Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 472

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 472

Nude back and bum in still water of hot tub

Don’t forget THIS Sunday will be the 1st Sunday in May and that means it is prompt weekend.

I know a few people have expressed how challenging the prompt is for them this month and I just want to remind folks that the prompt is always optional and you can adapt it to fit what you are comfortable doing. It really is as always up to you.

Now back to the round up and this week I am delighted to welcome back the lovely and very talented Exposing 40. You can find her and her beautiful photography and words on her blog Exposing 40 and on Twitter @Exposing40

Exposing 40’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

This is the third time I’ve done the Sinful Sunday round-up in the five years I have been blogging and it’s nice to back. In the 27 months since I last did it (I can be precise about the dates as part of my procrastination was going back and reading my first two round-ups!) it hasn’t got any easier to select the final five. It’s so easy to get it to 10 or so, then down to seven but picking the final five is always so hard. I’m prone overthinking anyway but I find myself in moral dilemmas about picking my friends or wondering if the five I chose will look good in the post as if it’s an exhibition curating rather than a blog post! Without further ado and in alphabetical order not preference order, here are my five favourites:

Alethea Hunt

Nude back and bum in still water of hot tub
I love the light on her back and the way her amazing arse is emerging from the water and I the water is like a mirror so it really brings the words about being quiet to life. I’m finding the little insights into people’s lockdown experiences really interesting – some people have constant endless quiet at the moment and those who are craving it. I’m glad Alethea got this moment of serenity.

Blue Submission

nude Woman with tiny flower on her hip
This is such a gentle and peaceful photo. I liked it when I first looked at it but it didn’t particularly grab me and I didn’t have it as a contender for my top five. But then I couldn’t stop coming back to is. It a photo that just keeps drawing you in, like the lesser known artwork in a gallery show that is actually the one that you go back to look at again. I love that this is shot outdoors, I love the shallow depth of field and I love the muted colours.

I’m Judas

Mans holding soap wet penis and testicale
*Sigh*. Black and white photography. Cock. Strong hands holding wet soaped up cock. I have nothing intelligent to say about this, it’s just a really fucking hot photo. I’m looking forward to the time when I can touch, taste, feel and photograph cock again but for so long as I can only consume cock through the screen this is a pretty good offering!

Lil Miss Shalla

Woman is shawl edited to look vintage
This photo had the opposite effect on me to the petal one insomuch as it’s a photo that grabs your attention. I love the stark lighting of this, the black and white edits and the fact that her face is in the shadow so you have no idea what expression she is wearing. But what is really striking about this photo is her hands, both very strong but also gentle as she cups her breasts.

The Other Livvy

Woman in bright blue matching underwear in spring garden
I always feel a bit guilty about choosing friends when I’m doing any kind of round-up as I fear it looks cliquey. And this time it’s not just a friend it’s a metamour! But I don’t care because I love this photo and it completely stood out on the timelines at the weekend with a joyful splash of colour. The vibrancy of those green leaves in the foreground, the wonderful blossom in the background and between the two the amazing punch of colour that’s Livvy’s electric blue lingerie. A photo bursting with life and beauty.


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  1. Theon Nord says:

    Thank you for the sweet compliments about my cock and for choosing my photo 🙂

    I also want to congratulate the other picks, such fine choices.

    I will check them out

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