Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 442

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 442

Woman showing off the pattern on her tummy

Don’t forget Sunday is prompt weekend and it’s all about doors

This week a very special thank you to the lovely Confess Hannah for jumping in at the very last minute and writing the round-up. You can find her on Twitter @confess_Hannah

Confess Hannah’s Top 5 Pics

Hello, I’m (former) sex blogger and (infrequent) taker of rushed nudes Confess Hannah. I am absolutely thrilled to be able to look at this week’s selection of 43 images- some serious, some fun, some artistic and all hot!

Purple’s Gem

Naked woman laying on the grass

It was a given I would choose this photo. I love being outside. I love the many shades of green, showcased in this image. I love the water, and the reflection of the tree. Oh, and I absolutely love the reclined body among all of this! You mention the position of your hands, in my opinion they seem relaxed, at ease and the feeling of a peaceful moment is perhaps why I was so drawn to this image.

Focused and Filthy

Woman showing off the pattern on her tummy

Clever. Hot. Artistic. Creative. I enjoy imprints on the skin and the way this has been photographed, and the lighting, brings this detail out beautifully.

Cleareyed Girl

woman sitting at table in fishnets

What I love about Sinful Sunday entries is how you all so wonderfully encapsulate a moment. I love this photo because it is subtle, but the tights and legs give it a naughty feel. The wonderful detail captured within the glass draws your eyes to what’s underneath the table. ‘A hastily taken picture, edited to hide its technical failings’ says Eye- I feel it’s those hastily taken photos in the moments we enjoy being in which really connect with me.

Just a Random Scot

Man holding his cock

I’m a sucker (steady now…) for a good monochrome dick pic. And this is definitely an example! The contrast of the white sheet contrasts with the dark shadows of the subject. It’s ahem… very nice.

Exposing 40

Man standing naked in fallen treeAs the first truly autumnal mornings are upon us, I can’t help but look at this photo and shiver! Similarly to the photo above, the contrast here between the fallen tree, tree line behind and subject is just so stark- although I would expect nothing less from photographer extraordinaire Exposing 40! Therefore, in celebration of her piece in an upcoming exhibition of which details are in the original post, it seems apt to celebrate another perspective on that piece here!


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