Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 350

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 350

Woman in front of Christmas tree with rope tied around her shoulders

Don’t forget there is one more week until prompt weekend!

I love all the Christmas themed images this week and I could have happily picked them all but in the end there can be only 5

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Modesty Ablaze

Nude woman in front of outdoor Christmas tree

Modesty’s pictures are always full of fun and joy and this one is no exception. There is just no way you can look at this image and not smile and that to me makes it a perfect Christmas image.

Cara Thereon

Woman with bauble between her thighs and mans face on a screen in front of her

This is such a simple but clever shot. I love the soft downy hairs on her thighs and that you can just make out the reflection of Cara taking the shot in the bauble between her legs but it is the smiling face on the screen beyond that is a brilliant finishing touch.

Sex Matters

Nude man wrapped up in christmas lights in black and white

There quite a few wrapped up in lights images this week but this one was my favourite. The black and white edit works surprisngly well giving him an angelic glow and the lights pick up the detail of the hair of his legs and face and deep in the shadows you can just make out the shape of his cock. A truly beautiful shot.

Watching Distant

Woman in lingerie over santas knee who is spanking her

I wrote a piece of short fiction a few weeks back about a girl who liked to imagine a naughty Santa visiting her on Christmas Eve. This picture would have been perfect along side that story. There is a whole series of images in this post but it is this one with his menacing shadow hand on the wall that is my favourite.

Steamy Bedtime

Woman in front of Christmas tree with rope tied around her shoulders

I think this shot is stunning. I love how it captures the tension in her arms and shoulders and the light picks out the detail in rope. It is lovely to see these guys back on Sinful Sunday and I think this might be my current favourite shot by them.


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