Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 275

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 275

Bridesmaid flashing after the wedding

Before I hand over to this weeks guest a reminder that the prompt for August is out and you have just over 2 weeks to work on your images.

Eye’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Blimey! So many great images and ideas it was very difficult to choose, but five leapt out at me because of their shared theme – well it was obvious to me that they were all very cheeky!

Eugene Noale

Man holding his breast

He reckons he was inspired by me!  The cheek of it!

The Other Livvy

Bridesmaid flashing after the wedding

This was just lovely cheeky badness.  I can imagine the smile on her face can’t you?


Dildo creator dressed as doctor

These guys are excellent – great products and the most brilliant attitude G Silicone’s Dr Dildo – an artful image with a great cheeky smile

Exposing 40

Nude woman looking like a statue

She manages to marry bare faced cheek with a sense of poise and elegance.  Always exciting and regularly thought provoking.

Holden and Camille

Self portrait in a mirror of man getting a blow job

What can I say?  *fans face* just that if a great deal of water didn’t separate us then Holden & Camille would not have been alone!!

Thank you to lovely Eye for the round-up this week. You can find on her on her own blog Cleareyed Girl and on Twitter @_Masterseye

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 153Modesty Ablaze

Modesty ablaze and Curvaceous Dee flashing together

I love the Scavenger Hunt. I love taking part in it and I love seeing other peoples images. This one from Modesty Ablaze is one of my absolute favourite because not only is it bold and brave and full of fun but it combines another thing I love which is collaborating with other bloggers. In this case she was in New Zealand with Curvaceous Dee and oh what fun they had together. I do miss Dee’s blog very much. I hope that maybe one day she will return to the fold and blog again but it is lovely to stumble across her like this.


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