Sinful Sunday Round-up 460

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up 460

Nude woman in cloke on windswept moors

It was prompt week and this month the task was to come up with an image that conveyed your chosen word. The variety of different words picked was really quite something, from Attitude to Shattered, and all sorts in-between. As it is prompt week that means it is my turn to pick the top 5 so here we go…

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Exposing 40

woman with spaghetti on her bare chest

In the introduction to this months prompt I mentioned that is someone wanted to portray the word Windmill then I looked forward to seeing it. In some private messages about the prompt Exposing 40 joked to me that she might just do that and in a way I think she has because she has taken a word that really you would never think to associate with creating an Sinful Sunday image and done exactly that which itself is pretty awesome but the resulting picture is also not just cool for that reason but because it is so brilliantly captured. The thought of the noodles on her skin almost make me shiver and whilst it is usually noodles that would make your mouth water in this picture it is the beautiful pert nipple that actually feels like the thing you might want to taste. The whole thing is so weird and I love it.

A to sub Bee

Needle heads sticking out of womans bottom

A bit like Exposing 40’s image this is another one where the word Bee chose, Pincushion seems almost impossible to turn into a Sinful Sunday picture and yet that is exactly what she has done and damn, what a great shot it is. I love how the little pin heads are all throwing shadows across her bum and well quite frankly, look at that bum!


Nude Woman kneeling with hands on her head

The symmetry in this shot is amazing. Really look at it, from her feet to her hair it appears to be almost perfectly symmetrical and by shooting into the light she has created an almost halo effect around her. It is just a beautifully crafted and captured shot.

A Controlled Ascent

Man standing over naked woman holing mirror reflected her body up to the camera

I have spent a really long time looking at this image. It is such a multifaceted image. Every time I look at it I find my eye drawn to a different element within it. This is absolutely inspired work and one that deserves a place on a gallery wall or in a erotic photography book.

Focused and Filthy

Nude woman in cloke on windswept moors

This is oh so wonderfully Wuthering Heights in nature. I really don’t think any more words are required from me, it speaks for itself as a truly outstanding piece of photography.


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