Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 328

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 328

Woman laying naked on huge rocks in river

Just a week to go! Sinful Sunday August Prompt

This week I am delighted to welcome Ella Scandal to the round-up this week. I know she was unsure about taking on this challenge but I did my best to woo her and it worked. If you don’t know her blog (Scanderella) you really should check it out as she is a cracking fiction writer and you can find her on Twitter @ella_scandel

Ella’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Well now, when I accepted Molly’s invite to do this week’s Sinful Sunday round-up, I knew I was going to find it difficult. Firstly, I’m exceptionally bad at expressing the thoughts and feelings I get from looking at or reading other people’s work. Secondly, I’m always astounded by the range of the photographic creativity Sinful Sunday brings out in folk, thus making narrowing it down to just five images a task and a half. It truly wasn’t easy, and I now envy each and every one of you for your body confidence and creativity (and bravery, in some cases).

But, after staring at your various props and fleshy bits for a solid hour while wondering if I could sweet talk Molly into letting me choose all thirty odd of you, I’ve Dommed myself into picking my top five.

The Other Livvy

Woman laying naked on huge rocks in river

Mythological creatures that inhabit the waters of their worlds have long fascinated me. In this image, The Other Livvy truly appears to have emerged from that stream to warm herself in the sun, but the ease and abandon in her pose suggests that she doesn’t fear any stranger who may chance to spot her. She looks like she’s in her element and very aware of her own power. Beautiful, serene and magical, but also potentially dangerous if not approached with respect. Not unlike the nature that surrounds her.


Woman in lace top holding her breasts with red nail varnish

This image sends conflicting signals to my mind. The exposed yet completely covered breasts make me wonder if it’s it a case of either look but don’t touch, or come and get it. Are those hands demurely concealing or brazenly showcasing? The image could mean either or, but if you read the words that go with it, it leans closer to the latter. Come and get it. And the flash of danger from those colour pop fingernails suggests that, once you do get closer, you’re in for one hell of a surprise.

Silverdrop’s Toybox

woman sitting naked on a bed drying herself in front of a big fan

The first thing that drew me to this image was the thought, fuck, I so relate to that, Silverdrop! Then, as I looked closer, I stopped seeing a woman trying to beat the heat, and started to see potential. Naked. Legs Parted. Towel at the ready. And a smile that looks like an invitation. A smile that seems to say, the fan might have cooled me down, but if you want to come over here and make me hot again, I’m game

Exposing 40

Woman sitting naked in front of window with slatted blinds in black and white

For me, images don’t always stir erotic feelings. More often than not, they stir my imagination. I know when a picture has really reached me because a scene starts to unfold in my mind almost immediately, and I find myself staring as a tale comes to life in my head. Looking at this picture I can just imagine a private eye walking off a crowded street into his darkened office, just to find Exposing 40 – femme fatale – sitting in wait. His sharp intake of breath the only sound in the room until she mutters in a smoky voice, I’ve been waiting for you

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly swimming naked in swimming pool

Okay, this pair of images intrigues me. Quite literally on the surface there’s a gorgeous woman chilling out in a pool, with just the smallest hint of ‘I’m coming for you’ offered up by the sneaky peek of bare feet at the pool’s edge. But beneath the surface, there’s something else altogether.

In the first picture, Molly’s shadow has the appearance of an ascending angel, but in the second? The shadow cast by her outstretched arms makes it look like she isn’t an angel at all, but a horned devil. I have to wonder if maybe this image captured more than just Molly’s naked form.


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