Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 300

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 300

Man on bed between womans thighs

Yes really, week 300 and I am super proud of that fact and overwhelmed by all your lovely comments and posts that arose as a result. You are all fabulous!

The monthly prompt for February is out now. So make sure you go and check out the full details. February Monthly Prompt 2017.

Now over to this weeks round-up guests who are Rebecca and Andy from A Couple of Kinks. Make sure you check out their fabulous blog A Couple of Kinks and you can also find them on Twitter @acoupleofkinks. A huge thank you to both of them for putting together such a great round-up for the 300th week.

A Couple of Kinks Top 5 Pics

Wow! We were so lucky to be in charge of this week’s Sinful Sunday! The first week of 2017 has flown by and it seems like some of you may have made sexy resolutions for the new year – perhaps resolutions to post more for Sinful Sunday?? Hehe.

There were FORTYFOUR entries! Picking our favourite five was… difficult, to say the least. There were some artistic ones, some suggestive ones, some in-the-moment ones and many, many cheeky ones. We’re not just talking about all of the beautiful bottoms that were showcased this week (oh yes, there were many) – we’re also talking about all the clever photos that made an appearance (celebrating 300 weeks, creating a simultaneous video, playing around with a bunch of TVs, etc).

So how did we pick? There were a lot of creative and unusual angles that were part of this week’s entries that caught our eyes, so we decided to pick 5 different angles that stood out to us the most!

This week was truly a joy to be guest reviewers and the amount of participation is an excellent start to 2017! Happy New Year to everyone! May 2017 be even more filled with self-love, confidence and happiness that radiates through photos!

Candy Snatch

woman wearing Vintage pinup lingerie self portrait in mirror

Where can we buy this outfit because the lines are so stunning! The lines of the lingerie mixed with the lines created by the two mirrors, the shelf and the two posters create a really wonderful photo dynamic. We love the double mirror effect, and the fact that the angle shown in the closer mirror is just slightly different. The colours are soft but the lines are sharp and together they make one great selfie.

Frisky in the 916

Man on bed between womans thighs

Gosh this photo is so hot. Of course, we love the angle of the bodies that shoot across the photo. The closeup of the feet on the left is what captured our attention at first and then our eyes quickly shifted to the bodies together and just…. Woah! Not only is the picture brilliantly angled but we love how messy the bed is. This is real life on display. Our bed has looked exactly like this before – clothes pushed out of the way, bodies sprawled out over the duvets and pillows in the heat of the moment. Yup, we like this photo.

Collared Mom

Woman using wall to push against with mans hand on the back of her neck

Do you see what we mean by different angles this week? How could we leave this one out!? The view from above and behind is a very suggestive angle of what is happening behind-the-scenes. We can picture some dialogue between the two and maybe some motions that required wall-support. The sun shines perfectly where the two bodies connect, highlighting the main focus of the photo. The contrast between the left (bright and busy) and the right (dark with a solo hand) make a really interesting composition.

The Other Livvy

Woman smiling at the big cock in her face

That smile! Look at that genuine smile! Yes, we see the penis as well, but look how much love and playfulness shines through this photo. Another view from above, but this one is less suggestive and more straight-to-the-point. We love that it is close-up so we only get to see part of the scene. It’s almost as if the scene paused briefly for the photo – paused so the two of them could capture this moment so they can re-live it again and again. I think we might be a bit biased because we like angle in real life too… but it’s that portrayal of joy from this angle that made it one of our favourite five.

Sex is my New Hobby

Female portrait of woman in statuesque pose

We love how simple and complex this image is at the same time. The simplicity is due to the straight-shot, solo-body, black and white capture. The complexity comes from the angle of the body and the shadows created with these angles. We love the comparison to Roman statues and how the image cuts just below the head. This shot was perfectly executed – it is smart, sensual and speaks beyond the photo.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 178Happy Come Lucky

Collage of parts of a womans body with portrait of her back and shoulders as the main image

I love this collage of Honey. She is has highlighted how some of the physical and emotional strains in life have a direct effect on her body but then has shown that even with those things they are just a part of her and that as a complete image she is still ‘beautiful wonderfully woman’ Amen to that.


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