Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 353

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 353

womans back in fishnet body stocking

The prompt for February is out now and it is another letter one. Check it out HERE

In the meantime it is my great pleasure to welcome back Exposing 40 to the round-up She first did the round-up back 2015 so it is definitely about time for her to have another ago. If you don’t know her then you need to correct that immediately. You can find her on her blog Exposing 40 and on Twitter @Exposing40

Exposing 40’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I can’t believe it’s almost three years since I did my first round-up. Where does time go to? Anyway, I am delighted that my turn has rolled around again but – as everyone says every week – it wasn’t an easy decision. But here we go, in no particular order.

Kinky and Perky

Man in cream coloured panties

I had never really found men in lingerie hot at all. Even photos of someone who I usually find unequivocally hot no matter what they’re wearing did nothing for me when he was in women’s underwear. But then I attended Tabitha and John Benge’s drawing session at Eroticon last year and suddenly I was all ‘HANG ON A MINUTE’. Not long after that KP posted a super-hot photo of him in a beautiful pair of knickers and a suit. Too hot. Since then I’ve been pretty much ‘give me lots of cock in lovely lingerie please’. So yes, this photo needed to be here!

Annie Savoy

Woman laying on bed with legs up against the wall

Arty farty black and white, legs centre stage, a hotel room… anytime who looks at my photos regularly or knows how anything about my travel heavy lifestyle will know just how much this photo speaks to me! Simple, stylish and effective.

Understanding Flutterby

Looking through womans hair to the rope around her body

I really love Flutterby’s photography and I miss seeing her as regularly on on Sinful Sunday so I was happy to see this one come up. I love the colours of the rope and wax in photo – very gothy. I also love that it’s very slightly out of focus, which somehow makes it work even better with the words. And I love how she seems to be really absorbed in looking at the wax and rope-work. I have only played with wax and rope on a very few occasions but the times I have I have found myself getting more absorbed in how these things look rather than how they feel and so the concentration on Flutterby’s face resonated.

Cammies on the Floor

Composite image of headless figures
This is so creepy and so completely different to anything I would ever usually create myself but there is something about it I just love and I kept coming back to it. Although personally I instinctively take quite simple and uncluttered images, as a viewer I do find photo collages really intriguing and clever and they have so much potential for storytelling. The story here that presses my buttons is the anonymous woman and a group of anonymous men. So even though it’s creepy and hints at danger and violence it’s also a super hot scenario. I also love the idea behind the new meme that inspired this shot, which is about reinterpreting old art. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on that one.


womans back in fishnet body stocking
Well, I say my top 5 were in no particular order; they weren’t up until this point but this set of photos were absolutely my favourite this week. So simple but so beautiful. It’s not written in the commentary with this photo, but I have seen Mistress34F say on Twitter or elsewhere on her the blog that she just wants to show what a normal 39-year-old body looks like. She is doing it so well. I have enjoyed her photos on Twitter for a long time but her blog is reasonably new. I am so glad there’s a home for them now where we can revisit them with ease. I loved the whole set but my favourite was the one of her back. She just seems to melting into black velvet and the definition of her spine and curve of her hips and waist are wonderful.


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