Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 377

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 377

Diptych of woman kneeling wearing knee high striped socks with two vulvas at the top where her legs meet

Here we are again lovely people, you, me and a sea of monthly prompt images to pick from. This time the theme was Diptych. I don’t know why but I think making a good Diptych is harder than a Triptych. I think we are naturally dawn to thirds in images which is why a triptych works so well but as per usual you all blew me away with your creativity and imagination so here goes

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Rebel’s Notes

Diptych of woman kneeling wearing knee high striped socks with two vulvas at the top where her legs meet

Yes I have a thing for socks but this images is way more than just socks. At first glance it appears to be one image split in two, which I believe it is but the way they two halves have been edited is genius and the black socks and the harsh black frame work perfectly together to create a visually and sexually stimulating image.


Diptych of woman taking selfie in the mirror. On the left she is naked and on the right she is wearing black ankle boots a spotty dress and a little jacket

This image tells a story. It is two sides to a date. The first is the excited expectation, the hand over the mouth as if covering a giggle and the slightly coy crossed feet all give off an impression of anticipation and fun. Then there is the after picture, it is hard to tell here what happened but the joy of the first image is definitely gone with the straight mouth implying maybe it was not the best although the fabulous cuteness is still evident because damn that outfit is fab.


Diptych of woman kneeling on front of other woman standing wearing plain white robe

There is something wonderfully sinister about this images that I was totally drawn to. Eye looks like some sort of magical priestess and Missy is her worshipful slave.

Tits and Test Tubes

Diptych of womans tits. Top image she has Daddy's girl written on her tits and in the bottom image girl is crossed out and it says slut

Such a simple but very powerful diptych here. Two very similar images but the words change everything as I think Daddy’s Girl and Daddy’s Slut whilst very similar also have very marked differences. This image really got me thinking about that and what happens to a Daddy’s Slut and a Daddy’s girl.

If Sex Matters

diptych of sandy beach as the top image and the bottom image is the curve of a womans body against a blue sky

This is definitely my image of the week. It is so simple and yet so damn clever. I love how the two images are two completely different things and yet the colours, shapes and tones are almost identical. Absolutely brilliant work.


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