are the sexiest, softest angles ever. I love how the light falls on the one part of her leg that is actually curved and how she appears to be disappearing into the shadows or maybe emerging.

Lil Miss Shalla

Shalla topless with hair hanging down in front of her breasts

This one is called Aise, a French word that if you don’t the meaning of read Shalla’s post and she explains. In fact if you have not read her post then you must because it also includes a beautiful poem written in French by her lover. However what I love about this image is just about everything; the way the edges are over exposed framing her, the way her long curly hair falls around her face and in front of her boobs and the little purse of her lips. There is just something fabulously fierce about her in this image and I love it

Illicit Thoughts

Mans arm across womans breasts

I am sure you can guess the title of this one easily. It is arms. Now I will freely admit I have a bit of a thing for male arms, shoulders and hands but this image is way more that just arms. It captures perfectly that wonderful feeling of being wrapped up in strong loving arms. This image feels intimate, sensual and very sexy

Holden and Camille

Man giving woman oral sex

I discovered these guys through Hyacinth’s boobday and suggested to them that maybe they might enjoy Sinful Sunday and so I was delighted when I saw they had linked in and when I clicked on their post I knew that this one was going to feature in my round-up this week. The A word they picked was Attentive and I think it captures that perfectly. I love the connections between them, his hand on her breast her hand in his hair. The cascade of her hair across the bed is beautiful and I love that we can see the slightly farrowed brow on his face as he concentrates on what he is doing and the fabulous little touch of the brightness from the window creating a halo of light around the top of his head as if he is an angelic pleasure giving creature.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 129Rebel’s Notes

Rose petals on Rebels stomach and breasts

I think this is one my favourite images of Rebel’s. I love how the red of the petals stands out against the tones of her skin and they way her nails match the red roses. Also the black of her stockings are mirrored by the black of the wrist cuffs. The whole things just works.


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3 Responses

  1. Kat says:

    Aw I’m delighted! Thanks Molly! X

  2. We are sincerely humbled by this honor, Molly! Thank you!

  3. fridayam says:

    All wonderful images, but I am so pleased that you have made contact with Holden and Camille, whom I have followed for ages and who have been kind enough to let me use some of their images for my poems. It is always a delight when mutual friends find each other 🙂 Thank you Molly x

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