Shadowlands – Guest Post

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Shadowlands – Guest Post

woman on chair in middle of the room in dark shadowlands

I am super excited to post this guest post from my very good friend Jane who some of you will remember from her blog Chintz Curtain. She has been taking a break from self portraits and blogging for reasons but this weekend felt the urge and asked me if I would like to host the results of her endeavors.

The answer was obviously yes. The reason for the two images is neither of us could pick the one we liked the best although we both felt hugely drawn to the second one. In the end she decided to post both and see what others thought.

Naked woman with belt around neck in shadowlands

Here, I sit. In the shadows.
Waiting to be found again.

woman on chair in middle of the room in dark shadowlands

Jane @ChintzCurtain


5 Responses

  1. JerBear says:

    I like the second one as well. For some reason there is a heightened sense of vulnerability when the camera is pulled back.

    Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Beautiful striking images both.
    I feel the first image is more dramatic and intense … but perhaps that is because it is the one that appears first as the post loads.
    But everything about both photos is simply stunning … and I hope Jane returns to posting more once again !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Bee says:

    Seeing you again has made me so happy! I have to say, I love the first one. The angle of your shoulders is striking!

  4. I am not familiar with your work but these images have definitely made me wanna see more of you! They are beautiful! I am delighted you decided to share both – I think both bring something different x

  5. Absolutely stunning. I love the shadowed look and the way you used the light in this. Mysterious but sexy as anything.
    Missy x

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