Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 396

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 396

Woman tied up in rope bondage laying on rock above wide open landscape

Welcome to this weeks round-up. Before I hand over to this weeks guest the prompt for December is out now and you have until the 2nd December to work on your images!

This week my lovely guest is Luv Bunny from Down the Bunny Rabbit Hole. This is her first time doing the round-up and it is lovely to have her taking part. You can find her on her own blog Down the Bunny Rabbit Hole and on Twitter @LuvbunnySL82

Luv Bunny’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Hello, from Down the Rabbit Hole! Molly kindly asked me to pick my top 5 Sinful Sunday shots for this week, so I am feeling very privileged to have the honour. Here are my choices from the 35 lovely images shared this week.

My Controlled Ascent

macro shot of nipple with pinwheel needles poking into it

‘Sensation’ by Kisungura is an utterly delightful image. I love the contrast of those harsh pointed spikes biting into her fleshy warm nipple. Not to mention the glints of light accenting the metal pins and the cold blue tones versus the radiant rosy pinks. It makes me want to feel the pricks of stimulation, or even be the one wielding the pinwheel, hearing the gasps it evokes. Either way, the photo compels me, and it would look stunning on a kinky dungeon wall.

A Leap of Faith

Woman tied up in rope bondage laying on rock above wide open landscape

The Barefoot Sub’s image ‘Basking…. Sinfully’ evokes feelings of freedom, despite the fact she is bound up by her ropes. Expressing herself in this way looks so peaceful. The thrill of being isolated yet the solace of a good friend nearby gives the perfect dichotomy. Both the lush scenery and her dewy skin shimmering in the autumnal sun are sublime.

Love is A Paraphilia

Woman kneeling on the floor editing into a repeating pattern like wallpaper

Love is A Paraphilia’s ‘Present’ has a stunning image repeated, rotated and overlaid with unassuming colours that trick the eye into thinking the representation is of someone merely praying. Look closer though and you notice the cuffs I simply love this clever editing, and like so many of the people who’ve commented, I will say this would be a fabulous design for some textile printing. Yummy!

Focused and Filthy

Female nude sitting on the floor with legs crossed

Missy’s ‘Censored’ is beautifully composed and the lighting is masterfully used. The way she is sat with her arms and legs crossed cleverly draws the viewer’s eyes around the image, whilst shielding her womanly parts. The image is true to its title, which cleverly pokes at societal taboos.

Accidental Masturbator

Impression of penis pushed into pin art board

I had to giggle at Accidental Masturbator’s Bad Dad. I empathised with his words, and his mode of ‘revenge’ appealed to my inner kid. Besides, take a trip to any Tate gallery, and this would be right up their alley This was an ingenious idea to replicate a dick pic, and vent some of those parental frustrations!

Luv Bunny


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  1. Thank you so much, Bunny.
    I love the idea of this, ten feet high, stood in the middle of the Turbine Hall. (I always thought Anish Kapoor’s Marsyas was decidedly vaginal.)

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