Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 379

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 379

Womans nude bottom sticking up out of the water

The prompt for August is out now and two and half weeks to work on your images.

In the meantime it my pleasure to welcome back Rabbit in Chains to the round-up. You can find her on her own blog Rabbit in Chains and on Twitter @Rabbit_InChains

Rabbit in Chains Top 5 Pics

A whopping 41 entries this week and just as difficult to choose a top five as ever. Lots of sultry and summery options for this weeks crop of photos. Here are my favorites.


hands in wrist cuffs being held up in front of glass light fixture

This one caught my eye right from the off. I love the framing of this piece and the pop of color from the red dangly bits on the chandelier. Also, I really want that chandelier now.

Sex Matters

Womans nude bottom sticking up out of the water

The vibrant color in this one is great. So is the ass. But, I’m a sucker for pictures with water and I really really want to go swimming and this picture reminded me how much I am in need of a pool. The water is so clear, I want to jump in with her!

Midnight at the Oasis

woman in vistorian dress in front of iron gates with vinatge edit

I found this shot super intriguing. I love the Victorian aesthetic of it and the fact that it sort of looks like someone went back and attempted to colorize a vintage photograph. Beautifully artistic.

Exposing 40

Woman standing naked on edge of hill looking out over the amazing view with big sky above her

This is just a gorgeous shot all around. I don’t know all the fancy photography words for it, but the framing and the position of the subject is perfect. Just the right proportions of ground, sky, and vista. She also looks like she’s almost holding up the sky.

My Controlled Ascent

Woman in black bralet with straps across her chest

I have seen these bralette harness things online for sometime now, and they are downright sexy. I don’t have the boobs for them, but Kisungura certainly does. The black and white effect makes everything pop in just the right way.


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  1. Indie says:

    Thank you, much appreciated! Indie xx

  2. kisungura says:

    Thank you so much for including me, much appreciated, Kis x

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