Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 393

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 393

Man laying naked on the beach with low sun in the sky making a light burst over his penis

Welcome back folks and here we are again with another weekly round-up but before I introduce this week guest a little reminder that prompt weekend is fast approaching so make sure you check out what your task is for November

As for this weeks guest it is a woman that has consistently over the years inspired me with her amazingly beautiful self-portrait photography and although we live very far apart from one another I have had the wonderful privilege of meeting in person and that is Cheeky Minx. You can and absolutely should go and find her on her blog Love Hate Sex Cake and on Twitter she is @LoveHateSexCake

Cheeky Minx’ Top 5 Pics of the Week


It was this very feature, this very complex effect, that drew me in and had me transfixed, that left me wondering and musing on the curves and colours and textures, on the play of light and shadow within the frame, on the sensations and feelings and eroticism that spilled beyond its borders.


It is this very word that characterises these five unique photographs, that sets them apart from an already tempting array, that distinguishes them from one another…


Womans bottom with large holed fishnets tights over it

As soon as I spotted this shot in my Twitter feed, I knew it would be the one to launch my top five for this week. The contrast between the ebony, geometric shapes and weave of the fabric and her pale and flawless skin, the tension between the feminine curve of her body and the stark lines of the frame itself, ticked all the right boxes for me as well.

The Other Livvy

Nude pregnant woman sitting on large exercise ball

On the subject of curves, this photograph of Livvy is the breathtaking tension between simplicity and complexity (a tension that invariably speaks to me). While this post is a gorgeous duo, it was the very first that had me returning thanks to the play of glowing light and deep shadow on her body – a body rich and bountiful and on the verge of the most life changing and affirming events…

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Tattoo of tree with letter D and small s in the trunk

I could easily focus here on the framing and capture of the contrast between ink and skin, and the darkness of the artist’s trace etched into the softness of flesh. But for me, this image is more than this. Rather than a straightforward contrast or difference, it is about an erotic, loving and complex counterpoint and relationship between dominance and submission, between three extraordinary human beings whose roots also allow them to bloom.

Pain as Pleasure

Bed with impact toys and a bedside lamp with shadowy figure of woman in the corner of the room

If you’re familiar with my own work and photography, you’ll be nodding in recognition and understanding at my choice of this particular shot. I have a well-documented love of erotic noir and this one whispers, purrs and screams of a darkly feminine and clandestine wantonness that had me longing to step into the frame and the room. The veiled figure of Mistress Selina Bellatrix in the glow of lamplight is dangerously sexy and beguiling…

Kilted Wookie’s Photo Album

Man laying naked on the beach with low sun in the sky making a light burst over his penis

From one sublime to another, this shot captures a masculinity that is an irresistible temptation – bare, free and kissed by the Mediterranean sun and sea. Add to this the textural interplay between skin and sand, the cool ocean and the flare of the heat, and you have the perfect remembrance of the most ideal of nature’s seasons.



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