Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 444

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 444

Three women sitting on stools topless wearing striped long socks

The prompt for November is out now. You have just over 2 weeks to work on your images.

This week I am delighted to welcome back Exhibit A to the round-up. You can of course find him (sometimes a bit naked) on this blog Exhibit A and on twitter @EA_unadorned

Exhibit A’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

As ever, doing the weekly Sinful Sunday round-up has given me an entirely delightful headache! So many sexy, filthy images, only five slots available – what’s a conscientious pervert to do, other than spend a LOT of time studying them all.

Narrowing it down from 38 to 15 was difficult. Getting it from 15 to 10 was even trickier. And from 10 down to five? Well that was the hardest bit of all. Yes, pun absolutely intended.

Still, here we are: five brilliant photos, with a few notes for each to explain why I chose it. Well done to all involved!

Purple’s Gem

Man laying back with his hand round the base of his erect penis
I love how strong and inviting this is! Moreover there’s some real technical skill on display – his (impressive) erection and hand are nicely framed and fully in focus, while the rest of his body blurs into the background. Unsurprisingly I’m a big fan of a good cock shot, and this definitely fits that description.


Woman in stockings a basque laying on her back edited in bold posterised colours

Using colouring like this *can* feel a bit gimmicky – a way of tarting up an otherwise uninteresting photo – but in this case I really like the lines of Submissy’s body, and the way everything fits together. The colours are well-chosen and give the whole image a garish, almost sleazy nightclub feel. Good work!

Happy Come Lucky

Woman wearing dungarees with the flap open and one breast hanging out

From something elaborate to something very simple! This photo from Honey shows how even basic nudes can be elevated by a bit of thought and consideration. Her off-the-shoulder look manages to be both sexy and teasing – as the viewer, I’m torn between enjoying the current view and wanting to see more. Great colours, great dungaress, and one fabulous breast!

Focused and Filthy

Three women sitting on stools topless wearing striped long socks

What a fabulous series of photos! Everyone looks like they’re having a lot of fun (an important and underrated quality in erotic photography), and the way the stools and socks are arranged shows how much thought went into putting these together. Just a brilliant job by everyone involved.

My Controlled Ascent

ring of thorns round nipple

Probably my favourite of this week’s photos. It works brilliantly in black-and-white, with those jagged thorns (and their shadows) feeling especially stark and ominous against the bleached background. I love the way the words match the image, but honestly it would stand up on its own merit anyway as just a great piece of photography – and art.


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  1. Theon Nord says:

    Wonderful choices!

    I am 100% gay but my favorite is “Focused and Filthy” – it’s clever, cute & sexy

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