Sinful Sunday Weekly Roundup 356

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Roundup 356

Woman in polka dot dress kneeling on bed with dirty feet.

So we have finally done it. The most people who had ever linked into Sinful Sunday on one week was previously set at 50 participants but that was quite some years ago not. On average there are usually between 30 – 45 links each week but that all changed this week and finally after all this time we have set a new high watermark for entries with 56 blogs linking in! I really can’t believe that not only did we finally break the previous record but when it happened we actually smashed it completely. You are all AMAZING!

So it is my job this week to pick just five for the roundup from this super long list. I have to say I always worry that the Letter prompt are somehow not as inspiring as some of the others but every time we do one you all blow me away with your creativity and imagination. Clearly I need to stop worrying about that. There will be another letter coming along soon but as it is a short month I have already posted the prompt for March and this time it is about the Rule of Thirds

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week.


Woman in polka dot dress kneeling on bed with dirty feet.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on what this image reminds me off but as I said in my comments I felt like there was something kind of French about it, then a conversation with Michael made me realise what it was. This image is hugely reminiscent of a Degas painting, the sandy colour tones and the contrasting blue is very like his style. As for the dirty feet, they hint at a wildness, or carefree spirit and there is something very sexy about it.

A Sexual Being

Silhouette of man laying naked on the bed

Damn this is a sexy silhouette. There is something very masculine about it that just does it for me. I love how you can just make out the fuzz of his body hair and the pose, it is one that Michael does, where they look so fucking chilled and relaxed and utterly unaware of just how damn sexy they look doing it.


Topless woman with eggs in egg cups in front of her

Not only is this is a fabulous fun and sexy image but it is also absolute quality photography. Controlling the light to get this shot is quite tough, to get the right exposure for both the eggs in the foreground and herself in background is not easy but she mastered it perfectly. Likewise the edit is beautiful done. The risk with selective colour is the the item left in colour can often look unnatural or almost like it has been super imposed on the black and white image but that is definitely not the case in this speculator shot.

The Other Livvy

Text written on womans chest and breast in scroll handwriting

I have a bit of thing about writing on skin and being written. There is something incredibly erotic about it, the thought of the pen scratching and tugging at my skin as I am marked with words of love, lust and desire is intoxicating and this image by Livvy captures that eroticism perfectly.

Fire and Honey

Womans hand on shower door with suction cup dildo stuck on the shower wall

It took me a moment to spot it. At first I thought this was about the hand on the door, maybe the invitation to join her in a hot and steamy shower but then my eyes wandered further into the image and I discovered that this was about way more than just a shower.


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