Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 515

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 515

Photo of computer screen with woman with legs tied

The prompt for March is out now and it is one week away until prompt weekend.

This week I am super delighted to welcome my very good friend Nick to the round-up who you can find one Twitter as @teflonreturns being “A barely domesticated example of homo obesus illegitimis”

Nick’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Before diving in, I’d just like to take a moment to recognise the fact that not only am I looking at smut, I am for once *supposed* to be looking at smut.  Thank you for that. The hardest part of this so far is picking the five pictures, not the five artists. I think some clever people have written whole dissertations on that problem.

Looking over the pictures, it’s clear that a lot of work has gone on here, from misbehaving props to risk of frost on the relevant parts, possible asphyxiation, but most commonly I suspect there was a risk of getting, erm, distracted while taking pictures.  Good work, folks, and very good results.

Even without a prompt, it looks like the outdoors is on a lot of peoples’ minds. Sunsets and light nights, outdoor shots in the winter, woods and fields, and quite a lot of shots using sunlight. From this place, where winter is changing to spring, I suspect if I looked in the Big Book of Euphemisms, it would open to the page “Sap Rising.” On which note…

Happy Come Lucky

Nude woman kneeling with belt in her mouth

Because of the colour and the framing, and the angle this is shot from that all tell a story. It makes Honey look absolutely delicious- who could refuse that request? For that matter, who else has a belt that matches their hair colour?  Honey is either crazy-prepared or fortunate in that respect.

The Artful Muse

Looking down womans body wearing flowery dress holding up her dress to show her stockings

Just enough cleavage to let you know this is deliberately a #SinfulSunday image, and the depth of field pushing out of focus at just the point it needs to in order to split your attention, without losing sight of what’s going on in the lower part of the image.

Exposing 40

Photo of computer screen with woman with legs tied

For the energy of happiness in the picture- the big smile as she’s showing off her very tidy and pretty work, with sunlight and the background making this shot more like this is her normal, that this is the opposite of a dungeon special event. It makes regular Zoom calls feel somewhat.. deficient.

Life of Elliot

Black and white of mana hand on penis

Because it’s a close-in, exclusion of all else type of shot, that reflects the mind at those moments. The editing pushes the world into two parts, the liquid background and the solid, real foreground, except for two drops- and that’s what you keep being drawn to look at: the translucent, almost iridescent cum drops. I’ve heard of cum-drunk, is cum-hypnotised a thing?

Maria Open’s Up

topless woman under plastic sheeting looking like doll

Because it’s so wonderfully fetish-flavoured, simple in the composition, and hits it’s target dead on. The open mouth just completes the image, you can almost see the strategically-placed “warranty void if removed” sticker.


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  1. Thank you for the pick, Nick. I enjoyed your take. And of course to Molly, without who we all wouldn’t be here.

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