Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 258

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 258

Vintage erotic photography nude breasts sinful sunday

Before I hand over to this weeks guest let me deliver my usual reminder about the upcoming April prompt which is all about favourites. Now that is done, this space belongs to my lovely friend, Ruby Goodnight.

Ruby’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

It’s been way too long since I’ve been able to sit down and look at the delicious images that are what Sinful Sunday is all about. But when Molly asked me to help with this week’s roundup, I couldn’t wait to get down to some voyeurism and sink my teeth into all 40+ images. While it was very hard to narrow down to just five, these five defiantly sparked something in me – from both an artistic and purely perving perspective. Thanks again for letting me take part, Molly!

Understanding Flutterby

Vintage erotic photography nude breasts sinful sunday

As soon as I saw this image I knew that it was going to be one that I mentioned. It’s sort of a cross between those Rubenesque paintings with a twist of the quasi-religious virgin Mary. The way the fabric drapes over the breast looks like painted lines on a canvas. Perfect lighting, great positioning, and a definitely sensual feel. A classic Sinful Sunday image for sure!

Sassy’s Snapshots

Man swinging from a tree naked sinful sunday

I love it when an image makes me smile as well as turn me on. This picture just screams ‘fun’ to me and I can almost hear the laughter and smiles in the background. The picture works great in black and white, and the placement of the cropping is very well done. It’s always wonderful to see new posters on Sinful Sunday – especially the masculine kind!

The Other Livvy

Woman with hands in her PJ's touching herself sinful sunday

A great example of ‘you don’t need to be naked to make it a hot picture’. The graininess to the image reminds me of a hidden camera, tapping into that voyeuristic side of me. The open mouth gives the impression that the subject is right on that edge, about to tumble into self-propelled orgasm. When you’re not sure if your non-nude image is sexy enough for Sinful Sunday, just remember this one!

Love, Sex and Marriage

Couple filming themselves have sex, amateur porn, sinful sunday

‘Behind the Scenes’ porn pics are something I really appreciate. Sometimes seeing how much it takes to set up the perfect image gives as much satisfaction as the outcome itself. Your eye is drawn to the picture-within-the-picture, squinting into that hint of cock displayed on the phone. You’re unsure where you’re ‘supposed’ to look, but my eye is drawn to that gorgeous round ass – both in the larger image as well as that phone screen.

Exposing 40

dragonfly on womans shoulder sinful sunday

This falls into the same vein as the first chosen image – a painting on the screen – but in a different styled way. Where the first was dreamy and pseudo-iconographic, this one reminds me of the Girl with the Pearl Earring. The almost solid colored background directs your focus to the nape of the model’s neck, with the playful insects crawling against her skin. Their chin looks relaxed – not at all worried about the faux creepy-crawlies.

A huge thank you to Ruby for this weeks wonderful round-up. She had a huge 48 different posts to pick from so it was no mean feat to settle on just 5. You can find Ruby on her own blog Ruby Goodnight and on Twitter @RubyGoodnight

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 136 – MarQe

Woman sitting across mans lap with red bottom sinful sunday

I think this is a beautiful intimate and very sexy image. There is something about the way he is fully clothed and she is only in her underwear that really emphasis the relationship between the two of them; he being the Top and she being the bottom. Then there is the way his hand is touch her bum, tender and delicate that is in direct contrast to the red of her skin that implies just before this image was taken his touch was anything but delicate.


2 Responses

  1. I could not agree more with Ruby’s pics. Love the Blast from the Past image.

  2. MarQe says:

    My darling, sweet Sally ….. sadly we have lost touch after 3 fabulous years in a D/s relationship. I miss her greatly. I am yet to find a new sub with whom I can share such images. Thank you for revisiting his moment. MarQe x

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