Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 436

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 436

Nude woman sitting in church window

As per usual here is your reminder about the next monthly prompt

This weeks guest on the round-up is the adorable and talented Asrai Devin. You can find Asari on her own blog Asrai Devin and on Twitter @Asrai

Asrai’s Top 5 Pics of the week

Hello everyone, thank you to Molly for asking me to curate this week’s top pics. Or my top picks. I’ve only taken a couple forays into image sharing, but I like to look at everyone else’s. Take your pick. It’s a tough job deciding on just 5 images, but as I went through the submissions a theme developed for my favourites. Fantasies.

With that in mind here are my choices.

Blue Submisson

Woman tied to tree in forest wearing black lingerie

Blue Submission is Offered to the Boojum. As one of the comments said, it gives the air of a damsel in distress. This one hits the muse’s sweet spot, and inspires me to consider what I might write if some poor miss really was offered up to the boojum. Of course, he’d end up being more handsome than advertised and our damsel might enjoy captivity.

Purple’s Gem

Nude woman sitting in church window

Purple’s Gem is a cherub in the church. A very cute cherub!! Befitting of a fantasy. A cherub inspires thoughts of innocence, but with kink there’s always the potential for the dear cherub to become corrupted, a fallen angel, or perhaps she turns dark. What would happen next?


Woman wearing smart suit jacket and panties

With billionaire and office romances dominating the market, I love Submissy’s back to work photo. Definitely a fantasy come to life before me. I’d be distracted if I worked with Submissy, but think of the fantasies she would inspire.

Love and Lust in London

Topless woman standing by beautiful blue water

Vacation memories from Love and Lust in London. Memories are a type of fantasy, just one we already experienced, but hopefully we will get there again. Also I didn’t get much vacation or warmth this summer, so I can look at this photo and fantasize about a private beach somewhere.

Annie Savoy

Black and white of woman in lingerie
Annie Savoy looks like a fantasy in their picture. All the curves and soft skin. If you listen you can hear her soft breathing, anticipating someone’s touch. And cute lingerie is one of my favourite things, in or out of fantasy. Plus the three favourite things quote. Who doesn’t like art, chocolate and young men? All three at once preferably!!


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  2. Lea says:

    These were all in my top favorites, too!

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