Sinful Sunday Round-up Week 365

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up Week 365

Woman standing topeless at window watching trains go past

The prompt for May is out now and I am super excited about this one as it is has spinning wheels!

This week I am delighted to welcome John Brownstone as my guest on the round-up. Most of you will know him as Kayla Lords partner but in case you have missed it he also has his own blog Southern Sir’s Place and you can find him on Twitter @SouthernSirsPl

John Brownstone’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

When Molly asked me to do the Sinful Sunday Roundup I didn’t hesitate with a resounding Yes! Being a follower of SS and even an occasional participant myself being able to pick my favorite photos is an exciting opportunity. What made it difficult were all the wonderful submissions and then to choose just 5 from them all.

Victoria Blisse

Woman wearing collar with a leach being pulled looking at the person holding the leash

I just love this photo, the collar the taut leash really reaches out to me but what really makes the photo is the look on her face. The playful smile and the look in her eyes. That look speaks volumes of a playful mischievousness just waiting for the right moment.

When I’m On My Own

Blue Rope body harness over womans breasts

This is an amazing photo with a wonderful edit. As one who appreciates rope work this caught my eye. With the edit that is used at first glance it almost seems as if the rope is floating in the air. In looking closer you can see how she is almost like a ghost with the color of the rope standing out.

Shelia Elayne

Picture of womans bottom with a cracked wall edit overlay

The second I saw this photo it struck me. Not only is it a gorgeous photo of her bum but the edit that she used on the photo puts it over the top. It gave me a feeling of looking at a fresco in the Sistine Chapel but much sexier.


Woman standing topeless at window watching trains go past

I found this image to be both sublime, thoughtful, and beautiful. As she is standing there holding the cup in her hands it gave me the feeling of waiting to partake on a journey. The black frames on each side makes me feel like she is stepping out of the darkness ready to travel to something new.

Brigit Writes

Woman weaing lace lingerie one piece that covers just her breasts and panty area

There is power in this image, the power of being beautiful. Beauty is many things not just one. THe stance she takes in this photo show power in that she is owning her beauty and rocking it in the outfit chosen.

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