Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 480

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 480

topless woman crawling in the undergrowth

Welcome to the weekly round-up and before I introduce this weeks guess let me remind you that prompt weekend it is just over a week away.

This week the round-up is being done by the lovely Lillith Avir who you can find on her own blog Lillith Avir and on twitter @Lillith_A. You should also check out the new meme she is running called No True Way.

Lillith’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I always get really excited when I am asked to do a round-up. I open up all the contributions and start looking and choosing. And in the end, I always end up with more favourites than I can choose and I remember how much I hate making decisions. But they have to be made. On the other hand, I got to spend extra long time looking at more than 30 incredible and amazing images. So here’s my first round-up for SinfulSunday:

Life of a Kinky Wife

I want to look at it again and again. I want to see what happens, when the clothes-pegs come off. I wonder how much it hurts and how satisfying the feeling is, when they are gone, but you can still feel them. It almost makes me want to try it too.

I have loved you a long time

nude woman leaning up against a wall

Waiting. It feels like that’s the main thing the world is doing these days. But waiting in a pose like that, is a very special kink of waiting. I can feel the anticipation and hope.

Love, Violet

womans mouth open with saliva running down her cheek

This is an amazing picture. It makes me feel the appetite and craving. No words are needed, because the picture says it all.

Happy Come Lucky

topless woman crawling in the undergrowth

I couldn’t get enough of that image. I kept coming back to it. It’s so simple, yet so powerful and overwhelming. I simply love it!

Little Switch Bitch

woman curled up in the shower

We all feel like that sometimes. And in the past few weeks and months more than ever. In moments like that curling up and letting go. Let the emotions run free and admit to not being OK.This image captures what LittleSwitchBitch describes. And I can very much relate.


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