Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 260

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 260

Woman laying on bed in heels in the sunlight

This week was prompt time and the theme was; Favourites. In your usual style everyone rose to the challenge with a host of fabulous images. Usually I pick the round-up from the prompt weekend but due to a clerical error on my part things had to be shuffled round and so this week you are in the hands of Hyacinth Jones.

Hyacinth Top 5 Pics of the Week

I laughed out loud when I checked in to the final count for Sinful Sunday this week.  Forty-six participants!!  Of course it’s actually only 45 since I can’t count myself, but holy shit!  I was at once overwhelmed with the task and verklempt that so many people participate on such a regular basis now.  This project is near and dear to my heart seeing as my hope for all is that we can find beauty in the bodies we live in no matter the size, shape, age, or color.  That 45 people bare themselves to the world on a semi regular basis is a beautiful thing.   So, thank you to all of you for doing this.  It’s like the pebble tossed into a still pond: the ripples will be felt on the far shore.

Exhibit A

Man with erect penis inside his underwear

I love a good cock shot.  One that is provocative, tantalizing and artful and EA fucking nailed it.  The stripes pulled against the girth and his fingers splayed on his pale thighs.  Just utterly lovely.  A good photo of this kind makes me salivate a little, honestly.  It makes me imagine how it would feel in my hands, mouth, etc.  Pics are more than just a snapshot, they’re also an advertisement.  Try me!  I’m awesome!  And I’d buy what EA was selling.

Clear Eyed Girl

Woman laying on bed in heels in the sunlight

This photo drew my eye in.  The trees through the window, the perfume bottles on the sill, the soft fibers of the throw luminescent in the light.  And then I followed the shoes to the ankles, the round bottom.  I wondered how she took the pic and I looked harder and saw her phone, just barely visible in her hand and then the thing that really did it for me: her breast.  Almost an afterthought.  Did she know we could see it?  It felt like finding money in pocket.

Sir’s Little Darling

Tall woman in gimp mask and red heels

This photo punched me in the gut.  It made me want to turn on some pulsing music and fuck someone’s brains out.  It’s hard-hitting and dynamic.  Not just because of the edits, but maybe in spite of them.  I look past the broken blocks and see a woman with incredible power even as she is someones sexual object.  The dichotomy is confusing and arousing all at once.  I knew it would be in my top 5 the second I saw it.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Woman taking picture of herself being fingered

I looked away when I first saw this photo; I felt like I was spying.  Michael and Molly need their privacy, Hy!  But it was there, I had to look.  I like photos that tell a complete story almost as if by accident. Molly’s notes about the photo that it wasn’t one of her best, but I’d be hard pressed to agree with her.  It’s phenomenal, a real moment.  The curtains hang darkly against the bright daylight, Michael is shrouded in shadow himself, a counterpoint to Molly’s pale legs.  Its “accidental-ness” is what I find so beautiful.

Maria Open’s Up

naked woman laying on couch reading

This is a cat laying in her sunbeam.  I want to take off my clothes and join her in the recliner that I imagine is nearby; two women lounging nude, reading.  It’d be awesome.  Her pale skin and soft swells soak up the sun even as the lines of the blanket she’s on hold her up.  Her hand on her belly is peaceful, her body languid.  Photos that incite an action in me are some of my favorite and this one did so in spades.

Massive thank you to Hy for this weeks round-up. I am well aware it was quite some task, but then increasingly that is the case. I hope she enjoyed the challenge. You can find Hyacinth on her own blog A Dissolute Life Means… and on Twitter @adissolutelife

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 138Modesty Ablaze

Woman sitting naked astride a base drum

This image was part of a Christmas carol/song themed week and Modesty picked Little Drummer Boy and posted this fabulous image to go with it. I love how the shes and the mask match, almost creating a frame to the image and her pose is just fantastic, she looks so bold and confident and that is seriously hot in my opinion.


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