Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 325

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 325

woman laying on side with wax on her legs and wearing strap on

Before I present my top 5 pics of the week I want to extend a HUGE and heartfelt thank you to Adam and Monika from Godemiche for sponsoring this months prompt and for being the first company to ever do so. They are an emerging company run by two creative and extremely hardworking people. They themselves have been taking part in Sinful Sunday way before Godemiche even existed and originally as That Position and now as Godemiche they have supported Sinful Sunday, providing prizes for the competition that I ran here and now sponsoring one of the prompt and I can’t thank them enough for it.

Please do go and check out there lovely dildos and if you are quick you can grab a bargain as they are having a 24 hour 50% off everything flash sale to celebrate one year of them running Godemiche full time and there is about an hour left until it is over!

Godemiche sponsorship badge of sinful sunday

This week the prompt was the letter D. We have already had the Letter A, Letter B and Letter C all of which have resulted in a huge variety of clever and creative images to I was excited to see what the letter D inspired in everyone and as per usual I was not disappointed.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

By Aurora Glory

woman laying on side with wax on her legs and wearing strap on

I love the bold colours in this image, the stripes of colour from the wax and the shock of bright shiny purple from her negligee but for me what really makes this image is the contrast between the feminine, the curve of her nip, the outfit, the beautiful legs and masculine phallic dildo jutting out from between her thighs.

The Other Livvy

Woman naked covered in monopoly money

At the weekend a whole host of bloggers got together and completed a Smutathon for charity and raised a very impressive £2000 in the process. This image is Livvy’s wonderfully sexy and playful celebration of the weekend and all they achieved and it just captures such a positive feeling of joy that every time look at it I can’t help smiling

Hannah Likes Dirty Words

Young woman sitting naked on bed with bunches in her hair hiding behind dinsaur sticker book

I love this image, there is something wonderfully cheeky and playful about it. The little glimpse of him as he takes the picture only adds to the story that this is shared fun moment. I love the way she is hiding behind the sticker book, the rumpled bed behind her and those adorable little bunches sticking up from behind the book.

A to sub Bee

Topless man holding riding crop

This image speaks directly to my umm, well, let’s just say to my kinks. So much so that I am finding it hard to write anything here that is basically just not, fuck me this is as hot as hell. In fact now I have written it that seems like the perfect words and I am going to stick with them. The body hair, the jeans, the belt and the way he is holding that crop, it all just scream sexy as fuck to me

Exposing 40

Reflection of woman sitting on the floor taking a picture in the mirror of them through the mans legs

This is definitely my image of the week. Not only is it a very clever idea but it is perfectly executed it. I love the way the top of his thighs just frame the upper most part of the image and that the part of the image that is most in focus is Exposing 40 thus drawing our eye into the shot, past the legs, through the legs and to her. Oh and there are some other interesting things in this image too but that will depend on how good you are at identifying sex toys


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