Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 282

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 282

Two women in the woods cuddling

My turn this week to do the round-up. It was prompt week, the letter B was the theme and the results were magnificent but as per my own rules I have to stick to 5 so here we go…

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Holden and Camille

Man holding erect penis over womans pussy sinful sunday

I will freely admit that this image speaks directly to some of my kinks. Yes cock is one of them but a man holding grasping his hard cock like this is something that I find insanely hot. I also have a thing for being cum on and this image grants me Camille’s view of that moment. Granted it has not happened yet but I see this image and that is exactly the bit my mind fills in. Just fabulous.

Exhibit A

man laying naked on books sinful sunday

Reading is sexy. Books are sexy. I have long believed both these statements. Even if the story is not a sexy one there is still something sensual and exciting about a printed book. This image conveys that message perfectly. If there was ever a poster campaign for ‘Reading is Sexy’ then they need look no further for their photograph.

Rebel’s Notes

Two women in the woods cuddling

I have spent a long time enjoying this image. There is something very intimate and tender about the way these two are interacting that I almost feel like I am intruding on this moment. Oh and at first I missed the tail…. don’t miss the tail, it only adds to the whole outdoor ‘wild’ narrative of this beautiful shot.

Teachers Have Sex

Woman blindfolded in the shower sinfulsunday

I am fan of dark erotic images and this one totally hits the mark in that department. By shooting down she has increased the sense of isolation and vulnerability of her within the image. The light is just enough to show us the context and the shadows are just enough to hint at possibly of something sinister lurking.

The Other Livvy

Black and white low light photo of female nude sinful sunday

Livvy’s image is a tribute to the artist Joël Bloch and what a perfectly beautiful tribute it is. Low light photography is a real challenge especially if you are using a mobile phone as adjusting the ISO is (usually) not something that you can achieve. However Livvy has done a fantastic job here. Yes the image is grainy but in my opinion that adds rather than diminishes this shot.  I love how she has manged to get the light just right so that it is highlighting the bud of her nipple and the shadow is reaching round her breast almost as if the darkness if cupping her in its hand. Simple image, tough to do, brilliantly executed.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 160Ruby Goodnight

Woman wearing packer in her pants sinful sunday

I have sat here trying to find words this image and all I keep coming up with is, this is fucking hot. I feel like as a writer I should do better than that but sometimes you just have to say it is like it is. I love the words that go along with this image that explain how wearing a packer gives Em a feeling of confidence which I think this shot really shows. She looks relaxed and yet confident and that is damn sexy in my opinion.


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