Sinful Sunday Weekly Round Up 372

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round Up 372

Womans breast with dark blue wax poured all over it

Don’t forget this Sunday is prompt weekend!

My guest this week on Sinful Sunday is lovely man behind Love and Lust in London. This is his second time on the round-up and at one point we didn’t think it was going to happen due to his travels but then a space became free and it all worked out. You can also find him on Twitter @LoveLustLondon

LoveLustLondon’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Well that was an enjoyable bank holiday weekend; sun, relaxation and looking through the work of so many talented people – thanks Molly for asking me to undertake this pleasurable task. It’s wonderful to see such variety in these 52 magnificent images, but it also makes it much harder to pick a top five. After much deliberation…

Cammies on the Floor

Woman laying on the floor tied up in rope

I like this image in so many different ways, including the stories I imagine behind it; is she writhing in joy, wriggling to get free or just lying there resigned to her fate? Then there’s the excellent ropework, the perfect lighting casting such tantalising shadows and then, of course, there’s her stunning body posed just so for us all to enjoy.


Nude woman sitting on bench on top of a hill overlooking the view

This is a picture of someone confidently in command of all she sees, all the while being unashamedly naked. The landscape before her looks as though it’s taken from some epic fantasy film, the craggy edges contrasting with her smooth curves. I had to look again to notice the delightful positioning of her bottom just where the slats of the bench are missing.

Cara Thereon

Womans breast with dark blue wax poured all over it

Photos which make me look at familiar things in different ways give me joy and this work of art by Cara does just that. I’d never before seen or noticed the way in which wax can stretch across the body like a whisper of silk, the way in which it cascades off of her breast in this image is masterful and captured perfectly. Plus there’s the bonus of a cute nipple poking through the top.

Tabitha Rayne 

Tabitha climbing out of an overgrown well

The Art Twist meme which inspired this seems like a fun idea and Tabitha’s chosen piece of art was not an easy one to replicate. But she has done so with sexy aplomb and with more than enough style to have her photo hang alongside any painting by Jean-Léon Gérôme.

A Leap of Faith

Woman in woods with shadows cast by leaves on her skin

There are so many captivating elements to this image; the dark and spooky lighting, the sinister mask, the jaggedy shadow of ivy. I imagine that there could be a dozen stories inspired by just this one picture.


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