Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 517

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 517

surreal image of woman in bikini with floating naked silhouettes

Here we are again, another prompt weekend has been and gone and the theme this time round was Surrealism. I think this was a topic that definitely was as much about editing as it was about the photography but I think it is fun to try something different and see how you can create a whole new picture through that process.

Before I reveal my 5 pics for this week I have already published the next prompt for April to give you all plenty of time to Spin the Wheel!

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Focused and Filthy

surreal image naked woman in the centre of someones eye

This is one of those images that has taken two, quite frankly phenomenal shots, and combined them together to make a third extraordinary image. The detail of her eye lashes, the fire in her iris and the way the body within the pupil is scaled perfectly to fit are all perfect. This is real skillful work.


headless torse statue in abandoned church with antique edit on the image

For a moment I actually thought this had been taken in an abandoned church or something and then I realised that Ouizzi has taken this image of herself and inserted it into the scene in such a way that is virtually seamless. The surreal bit about it for me is that her head missing doesn’t feel weird or odd but perfectly ‘normal’ which then leads to questions about how we view bodies without heads and why they are common place when it comes to statues.

Happy Come Lucky

Abstract picture persons eye with picture of dildo inside the pupil

This one is so subtle that at first glance I missed it. It wasn’t until I read Honey’s words that I really looked into her eye and saw exactly what it is that is currently in her soul and I can safely say mine too!

Little Switch Bitch

surreal imagine of sexy alice in wonderland with light strobe lines disapearing between her thighs

I remember LSB’s Alice in Wonderland images from a while back and so was delighted to see another one crop up for this theme. Alice in Wonderland itself is clearly a fairly surreal story and so seems a fitting subject for this theme. The edit on this picture captures that sense of oddness I think in the story and I love that the spirals disappear between her legs.

I have loved you long time

surreal image of giant woman floating in the sky with small silhouttes of naked woman floating

I have a feeling that a LOT of editing work went into this image but the result is totally worth it because it feels like one of those weird surreal dreams you have were everything is weird sizes. In that sense it also has a slight Alice in Wonderland feel to it but also reminds me of the kind of images you would see in a modern art gallery.


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