Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 401

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 401

NUde of man kneeling using hands to cover his penis

The prompt for January is out now. Make sure you go and check it out because it might seem like you have plenty of time but it is actually only just over 2 weeks away.

This week it is my pleasure to welcome the lovely Floss to the round up. You can find her on her own fabulous blog Floss Does Life and on Twitter @_floss_84

Floss’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Long before I joined in with Sinful Sunday I was impressed with the creativity and standard of photography it inspired. I never commented or got involved though because I didn’t think my iPhone selfie, filter loving brand of images was what it was all about and my feedback certainly wouldn’t involve anything knowledgeable about photography. Then I stopped being daft and decided to get involved and I have never looked back.

When Molly invited me to do the round-up for this week I was delighted to accept. I still have very little technical knowledge about photography, most of my photos are still taken with my phone and I still love a good filter. However, I know what I like and I love what the Sinful Sunday community creates on a weekly basis. This week was no different and whittling my favourites down to five was not an easy task, I did it though and here they are.

Love is a Paraphila

Woman wearing polka dot heels and lace hold ups

One of the things I love about Nikki’s images are that they make me feel like a voyeur. They don’t seem like posed images for our enjoyment, they feel like glimpses into moments that weren’t ours to see and there is something very sexy about that. This image is no difference, I love the balance between what is on show and what is in the shadows, those glorious shoes demanding so much attention that I missed her lovely bottom reflected in the mirror on my first viewing. This is a picture that keeps on giving.

I have loved you a long time

Woman in boiler suit that is open showing her naked underneath

This feels almost like an unfair pick, because lovedyoualongtime has unknowingly tapped into one of my favourite things, mixing masculine and feminine and combining them into something hella sexy. The curve of her breasts under the shapeless boilersuit, the zip pulled right down to expose her knickers and the casual, relaxed pose that just makes the sex appeal seem effortless all made my Sunday when I viewed this image. This is also a great example of how joining in with Sinful Sunday doesn’t have to be about explicit nudes or elaborate creations.

A Leap of Faith

Handles of wooden spoon stuffed in womans vagina

Sinful Sunday is all about the image, sometimes though the word and image combo is powerful and that was my thinking when I saw The Barefoot sub’s photo. I am a big fan of the spoon theory and finding ways to look after ourselves in this ever demanding world and this image was such a fabulously creative way to illustrate how we should be managing our spoons as best we can. Also who doesn’t love an image that uses the tag ‘strange insertions’, I know I do.

Tabitha Rayne

Woman shoed feet by the face of another woman

Tabitha blessed us with not one but two awesome images this weekend and the story they told is what really drew me too them. First of all ‘Shoes for Lying Down in’, we all need a pair of those, we should also have a sexy friend to road trip with and aftermath pictures to drive onlookers wild. Pervert that I am my mind is racing with thoughts on what happened before ‘the aftermath’ image.

Kilted Wookie

NUde of man kneeling using hands to cover his penisKilted Wookie is not one to shy away from revealing all in his Sinful Sunday images, but I loved that he gave us a more modest offering this week, it was definitely an image that made the mind wander. There is a lot about the image that says strong and confident, but his placed where they are and the kneeling position gave me thoughts of being guarded and slightly vulnerable. On a purely aesthetic level I was also swayed by the abundance of body hair and the wonderfully masculines lines of Kilted Wookie’s nakedness.


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