Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 290

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 290

Woman with bloody hand print on her breast blowing out candle

One final reminder this Sunday is prompt weekend.

This weeks guest is the blogger formally known as Curvaceous Dee. I really miss her blog, not just her Sinful Sunday pictures but all of it. Her blog was one of the first places I used to go and read when I initially started blogging way back when. Her work was always thoughtful, though provoking and honest. She also always showed the sheer joy and happiness she experienced in her sex life. I miss seeing her beautiful happy face on Sinful Sunday.

Curvy Dee’s Top 5 Pics of the Week.

It’s a real pleasure to be doing the round-up for Sinful Sunday again! While it’s been over a year since I participated (or, indeed, blogged – I miss it immensely) I’ve still made a point of checking out the postings every week. And *fans self* there’s always some incredible hotness to be seen. You sinful bunch, you 🙂

This week is no exception, and whittling my choices down to five was nearly impossible. I had to keep going back and looking – again, and again, and again.

But here we are, in no particular order:

Teachers Have Sex

Woman with bloody hand print on her breast blowing out candle

I’ve been thinking about blood play a lot this week, and this image from Jo really hits those buttons for me. Plus it’s delightfully spooky to boot!

The Life of Elliot… and all that Jizz

Man masturbating in front of porn on a computer screen

I have to say, I’m rather partial to all the practice Elliott is doing. It’s very sexy – and practice does make perfect, in the end 🙂

Annie Savoy

Woman laying naked on bed with her back to the camera

I kept coming back to this photo from Annie. It’s so simple, and yet perfectly composed. And there’s bonus nipple, as well as delicious arse!

Sexual Adventures of a Married Woman

reflection of nude man with erect penis

*cough* Yes, I do have a thing for cock, don’t I? I also have a thing for reflective photos – so this picture of YSL is right up my alley. Yum yum yum. I’m so very glad this was shared with us all.

F Dot Leonora

Woman in fishnet stockings with sunshining on her leg

This is one of those photographs that I can envision hanging in an art gallery. There’s so much suggested – and just enough seen to be able to appreciate what F Dot Leonora has going on!

Big thank you to Dee for the round up this week. I will continue to live in hope that one day she can tempted back to the blogging world. In the meantime you can find her on Twitter @curvy_dee

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 167Understanding Flutterby

woman with clothes pegs on her stomach

What an exquisite line of torture this is. I love the way the pegs create dark dents in her soft flesh and how they lead down towards the little dark patch of pubic hair.


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  1. Annie Savoy says:

    Thank you thank you Dee and Molly! I’m so honored to be included in the company of such delicious photos!

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