Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 306

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 306

Nude of man with vintage camera in front of his tummy

Don’t forget that it will soon be March and that means it will be prompt weekend!

A big welcome to this weeks guest on the round-up who is Lapsed Catholic Wife and a big thank you to her too because she stepped in to do this at the very last minute when someone else couldn’t do it. You can also find her on Twitter @lapsedcatholic1

Lapsed Catholic Wife’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I was flabbergasted and delighted to be asked to step in to pick my top five this week.  I can not believe that we are on the cusp of Spring and this has been reflected in a lot of the images this week.  My own participation in Sinful Sunday has opened a wealth of fun and confidence and I have had the added bonus of burgeoning friendships.

My choices are based simply on the fact I enjoyed and liked the images, I am not a photographer myself and admire the talent pool that is Sinful Sunday.  There is a theme to my choice which is the lack of colour, sometimes it makes the image sharper and more dramatic to my untrained eye.

Exposing 40

nude woman sitting in rampart of a castle

I just enjoyed the framing of this image, with a perfect fit within the stone wall.  There is so much detail in this black and white shot and I can’t help but feel the body is beautiful as are the surroundings. I want to know what she is gazing at as she sits there in wonderful glory.

Exhibit A

Nude of man with vintage camera in front of his tummy

Not only have I been introduced to Mapplethorpe I just find the image both sexy and interesting. The clarity of this image compared to the original is far better in my opinion.  You have made the male body inspiring and beautiful and the positioning of the camera is just perfect.

Maria Open’s Up

woman's nipple suurounded by frills that looks like coral reef

Maria continues the theme of photography in black and white.  My eye is drawn not just to the perfect nipple and surrounding flesh but the actually setting as if I was peeping onto the seabed.  It is intriguing and clever and I love it.  I almost expect a fish to swim past as I am gazing at the image.

Sexual Adventures of a Married Woman

Woman bent over desk with her bum exposed

The perfect lust that this image conjures up.  It is the perfect line of her leggings against the smooth flesh and exposure of the bottom that leads me to surmise that ample fun was obtained within a short period of time.  I can almost feel the desire in that image.

The Monkey and the The Sorts

Penis with love heart sweets along it

I adore the simple fun of this image and not only does the subject matter draw the eye to the inevitable homage to the cock but the words depicted on the love hearts add a further touch of delight.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 184Understanding Flutterby

Woman in collar and corset

This is simply exquisite. I love the softness, the way the two images are the same and yet somehow completely different. They both compliment and contrast each other.


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  1. Tabitha says:

    Gorgeous choices Lapsed Catholic Wife x x x

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