Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 429

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 429

Two women laying next to each other with their hand on their partners mons

This Sunday will be the first Sunday of July which means it is prompt weekend. You can find out what the challenge is this time by reading the prompt post.

In the meantime I am delighted to welcome Blue to the round-up for the first time. You can find her on her own blog Blue Submission and on Twitter @bluesubmission

Blue’s Top 5 Pics of the Week


I am so grateful to Molly for asking me to do the round up this week. Sinful Sunday was the first meme I participated in as a blogger and it means so much to me! It’s such a wonderful, inclusive and positive way to follow and support other bloggers. In my first quick look through, I had nineteen photos chosen, so it was very difficult to get it down to five!

Focused and Filthy

Two women laying next to each other with their hand on their partners mons

Lie With Me by Focused and Filthy is simply stunning! I want to hang this on my wall, I want to be there lying with them. These two bodies fit together like puzzle pieces, the skin tones, the mirrored curves, even shape of their hands are in perfect harmony. I am in awe of many of Missy’s photos, but this one leaves me breathless.

My Controlled Ascent

End of knife pressing into breast under the nipple

Pierce by My Controlled Ascent gives me chills in a good way! I look forward to Kisungura’s photos every week because they are always beautiful and provocative. This one is dark and edgy and evokes a bit of a film noir feeling. The dark shadows, the texture of puckered nipple, all the little details are what make this photo so alluring.

Annie Savoy

Woman in blue panties laying by the window with shaft of sun shining on her

Pride by Annie Savoy is such a happy and hopeful image! The words that go along with it evoke that same sense of possibility. The blue sky is so inviting, her body looks amazing and that perfect little rainbow shooting from between her legs makes me wonder exactly what kind of magic she has down there. It must be something to be proud of!

Steeled Snake

Nude woman pushing up out of the water

Topless Eruption by Steeled Snake is a perfect picture of summer. This photo makes me remember those days when you just didn’t want to get out of the pool, your fingers would turn to raisins and the sun would be setting but you just didn’t care. The edit on this photo makes it look like an impressionist painting with lively brushstrokes and bright colors. Just looking at this photo makes me happy!

Exposing 40

Woman sitting naked in sun hate in field of lavander

Dilly Dilly by Exposing 40 is another photo that brings me back to the careless days of summer. What a lovely day for a nude photo shoot in the great outdoors. I love how recklessly naughty and shamelessly brave these two girls had to be in order to get these shots. Now, let’s all go skinny dipping!


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  1. Tabitha says:

    These are absolutely breath taking! Wow, congratulations to all the artists on such beautiful work ❤️

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