Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 445

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 445

Topless woman holding large pumpkins in front of her breasts

Don’t forget that the prompt for November is out now.

This week I am welcoming back BibulousOne to the round-up. You can find on him on his own fabulous blog Pain as Pleasure and on Twitter as @BibulousOne

BibulousOne Top 5 Pics of the Week

What a choice! How to get 36 images down to five? Last time I did this, I found myself choosing photos that made me think or made me feel something. As I looked at my first long list, I realised, in my rather shallow way, I had chosen images that made me go Phoar!! I contemplated starting again, with a more “intellectual” filter but settled for trying to look with a photographer’s eye in choosing a final five. I’ve ended up with five images that include the female form, but have decided I’m OK with that.

Deviant Succubus

Woman in lingerie and fishnets stepping out the shadows of a church doorway

I love this from Deviant Succubus. Her image, This Roaring Silence, seems edgy and full of sass to me but the story behind its taking talks of diabetes and unmanaged carb intake. I love the bystander’s reaction she shares with us. “You are sexy!” he said. Well, quite.

Little Switch Bitch

nude of woman laying with her camera on her tummy

I met Little Switch Bitch at Eroticon, sitting next to her and her partner at a toy-making session. She’s as enchanting in real life as she is in her images, and this one, called “Camera” is especially lovely, all soft and dreamy, and the camera adds to it hugely.

Focused and Filth

Woman in sexy lingerie and wrap standing against brick wall

I wish I was clever enough to capture this type of image. Focused and Filthy took the pictures of the public BDSM session I played out with Mistress Elita, and her image this week, I saw a Muse, is just as good as those were. I’d never have thought to rotate the shot in this way.

Ms Eve Adler

Topless woman holding large pumpkins in front of her breasts

Inevitably, this close to Halloween, several photographers had gone down that route and two made my list. All Hallows Eve from Eve Adler made me smile at her cheeky, knowing expression as she hides behind the pumpkins. It’s her first Sinful Sunday and, on this evidence, I hope she keeps coming back.

My Controlled Ascent

Claw hands on womans nipples

Something Wicked from My Controlled Ascent was the first image from the 36 I saw and I immediately knew it was going to make the cut. It’s a clever and witty take on Halloween and, to my untrained eye, technically excellent. I loved it and still do.

There you go. I’m sorry if your picture didn’t make the list, but there were many others I loved.



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