Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 305

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 305

Topless picture of penny with 3 ghostly heads

Yes we are already galloping towards March and the next prompt is out now for you to work on. March Monthly Prompt.

This weeks round-up guest is Maria from Maria Open’s Up. She has been a long time contributor to Sinful Sunday and her images are always a delight. She has a truly great eye for composition and it is wonderful to have her back in this space picking her top five again.

Maria’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

It’s been just over two years since my last Sinful Sunday round-up which means it’s been not quite three years since I learned about Sinful Sunday and started participating in this gorgeous, beautiful community. I love it. I love the unique and varied personalities that take part, I love the range of reasons that people participate, I love the warm care that everyone gets when they enter here. It’s a special place. And it was super fun to get to do the round-up again. Thanks Molly!

In addition to all of the warmth and acceptance and nurturing, the other thing I love about this place is that it’s a forum for us to express ourselves artistically. Sinful Sunday has allowed me to get personal with my art in a way that I never have before. Even the concept of “my art” is a thing that I wasn’t comfortable talking about before Sinful Sunday and for that, I’m grateful.

I know Sinful Sunday is many things to many people (that’s the total beauty of it after all) and every week I’m delighted, inspired, and challenged by the wide range of sexy, beautiful, interesting, boundary pushing images. So it’s no surprise that picking five favorites out of such a wide selection of gems was no easy task.

In my first pass through, I thought a did a pretty good job of narrowing it down and then had to laugh when I noticed the large number of tabs I had left open as favorites! However, I gave myself a day and came back to the open tabs, and really pondered what drew me to each image. The results are below.

Accidental Masturbator

mans shaft of his penis poking out of his fly, photograph edited to look like a painting
Accidental Masturbator says he doesn’t like this photo, and I do understand about how the circumstances of taking a photo can make you like it less or more, but I have to say on just visual merits, I think it’s outstanding. The phone camera and the photoshopping that he was worried about add a painterly quality to this that I really love. If you told me this was done in acrylics or even pastels, I would believe you. The colors are beautiful, the shapes are intriguing and nearly abstract, it takes a split second to see what is there.I also love, love, love the metallic of his zipper and the belt buckle. They almost seem to glow and draw your eye around the image.

Modesty Ablaze

Modesty standing at bus stop naked underneath her coat
Modesty’s photo stories never fail to make me smile. The bravery and the cheek and the sheer joy she has in being the star of her scavenger hunt adventures is such a delight and I’m always happy when a new adventure pops up on Sinful Sunday. This series of photos was particularly delightful. The opening photo of her standing at the bus stop is so casual and cool! I love the quilted jacket and stripe-topped stockings. It’s a completely incongruous image, yet she fits perfectly into her surroundings. And the images of her on the bus! That smile is everything!

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly in blue fairy tutu sitting on stone toadstool reading fairy story book
Is there anything better than Molly in nature? She has the ability to really embody a character, especially when she’s in her outdoor element. I suspect she’s really a nature goddess masquerading as a human. This photo just made me smile so much. Here is an adorably sweet fairy girl (and very mischievous too – she’s probably got magical potions to work on for fairy school, but instead she’s snuck off to the garden to read!) And I get all that personality just because of one toe curled over the other. I love how one tiny element can totally transport an image and turn it into a full story. Of course it’s not just that toe – it’s the vibrant color of the book and the greenery and the perfect stone toadstool, and the just slightly off-center positioning and all the little details that I know are not happenstance when it comes to a photo by Molly.

Pain as Pleasure

woman laying on spanking bench, nude man spaking her, female dom taking the picture reflected in mirror
As soon as I saw this photo I knew it would be in my top five. The image is so full of detail, every time I look I see something new. There’s a gritty tone to the image, probably because it looks like it was taken with a phone in low light, that really adds to the sensual, sexy, smoky mood. I love that we can see the shadow of the crop he is holding along the sub’s body. And the pose of the domme, leaning back as she snaps the pic in the mirror, just exudes confidence, sex, relaxation and control. This photo tells a definite story and while the photo absolutely stands alone, I would suggest reading @BibulousOne’s sexy, cathartic accompanying blog posts describing this event. What a treat.

Penny for your Dirty Thoughts

Topless picture of penny with 3 ghostly heads

I mentioned in my comment on Penny’s photo that I thought she was a goddess of the self-portrait and I totally stand by that remark. Her portraits are often beautiful, surprising, challenging, emotional, fun and sometimes all of those things combined. I’m inspired by her work and this particular photo really spoke to me. You can see her face clearly in each layer, but also the details blend together to create motion and emotion. This is one of those images that says so much to each individual viewer. I bet if we did a poll, everyone would have a different gut feeling about what the many faces in this image imply. It’s wonderful.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 183 – Happy Come Lucky

Woman looking up at camera in the darkness of her car

There is something about this image that just draws me in. I look into Honey’s eye and I see a wickedness that I recognise and it makes me smile a knowing conspiratorial grin. I guess I see a fellow naughty girl in this image and that is what draws me into it.


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